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  1. Heya! You're always free to come hang out with us. Our Discord server is open to all, FC members or not, to just chat or discuss plot ideas etc. https://discord.gg/QwfemP We're a Far-Eastern crime syndicate akin to the Yakuza but working within Ul'dah (Goblet) https://www.guilded.gg/Feng-Huang-Ying-syndicate https://blackpearlspa.myfreesites.net/
  2. Link to Free Company: https://www.guilded.gg/Feng-Huang-Ying-syndicate Forum Club Link: Style: PVE/Roleplay Theme: Crime Syndicate, morally gray RP Intensity: Medium Alignment: Lawful Neutral Allegiance: None Age Material: 18/21+ dark/mature content Seeking: Roleplayers and PVErs Who to contact: Katsuro Wakahisa [Kuro#6868] Timezone: EST [ Between 6pm and 10pm is when events will happen] Headquarters: The Black Pearl Spa (The Goblet Ward 16, Plot 27) open to the public as a RP venue Backgrounds/Description: IC Background - A simple whisper to the right ear can change the course of history, though sometimes a dagger to the back might be needed. Obviously, everything has a price, even us, and we’ll sell information to the highest bidder, or extinguish a life in the same manner. We are not children of the Light, shining flames of righteousness, nor of the Dark, plotting against humanity. We keep to that thin line between right and wrong - even if those serving the Law would label us as criminals - because we believe in balance above anything else. OOC – We are a Dark and Mature, crime syndicate roleplaying FC and require members to be 18/21+ years old before joining. The syndicate is Yakuza-inspired and not evil per say, as they lean more towards the morally gray. [No slavery allowed within the syndicate] They mostly deal in semi-legitimate businesses.
  3. A bit late to the discussion, but there are a few crime syndicates and some ruffians FC on Mateus. I never was on Balmung though so can't comment on that community.
  4. \ The Nakaoka TeaHouse is hosting auditions to find a few entertainers for the upcoming Shirogane Hanabi Taikai! Where: Shirogane Ward 13, Plot 28 When: Thursday July 12th Time: Starting at 7pm EST until Kami only knows Sign up by contacting either Shintaro (Shintaro#2107) or me (Kuro#6868) on Discord or in game (Shintaro Nakaoka and Katsuro Wakahisa) Please specify around what time you’ll be available and, if you know, how long you’ll need for your act so we can have an idea. The Shirogane Hanabi Taikai event itself will be held on August 9th at around the same time, 7pm EST, so make sure you’ll be available that evening too.
  5. THE BASICS –––– NAME: Katsuro Wakahisa AGE: 38 RACE: Hyur Midlander ETHNICITY: Far-Eastern GENDER: Male SEXUALITY: Demi-bisexual MARITAL STATUS: Married SERVER: Mateus PHYSICAL APPEARANCE –––– HAIR: Black EYES: Crimson HEIGHT: 5′6″ BUILD: Lean and muscular DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Full sleeve tattoo on his right arm depicting a black snake. If visible, he also has a red dragon tattoo on his back between the shoulder blades. As for scars, his body is a canvas of new and old scars; all over his torso and left arm as well as some on his legs, thighs and his back. COMMON ACCESSORIES: Always wears a jade earring in the shape of a tiger claw on his left ear. On the index finger of his right hand is a simple band of silver with the symbol of the city of Kugane. On his left hand he wears his wedding band; two snakes intertwined. PERSONAL –––– PROFESSION: If you ask him, he’ll only say he’s an adventurer. In truth, he’s the second-in-command to a crime syndicate originating from the Far-East, but now hiding in the midst of the Jewel of the Desert. HOBBIES: Playing the erhu, drinking tea,singing. LANGUAGES: Common, Hingan/ Doman, Amaljic RESIDENCE: Hingashi- Shirogane (main house), Gridania – Lavender Beds (Cottage) BIRTHPLACE: Hingashi - Kugane PATRON DEITY: None, he worships the Kami FEARS: Eh, wouldn't you like to know... RELATIONSHIPS –––- SPOUSE: Veicette Wakahisa (born Ceaufie) CHILDREN: None but one on the way (8 months pregnant!) PARENTS: Yuuto Wakahisa (Father – fate unknown), Ume Miyamoto (Mother – deceased), Sun Hyeon (Adoptive father – alive) SIBLINGS: None OTHER RELATIVES: Probably some distant cousins that he doesn’t care about PETS: Gin (Baby raptor), Kaida (Drake mount) TRAITS–––– extroverted / introverted /in between disorganized / organized /in between close minded /open-minded/ in between calm/ anxious / in between disagreeable /agreeable/ in between cautious/ reckless/ in between patient/ impatient / in between outspoken / reserved /in between leader /follower/ in between empathetic/ unempathetic / in between optimistic / pessimistic /in between traditional/ modern / in between hard-working / lazy/in between cultured / un-cultured /in between loyal/ disloyal / in between faithful/ unfaithful / in between ADDITIONAL INFORMATION–––– SMOKING HABIT: never/ sometimes/frequently / to excess. DRUGS: never/ sometimes/frequently/to excess. ALCOHOL: never /sometimes/ frequently / to excess GAMBLING: never/ sometimes / frequently / to excess POSSIBLE HOOKS–––– ■You're a refugee from Kugane / Doma / Othard — Katsuro and his family didn't flee alone, but with a group. They could also have met with other groups along the way or met once in Ul'dah. ■You're someone who asked for his services in the past, for any job really. Could be as simple and boring as peeling vegetables to collecting 'protection money' or even assassination. ■You're a neighbor, an acquaintance or even a friend / rival. I have no problem with pre-established relationships. Just contact me. ■You're part of the criminal scene. Information must circulate in one way or another. Even back in Kugane, Katsuro was already part of a rakuza syndicate and his criminal file has only grown since then. ■You're part of the law enforcement. Again, Kuro has a long criminal history and he’s not above suspicion, nor is he untraceable. Just contact me first. ■Your father spoke to his father - Aka, you heard of Katsuro from Sun Hyeon. The old man also has friends and acquaintances in Ul'dah and now Kugane and probably spoke often of his adoptive son. ■You're one of Katsuro's 'victim', have heard of it, or were witness. Event, time and place can be discussed. ■You're an old member of the Fèng Huáng Yǐng, the syndicate Katsuro was part of back in Kugane. Contact me prior. WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR–––– ■ Old or new acquaintances. Keep in mind Kuro takes a long time to open up to anyone and they’ll need to prove they have some brain to them. Bubbly idiots and cute, naïve persona will only be met with scorn. ■ Fellow criminals and/or criminal FC! Let’s forge some bonds… Or stab each other in the back. Nothing like those precarious relationships. Frenemies or simply for ‘business’. ■ Clients! Kuro’s syndicate deals in the buying and mostly selling of information and rare (and potentially illegal) goods. They also own a spa that serves as a public front, which host a not-so-secret pleasure house. ■ Law enforcement! It’s no fun walking on the wrong side of the law if there’s nothing to be afraid of. Got a plot or event that requires some morally gray decisions to be taken? Kuro is your man! Need a dagger in someone’s back, or a drink to be spiked with some potentially health hazardous consequences? Look no further. ■ Friendship. Well this would take quite some time, as mentioned earlier, Kuro takes time to open up to anyone. But should he ever grant his friendship to someone, you can be sure it’s meant to last and he’d lay down his life for them. OOCLY, I AM–––– Extremely introvert Q_Q Been roleplaying for over 18 years Not afraid of: IC conflicts, battles, injuries, violence, torture Open to plot or event ideas, character hooks, pre-established relationships/rivals, you name it. EST time zone but I have a strict sleep schedule! I play in the early evenings, usually between 6 -10 pm. Am the leader of a brand new FC. More info here: https://fenghuangying.enjin.com/forum [M/D/RP Crime syndicate, Yakuza style] YOU CAN CONTACT ME VIA –– Tumblr DM [https://blacksnakeofkugane.tumblr.com/] Discord: Kuro#6868 In Game on Katsuro Wakahisa Or here in DM
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