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  1. Hi everyone! I love drawing, sketching, whathaveyou and I'd love to draw up your character! If you are interested in my work, please have a look at: https://artistsnclients.com/people/Colourless_Shade and take your commish slot there!
  2. Some pictures from our first event
  3. Veris: I just wanted to have a good time but now I have depression. And taxes. Fahla: A violent crossover of a Disney princess with Predator leaves their natural habitat in search of an equally socially stunted siblings. Things explode, viking habits make people frown, why do I even bother.
  4. Do you play a Viera or enjoy the idea of having more Vieran friends? Are you interested in Vieran traditions and keen on making your own? Do you seek Viera from your former tribe or ones with ties to their former tribal life? ...or perhaps you wish to bring back the traditions of Skatay/Golmore to the rest of the star? Join us to: Make some contacts with other Viera Discuss lore, headcanon & other What your character would do? Enjoy the rp-prompts to see how they could react to certain situations and events! Enjoy the events which co
  5. Are you looking for a community organising social events at the EU times on Crystal? Or have you been looking for an FC committed to events at your time? Join our Discord, take part in our RP discussions and prompts, find a group for PvE content & more...!
  6. Are you interested in joining the Lazy Paissa as one of our members? You do not need to join our in-game FC if you don't want to! We mostly rely on our CWLS and Discord to update our members on upcoming events and maintain engagement If you'd like to join our adventures, please reply to this thread or contact me via a private message!
  7. Interested in checking out what Paissa is all about? Join us for a night of RP on Sundays, around 7 PM GMT! More info can be found on our carrd!
  8. Double trouble! I am always looking for contacts for my Vieran siblings, Fahla and Ceric. Fahla is a more established character, with Ceric who has already entered RP more recently (but is a lot of fun!). Sister: Fahla Brother: Ceric Race: Veena Viera Time: Evenings, EU time (GMT+1) What I am looking for? dedicated, friendly people, willing to engage in RP and take part in adventures, which I am more than happy to either provide (as a DM with 10 years of experience) or take part in! I want to explo
  9. EU Community on Crystal Are you an EU-based RPer on Crystal, looking for others playing in your timezone? Have you found yourself unable to join many events because of the time? Join in the Crystal EU community on Crystal! Link here: https://discord.gg/Up5nMWQWjA
  10. Join for a drink and some good company! And learn more about us in the process Come to: Mateus, Goblet, Ward 19, plot 42 - every Sunday we are on and about!
  11. EU Community on Crystal Are you an EU-based RPer on Crystal, looking for others playing in your timezone? Have you found yourself unable to join many events because of the time? We offer: A network of players in your own timezone Channels featuring EU-based RP events Monthly happenings (aka, events the community votes in which happen across the continent and might impact your RP - be it as an inspiration of your adventures, to a good material for gossip!) RP topics to discuss together with other players Interested? Join the EU
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