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  1. The Immortal Flames <FLAME> GAME NIGHT ! Plot 33 || Ward 10 || Goblet Games begin @ 9 PM EST. Group meets @ 830PM EST. We would love to have you for a night of jokes and laughter, or shooting bottles! We are working out more mechanics for games soon!
  2. THE IMMORTAL FLAMES <FLAME> FIGHT NIGHT ! Ward 10 || Plot 33 || The Goblet We meet @ 830PM EST! Fights begin @ 9PM EST! Come join us! Test your fists or weapons against friends and allies of The Immortal Flames. We would love to have you!!
  3. <FLAME> FIGHT NIGHT! Come test your blade against friends and allies, members of the Immortal Flames, or come watch and cheer! Or jeer if your heart desires!! We meet at 830PM EST and Fights begin at 9PM EST Ward 10 || Plot 33 || The Goblet
  4. The Game Line Up (Currently) ! Try Not To Laugh Bottle Shooting (More to be added later) Event starts at 830PM EST, but GAMES start at 9 PM and can always be joined late! Ward 10 || Plot 33 || The Goblet
  5. Hello, everyone! I'm new to Final Fantasy, only roughly a month or so in, but I have extensive experience with RP on GW2, WoW, and text-based roleplay. I also try to be lore-abiding as possible, but I don't know all the intricacies of FFXIV lore, so any corrections would be welcome and appreciated. My hours are usually afternoon to late-night, 3 PM - 3 AM PST, roughly. My character is Ceigdraga Rhendhemsyn, a Sea Wolf Roegadyn who's a pirate-turned-mercenary. He doesn't speak the common Eorzean all that well, since his family are relatively recent arrivals from Aerslaent compared to the greater Sea Wolf population. He's a 'Hedge Wizard' Thaumaturge, as he's had no formal training in the art aside from a book stolen from a ship, along with a professionally-made staff. Recently, he's come back to Vylbrand from spending a few years trying to be successful as a sellsword in Ul'dah, and is willing to take on contracts or work with others for profit. Below is his carrd, still very much a work in progress: https://ceigdraga.carrd.co/ If you're interested in talking, my Discord is Chubark#1114 and my in-game name is Ceigdraga Rhendhemsyn. Hope to meet you soon!
  6. Name: Lihya Zharipoh Server: Balmung (Crystal) Timezone: EST Here's a link to my carrd, if you'd rather look at that!: https://lihya.carrd.co/ Contact Info: Discord: Natty#5120 In-game Name: Lihya Zharipoh Plus, you can message me on this site directly, as well! I'll see it :). Personality Overview Lihya is a childish and gullible blue mage Keeper who's filled with enthusiasm and energy. She's made a habit of utilizing her magical talents to make a living for herself, whether those jobs be mercenary work, healing services, enchanting items, or even fighting for her few fans in the Masked Carnivale. Lihya is highly sociable and is always eagerly searching for new friends. While she can be unusually callous, and even a little sadistic towards people she doesn't like, she goes to great lengths to spoil those friends she's so fond of. Especially with her cooking, which she takes great pride in. Lihya is a walking dichotomy, expressing great empathy and care towards those she deems worthy of it, and the opposite towards those she does not. Her friends are truly her world, and she has a tendency to be far too selfless and trusting towards them at times. Potential RP Hooks - She's a Masked Carnivale performer Lihya participates regularly in the Masked Carnivale. Perhaps you've seen her perform? Though she’s not known there as "Lihya," but as "The Blue Moon". A dramatic, smug, and condescending magician who looks down her nose at the lowly creatures she’s pitted up against. - She owns a shop that sells relaxing healing services, magical items, and mercenary services If your character has a wound or ailment they need looked at, just needs something to help them relax a bit, desires magical items, or requires someone with combat expertise, Lihya has them covered. Just drop on by to "Blue Moon's Magic Parlour"! - Oddly enough, the placard outside of her house has "All guests get free food!" written on it A strange invitation for a private home to have, but one who's particularly frugal, in need of food, or perhaps simply curious could have good reason for knocking and inviting themselves in! - She teaches Blue Magic Lihya will eagerly boast; she's been practicing blue magic for much longer than when it took off in Eorzea. If your character has an interest in learning blue magic, feel free to have them come to Lihya for it! Her stage persona is known for taking on students. - Other Ideas Lihya's work takes her all over the place, and she could realistically show up just about anywhere. Being the social sort, she would definitely be the type to approach your character to simply chat if given the right circumstances. If the other hooks don't appeal or apply to you, we can always discuss alternatives! About Me and my RP preferences Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read . I've been looking for more RP contacts recently, don't be shy in contacting me if you're interested in interacting with Lihya! A few things about me that might be relevant to you: - I'm pretty laid back, even when it comes to lore adherence. There are gaps in the written lore, as well as gaps in our own individual knowledge of what IS shown to us. So a lot of things require headcanon to be explained, and that's okay. If you roleplay something that stretches the lore a little bit, I'll think nothing of it. - I'm an experienced RPer in general. I started in WoW and have been RPing in fantasy settings for several years now. FFXIV's setting specifically for about two years. I love RPing with people from all experience ranges though. - I have a preference for RP in smaller groups. 4 players total is an okay number. 1:1s are the most ideal for me, but not a necessity at all. Bringing a friend along with you, or even two of them can still be fun for me! As can public events (Restaurants and taverns are kind of fun to go to!). I don't enjoy events very much where there's going to be back and forth interactions between me and 5+ people, though. It feels like it can be hard to give everyone equal attention, you know? Some people inevitably get left behind, and that's no fun. - I like in-game RP a lot more than discord RP. I might be able to do discord RP here and there, or if you have no other options. I've tried getting both types of contacts recently and it made me realize I almost universally I resonate a lot more with my in-game contacts. - You might have noticed that I haven't included my availability. Frankly, my schedule is extremely sporadic. On one hand, it means we can RP regardless of your hours! On the other, being able to RP with you at the same hard-scheduled time of day all the time might be hard. My ability to sleep is extremely poor and my sleeping schedule can mess up at the drop of a dime x: . - While I prefer long-term contacts, I'm also totally open to just having a scene or two. Maybe your character just requires a one-time service, and ours don't particularly click well. That's okay! - I'm not at all sensitive to dark or violent themes. Lihya is a character who can easily explore friendly, carefree RP. At the same time, she has some quirks that can manifest in said violent and dark things. She could steal a man's soul for some of her magical purposes in one scene, and cheerfully teach a friend how to bake a cake in the next. So! How often this shows up in our RP is largely up to you as she's a rather flexible character. Want something strictly limited to fun and carefree? Just say so, OOC communication is cool. Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from you!
  7. Syranelle gnawed on her lower lip, sliding the book aside. "What am I looking for in a contact? Well, first and foremost, I am currently doing research on all the various races and city-states of Eorzea, both present and past. I'm especially interested in the ruins in the Black Shroud and their ties to Gelmorra. Oh, what's that? Why...? Well, I'll only divulge my reasoning to the right contacts. We must all have our secrets, you know." The Elezen maid smiles faintly, emerald eyes hooded briefly by a fringe of dark lashes as she lowers her gaze. "Growing up in the wilds of Gridania, I didn't have much opportunity to explore the world-at-large; I stayed close to home, especially after the Calamity. In recent years, though, that has much changed and I've seen much of the world, though there are still pockets of mystery that remain. I thrive on exploration and discovery. Ever a researcher, I'm no soldier, no warrior. I've some moderate skill with healing, thanks to my work with some Free Companies in Eorzea. Occasionally, I might be in need of some guards or security, but mostly I'm just looking to find a friendly face or two." Notable Affiliations These can be used as points of contact. ♦ Syranelle is seen often at Mealvaan's Gate in Limsa Lominsa, coming and going as she borrows various books. ♦ Having done extensive healing-work in and around Gridania, characters with the Twin Adders may have encountered her at some point. ♦ She has been studying plants with the Botanist's Guild in Gridania, using the knowledge found there to augment her healing ability. ♦ She comes and goes from Ishgard quite a bit, having volunteered a lot of her time to helping to feed the less fortunate in Brume and assist with healing during the Battle for Ishgard. ♦ Her Free Company maintains an estate in Shirogane at present, where it's well-known that she maintains an infirmary. Injured or wounded characters are welcome to seek her out. What I'm Looking For... Mostly just friendly folks to Roleplay with. I'm not particular as to character race or background, though their interactions with Syranelle and how she reacts to them will ultimately determine their fate. I'm wholly an "organic" roleplayer; I've never liked the idea of scripted relationships or allegiances, rather letting them grow as they will based on what happens in roleplay. Long-term, short-term, I'm perfectly content with whatever time a person has to donate. I'm more than happy to play a bit part in plots and personal stories. However, don't expect me to play a villain, that's not in Syranelle's personality. (Nor am I fond of playing the villain, because I'm bad at it. ) What I'm NOT Looking For... ♦ Drama Llamas. I'm not looking for drama or people who can't keep Characters separate from Players. What happens in roleplay is just roleplay; it has no regard or reflection on you or me as people behind the keyboard. Please, keep that in mind. ♦ Exclusivity. I don't expect to be anyone's sole source of RP and enjoyment, nor do I expect them to be mine. I enjoy having a robust friends list and being a social butterfly. ♦ Any kind of romance. Syranelle, as a character, is already very deeply committed to another character in the game and I'm not looking to play love-triangles or relationship drama. ♦ Passive Roleplayers. If you're the kind of person that always has to be approached, has to be given stories to write, or has to be prompted constantly to RP, then I'm not the roleplayer for you. I enjoy active, engaging characters and players who have as much interest in creating the story as I do. These are all deal-breakers. I don't have the time or energy these days to cope with people that can't respect these boundaries. I am OKAY with... ♦ In-character Conflict. Again, see the IC=/=OOC caveat. Just because my character doesn't like or get along with yours doesn't mean I dislike you on a personal level. ♦ In-character Dungeons/Questing. I thoroughly enjoy mixing PVE and RP! I like using all of the world instead of just the city or specific taverns . I'm NOT OKAY with... ♦ Roll-based Combat. I find it boring. I'm sorry! That's just how I feel. If I want to play roll-based combat, that's what my D&D nights are for. ♦ Excessive gore, violence, sexuality, or horror. I may be older in age, but these "mature" themes aren't something I enjoy roleplaying with any regularity. If you have questions or would like to add me to your Friends List, please don't hesitate to contact me -- or leave your in-game contact below and I'll contact you! About Me ♦ I’ve been roleplaying for almost 30 years now. I love discussing roleplay ideas and implementing them. I’m not worried about “spoilers” or ruining immersion by discussing and planning storylines OOC. Planning ensures that everyone has a chance to contribute ideas that are fun for *them* so everyone has a good experience. ♦ I tend to be patient with people of all roleplay styles and experiences. Just be courteous if you need to AFK mid-RP for an extended period or reschedule the scene. ♦ I am a 40+ year old woman with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. This means I may need to cancel plans last-minute depending on my pain levels/fatigue or I may need to leave mid-scene. This is NOT an indicator of interest – or lack thereof – I have a disease that needs careful tending and I have to listen to the needs of my body before anything else. From Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, I'm usually online from 8pm (Eastern) until whenever I decide to log out for the night. I don't have a day job anymore, so I keep pretty strange hours. The latter half of the week, I tend to do Real Lifey things (D&D and Hubby Date Night, woo!) so I can be pretty hit-or-miss since things come up spontaneously. Availability & Contact Information Timezone: GMT/UTC -5 or Central (US) Time. I’m mostly available from 8pm to 8am, Sunday through Tuesday. Beyond that, my schedule gets pretty unpredictable and difficult to manage.By preference, I enjoy in-game RP, but if scheduling is an issue I don't mind using other methods of play like Discord or even Googledocs, whatever works best! Discord: theirontribe#1384 Tumblr: https://roleplay-aficionado.tumblr.com/ Pillowfort: https://www.pillowfort.social/roleplay-aficionado
  8. Howdy! I’m looking for more contacts for my Hingan lad who’s currently in Eorzean, while a Yakuza and a bit of a criminal elements, he does the odd bit for charity and can fit in well with more wholesome toons, as for what I’m looking for I’ll leave a little list under this to give an impression, anything that isn’t listed? Well that could be discussed in dm’s I’m generally open to most things + A fellow student of Samurai Techniques + Fellow criminals, be they eastern or western + Suppliers for his up and coming bar + anyone who wishes to gamble + family + Romance + Friends + Enemies https://littlenogitsune.carrd.co/ https://hoshinotamaa.carrd.co/ Discord: BlastedTempest#0633
  9. Looking for; In game and/or Discord RP. Long Term/Plot based Para/Multi-Para All Themes All the information is found in the cards below! Send me a message here or at my discord Evil_Vixxen#0693 or even at twitter https://twitter.com/_Evil_Vixxen_ I'll be sure to respond asap! Dadcatte, Zukuru Burwani (Crystal - Brynhildr) Romance not available! https://zukuru.carrd.co/ Gentle Giant, Khadagan Geneq (Returning to Crystal DC soon - Discord Only atm) https://kd-gq.carrd.co/ Dark Shaman, Nakhu Geneq (Returning to Crystal DC soon - Discord Only atm) https://n-g.carrd.co/ Escaped Slave, Exi'a Vunoxo (Primal, Leviathan) https://ex-vu.carrd.co/ order of images: Zukuru x2-> Khadagan x2-> Nakhu x2-> Exi'a x2
  10. RP experience: I've been a participant in many drawn out RPs, which took place on art websites. It's really no different than reading a comic, but instead both artists are responsible for creating a panel or several to serve as responses. I have also done text RPs on both Discord and on Google Docs. I have yet to strike up any RPs in game as that is a new territory for me. My knowledge on FFXIV lore could be better, but I'm an eager learner, so anything that is incorrect concerning my characters, I apologize in advance and always welcome experienced lore players to help me. I have a lot of characters. I enjoy making concepts and trying to flesh them out, but you can only do so much on your own. I would love to forge connections with other people, which I believe will help foster a stronger bond and love for my characters and the game entirely. I will only give small blurbs about my characters here since again.... there are just too many to have numerous in depth profiles for them all, but it is something I am currently working on. ------------------ Silvaire Komione, Male, Elezen, Ishgardian, 45 years old -- Silvaire hails from Ishgard. He was a nobleman who was quite outspoken on his views on the wrongs of the aristocracy, and how it was their duty to help those in the lower social classes--especially given the fallout of the Dragonsong War. Needless to say, his views weren't widely shared and he was mocked for his efforts. It was a shame to his family given the embarrassment they faced each day; hearing new tales about their "delusional" son. Fed up of the public ridicule he faced, Silvaire decided to leave home. He set his sights on Eorzea and never looked back. However, he still wears a ring that bears his family crest. Regardless of his unwillingness to speak of his family, he does still miss his mother at the very least, and she is the only reason why he keeps the ring. Silvaire became an adventurer for many years, as he wanted to help others. Though as time went on, he found that less important quests came his way. Instead it was menial things, such as delivering packages or letters. He went into an unofficial retirement, and decided that his efforts would be more fruitful as a healer for hire--travelling to clients or receiving them at his house if required. To further occupy his time, he took up journalism for a company in Ul'dah, the Daily Inquiry. They were a small team of reporters that wanted to publish articles and a newspaper like the Mythril Eye. ---- [Kind, empathetic, perfectionist, self-less, analytical, cautious, humble] https://carrd.co/dashboard/4822157737428674 Khaishan (Khai) Yumishi, Female, Raen/Xaela mix, Orthardian, 19 years old -- Khaishan was born into the mixed Raen and Xaela tribe, the Yumishi. Her father came from the Ruby Sea and settled in the Azim Steppe. Though he was accepted by very few, he still managed to associate the Steppes as his home. He fell in love with a Mankhad woman and thus began the new tribe. The Yumishi are all trained in the art of ninjutsu and utilize the poison blow dart skills that all Mankhad have. As the tribe grew, Khai's brother married a Mok woman and the Yumishi skill set was expanded upon. It is said that the Yumishi have eyes and ears everywhere in the Steppes. In fact, a popular rumor is that one only needs to speak their issues to the wind, and a Yumishi will appear within the hour. Though they are assassins by trade, they have a strick rule against killing tribal leaders and children. -- Khai is very much a free spirited person. However, she shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to combat. She earned the nickname "Lily of the Valley" due to her harmless appearance but deadly skills. Those that under estimate her find that such is their last thought before a swift end. Perhaps it was the Raen blood coursing through her veins, but her outlook on the Steppe was never favorable. In fact she yearned to leave--her fear was to die there and never truly know of the world. Though being the Khan's daughter presented her with many issues. Would she honor her heart or her duty to the Yumishi? Knowing his daughter's wishes, her father gave her leave from the Steppe and her trirbal obligations, welcoming her to return at any time when she was ready. Khai's newfound freedom led her all throughout Othard where she spent most of her time helping the rebellion against the Empire. Eventually, when it came to be too dangerous to remain in Othard, she fled to Eorzea where she has resided ever since. Still doing what the Yumishi do best, she is an assassin for hire as well as a tracker--espionage of any sort really. --- [Tactical, energetic, curious, efficient, sociable (when not on an assignment), careful] Vincent Grayves, Male, Highlander, Lominsan, 34 years old -- Once a notorious Lominsan pirate, captain of the Rhalgr's Doom, Vincent built a reputation for himself by looting, pillaging, and terrorizing smaller villages and outposts in La Noscea. He was young and wild, with a desire to explore the world and defy any and all authority. Growing up in the worst of conditions had hardened his spirit and turned him bitter during his early teenage years, which he held onto during his piracy days. However, given his attitude, he was accustomed to stepping on the toes of those more powerful and far more wrathful than himself. The inevitable happened, and Vincent was subject to a mutiny--his crew had teamed up with a different captain; one whom Vincent had crossed some months prior, and under the promise of better leadership his crew was eager to betray him. He suffered a vicious beating, tossing him into a coma, and was left for dead at the Aleport docks. Once nursed back to health, he'd found that his memory was gone. No recollection of his past. The couple that had taken pity on him and brought him back to their home in Limsa, had informed him that he'd been unconscious for a sometime. He stayed with the couple to repay them for their kindness, but it also provided him security as he did not have anywhere else to go--that he knew of. Living among humble people had turned his now blank slate of a personality into a respectable , happy, and energetic man. He is now a fisherman who frequents the Lominsan markets to sell his catch. --- [Jovial, boisterous, helpful, protective, dimwitted/absent-minded] Shiramun (Shira) Kharlu, Male, Xaela, Orthardian, 19 years old -- Born in the Azim Steppe, Shira belonged to a small tribe called Muge. They specialized in weaving, fishing, and farming--very tame trades in the Steppe. However, such menial things were needed to sustain a society, and the Muge were happy to supply. The Naadam wasn't something they concerned themselves with as their warriors could never compare or compete with the other tribes, and so they never participated. Other tribes deemed them weak based on their work and actions. Naturally, this also made them a very easy target. The Kharlu descended upon the small Muge Iloh, killing handfuls of families. They snatched up whatever children were left in order to subjugate them into the Kharlu ranks. Shira had been one of those children who witnessed their parents senselessly slaughtered. His quiet and peaceful life was destroyed within an hour, and anger and devastation was left in its place. He began harboring a strong resentment for the Kharlu and other Xaela. Life with the Kharlu was highly unpleasant, being trained day and night since his subjugation, and often subjected to various punishments for his stubbornness and initial defiance. He learned to live by the sword, and in a sick way, he started to enjoy the bloodshed. It became a coping mechanism for him, an outlet for his directionless and intense anger. Even though he hates the Kharlu with a passion, he has been loyal to them due to a distorted and unhealthy form of gratuity--having endured many and very real threats to his life, he is grateful to have been "allowed" to keep his after all these years. The Kharlu have permitted Shira to leave the Steppe in order to train and become stronger: his "guardian"--though really more of a handler--thought it best for Shira to seek out a mentor more skilled in the Dark Knight discipline, which he seems to favor. Currently, Shira is in Eorzea, looking for a teacher, or really any means to increase his strength so that he can return to the Steppe and help the Kharlu win their annual battle with the Jungid, as well as the Naadam. However, now having some distance from his home has begun to put him in a weird head space. Does he want to return? He could easily start over and form a new life... He isn't entirely sure which path is the correct one, but he hopes to learn in time. --- [Quiet, irritable, emotionally closed off, reckless (when angry), sadistic to an extent] Bayan Tumet, Male, Xaela, Orthardian, 22 years old -- Bayan is usually accompanied by his twin brother, Bayar. The two were separated from the rest of the Tumet tribe on their tenth summer when they failed to catch up after the sacred tree ceremony/right of passage. From then on, Bayan considered he and his brother as their own tribe, and he has done everything in his power to protect Bayar. However, there is something... off about Bayan. While, yes, he does claim to love his brother and that his protection is an extension of it... it doesn't all add up. His stare is cold and calculating towards everyone; his brother included. If he were open with his feelings, one would find that he is quite callous and apathetic. He takes pleasure in hurting others, seeing them helpless is entertaining and a source of great enjoyment. His emotional issues are deep and stem from a traumatic incident, which occurred way back in his eighth summer. This is not something he talks about with anyone. One day he was with his tribe, and the next he was gone. For a full 24 hours, Bayan went missing. When he returned, he was a darker person. He views his brother as a more innocent and pure version of himself; an innocence that was lost--this servers as his main and only motivation for protecting his sibling. It's clear to those that spend a few hours around him, that Bayan has a handful of psychotic tendencies. He is trying to be normal, but his acting is terrible and he can't help but tap into his sadistic nature from time to time. Bayan loves engaging in battle, and has a weird fixation with blood. It's not uncommon for him to taste some if it's drawn from his opponent. He'll often say that the blood of others has a sweet taste to it, while his is filthy and tastes expired compared. This is the only sort of emotional hints or insight that he'll give of his inner perception of himself. Like many others, Bayan is a mercenary for hire, as he needs a means to support him and his brother. It seemed like the best work to partake in given his love of battle and the thrill he gets from it. Conversations with him can be a painful experience as he isn't a man of many words. Though that doesn't mean that he won't respond if someone is addressing him. He just tends to be a little harsh and blunt in his word choice--more than most are comfortable with. ------------------ I also do have a Miqo'te female that I tried to get connections for way back: https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/topic/21889-illiterate-miqote-with-big-dreams-lfc/
  11. until
    Visit Teatime's Shroudrose Teahouse & Tavern at Happy Hour for an evening of half-off drinks, good company, and live entertainment! Happy Hour is a monthly event regularly held on the last Thursday night of each month. Shroudrose Tavern seeks to provide a bar environment that is both casual and refined, where those from all walks of life may gather to enjoy one of our unique cocktails or a bite to eat, and a bit of conversation among friendly company. Join us on Thursday, December 26th at 9:00 PM EST at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 on the Balmung server in the tavern downstairs. Performances begin at at 10:00 PM EST. We look forward to seeing you there! Celebrating Starlight this month featuring performances from... Dane Vylette Hagane Sakura Pepeko Peko Mirage Loria
  12. <FLAME> Character Information Thread! Let Us Get To Know You & Your Characters ! Feel Free to post biographies, carrds, etc. We look forward to meeting all of you! If you have any questions, please refer to the Rules Topic for Contact Info!
  13. The Immortal Flames < F L A M E > is R E C R U I T I N G ! COEURL || CRYSTAL DATA CENTER Battalion Based Free Company Led By: Captain Thalya Nadir If you have a character that is new to the Ul'Dah area and is looking to enlist in The Immortal Flames, please consider joining under Thalya Nadir ! If you enjoy D&D style missions taking place in game or thru Discord, you will be able to participate in bounties hosted by a few fellow officers as to rank up within the FC itself. We strive for an immersive and fun role-playing experience! We will also be hosting live in-game events within the Coeurl Server, so if you enjoy games, casual, and fun experiences, we are definitely planning some big things! Currently: We are SEEKING RECRUITS ! After all, it is not much of a battalion with no one in it to lead! We are a very welcoming bunch and are more than able to help you level thru MSQ, Trials, etc. Why not come join us under the banner of Ul'dah and Raubahn!? We would certainly love to have you! RECRUIT APPLICATION { x } <<P L E A S E FILL OUT >> May Your Flame Burn Bright & True! Be Ready for Anything & Everything! Hope to see you in the barracks!
  14. General OOC Etiquette || Rules If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact any of the following members / users : --------- Shining Sparrow#4794 || Thalya Nadir || Tavius Gaelyn || L E A D E R YeaahhBoi#0512 || Credence Purcell || A D M I N Chip#7131 || Zoey Quintana || A D M I N Wrex#9496 || Matthias Kaas || A D M I N --------- We all strive to have a good time! Be P O L I T E Be K I N D Be a F R I E N D Naturally, you will not get along with everyone, but P L E A S E reach out to the L E A D E R or an A D M I N if you are having an issue with another FC mate before any call outs or witch hunts are initiated! We want to work THROUGH problems TOGETHER. Please do not feel like you are alone should any issues arise. No hate speech. No racism. We are open door, we are LGBTQ+ friendly and we do not support toxicity in any fashion. The Admin Team & I will be here for you to the best of our ability! -------- By RPing with our FC and in our RP plots/arcs/housing, you confirm that you have read and agree to the following terms and conditions. **Do N O T METAGAME or GODMOD.** You cannot use OOC knowledge to give your character an advantage. It's unfair and takes away from the roleplaying experience. You also cannot seize control over another person's character's actions, items, etc. without THEIR permission or prior planning. Everyone gets a say in what happens to their characters' well beings! **BE PATIENT** Not everyone types at the same speed, so please do not hesitate to reach out via DM or TELL to let someone know you have responded, you are initiating an interaction, or are chiming in to make sure they are responding to you currently or soon. Some events get rather large and hectic and it can be a time trying to keep up with replies. Take advantage of the friend group assignments in game which can make locating replies MUCH easier. ** OOC does not equal IC ** This is the hardest thing to tackle, but PLEASE do your best to not insert your OOC feelings into an IC interaction. It is easy to do and a big mistake a lot of the time. Do not ASSUME just because a character says something to your character that is off putting or rude that it is an attack on you. If you aren't sure, please CONTACT your RP partner OOCly to clear up any assumptions. Do NOT Ret-Con (erasing an event from a storyline or an interaction) without notifying the DM of the event ! We all have stories to tell and it is understandable it a story does not align to what your character does or wants. If you have anything else to ask, please do not hesitate to REACH OUT & ASK ! FC RP Housing Immortal Flames HQ (Free Company house) Plot 33, 10th Ward, Goblet The Flame Headquarters that Captain Nadir’s battalion is based out of, includes main receptionist area, training hall, barracks, Nadir’s office, a clinic, and private chambers for recruits. Characters Found: NPC Workers Tavius Gaelyn (Thalya’s Second in Command, Second Lieutenant) Public Use: No, please /tell to make an appointment. This is a semi-public space, if you are here for an Event hosted by FLAME, participation in the event is MANDATORY. Even if it’s IC spectating, besides that there can be no side RP happening in the house/private chambers unless given EXPRESS PERMISSION. RP Rules: No ERP, contact Thalya Nadir IG or Discord for RP use, gain permission from private chamber owner’s if you want to use the space (Thalya’s office is OFF LIMITS). As much as impromptu RP is cool, if your character has IC tensions with another character on the premises, it is your responsibility to contact Thalya, or any other Admin present IC-wise, about this so that no surprise drama will disrupt RP for those involved. Semi-public Private Chambers Flames Clinic (Credence Purcell’s Chamber’s) As the name suggests, it is the main clinic for Captain Nadir’s Flames. Characters Found: Credence Purcell (Clinic head), Meredith (NPC medic), Aochoix (NPC medic) Public Use: No, It is not a public clinic. Only members of Thalya’s flames or outside character’s involved in a Flames story arc that are wounded may use it. RP Rules: No ERP, contact Credence Purcell IG or through Discord for permissions to use. If the Clinic is being used and Credence is not online/participating in the RP, Thalya or any Flames Admin has permission to use the NPC’s for RP.
  15. About || To defend the Realm from imposing threats and enemies. To defend those who cannot defend themselves. To spread a message of burning hope that may never die. To prepare to be ready for anything and everything from your first step into her barracks. To relentlessly and passionately continue the fight even when the odds may be stacked against you. We stand together until our last breath! We go down in a fiery glory with nothing less than our best foot forward. You may ask what our mission is? What are our goals? The answer may never be c l e a r, but ! One thing is certain, we are ready for A N Y T H I N G & E V E R Y T H I N G ! Our battalion deals with: general patrols, spy on Garlean activities, the corrupt black market and slave trade in Ul’dah, Beast Tribes, correspondence with Ala Mhigan Resistance in Rhaglr’s Reach, and general peace keeping where necessary. History || In the beginning, Thalya Nadir was introduced to The Immortal Flames by the recently deceased villain, Vadim Sokolov, who was dishonorably discharged due to hyper aggressive behavior against his allies (coupled with a domestic abuse against Thalya). It was not long after this that Thalya found herself enlisting within The Immortal Flames. With the help of Lieutenant Tavius Gaelyn she worked her way up from being a recruit through his protection and guidance. After a run in with a small troupe of Garleans who were harassing a camp of Ala Mhigans just outside of Camp Drybone. Thalya fought bravely and valiantly and well enough to earn squadron mates to lead and accompany her on missions. After many great feats were victoriously performed, she had earned her rights to leading and training smaller groups to meet the expectations set by the Immortal Flames. Two more years would pass before she had the title of Captain bestowed upon her after managing to dispel an evil aura generated from the deep depths of the Aurum Vale. As more passionate and strong souls began to enlist, they were steered towards her leadership and determination to be ready for anything and everything.
  16. Come to the Brimming Heart Subdivision of Goblet, Ward 19 on the Second Saturday of every month at 10 PM Central Time (Chicago, USA) to meet and greet fellow food and drink enthusiasts. A small tasting menu of unique drinks and tapas will be served as complimentary to visitors. Donations are welcome but not required.
  17. Name: Thestias Server: Zalera (Crystal) Timezone: Eastern (UTC -5) Looking For: Casual or long-term RP either in-game or on Discord Type of RPs: Pretty much anything non-ERP or romance (she's taken!), though past romantic connections can def be considered Available Hours: M-Th 11:00--14:00, 20:00 onwards; weekends pretty much always Discord: Thestias#3686 Character: Giselle Marinnoux Hey there! I finally finished creating Elle's bio and she's now available for roleplay! All of her information can be found on her carrd, which contains links to her Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify playlist, and wiki page for a more in-depth biography (yes, I know, that's a lot of stuff; I go a bit crazy with my OCs, rip). In short, Giselle is a wandering mercenary who works closely with the Immortal Flames, travelling around helping people wherever she can; she's a fan of alchemy, woodworking, and general crafting, often found in one of the many guilds in Ul'dah or Limsa Lominsa. She's looking for friends, Grand Company acquaintances, and former connections to her life in Ishgard--that's something I'm interested in in particular, considering her family history in Ishgard and the circumstances surrounding her leaving. Former romantic connections are also definitely something to be considered! I'm always a fan of angst and conflict, and I don't shy away from darker themes if that's an interest. Feel free to message me, on Discord or in-game, if you're interested in forming any plots with Giselle~
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    Visit Teatime's Shroudrose Teahouse & Tavern at Happy Hour for an evening of half-off drinks, good company, and live entertainment! Happy Hour is a monthly event typically on the last Thursday night of each month, but we are running one week ahead this month so we don't conflict with US Thanksgiving. Shroudrose Tavern seeks to provide a bar environment that is both casual and refined, where those from all walks of life may gather to enjoy one of our unique cocktails or a bite to eat, and a bit of conversation among friendly company. Join us on Thursday, November 21st at 9:00 PM EST at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 on the Balmung server in the tavern downstairs. Performances begin at at 10:00 PM EST. We look forward to seeing you there! Giving thanks this month featuring performances from... Pepeko Peko Eigengrau Mankhad Hani Dan’na Sakura Mirage Loria
  19. Hey everyone! I just recently got back into FF RP and am looking for connections for my character. Crystal is a traveling minstrel that has fallen on hard times, and is in debt. She's turned to being an escort to make money. I'd rather have actual players be her connections, rather than just referring to unnamed characters. So, good or bad, I'm looking for you. One dynamic I'm looking for is a character that Crystal is in debt to, so if you have a bit more of a darker character that may exploit young travelers like her this would be a good place to do so. https://crystallyehga.carrd.co/ Crystal.Lyehga#3701 Feel free to whisper me in game or on discord!
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    Visit Teatime's Shroudrose Teahouse & Tavern at Happy Hour for an evening of half-off drinks, good company, and live entertainment! Happy Hour is a monthly event on the last Thursday night of each month. Shroudrose Tavern seeks to provide a bar environment that is both casual and refined, where those from all walks of life may gather to enjoy one of our unique cocktails or a bite to eat, and a bit of conversation among friendly company. Join us on Thursday, October 31st at 9:00 PM EDT at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 on the Balmung server in the tavern downstairs. Performances begin at at 10:00 PM EDT. We look forward to seeing you there! Celebrating All Saint's Wake this month featuring performances from... Vylette Sakura The Poisoned Apple Mirage Loria Miss Fortune
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    Come visit Teatime's Shroudrose Teahouse & Tavern at Happy Hour for an evening of half-off drinks, good company, and live entertainment! Happy Hour is a monthly event on the last Thursday night of each month. Shroudrose Tavern seeks to provide a bar environment that is both casual and refined, where those from all walks of life may gather to enjoy one of our unique cocktails or a bite to eat, and a bit of conversation among friendly company. Join us on Thursday, September 26th at 9:00 PM EDT at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 in the tavern downstairs. Performances begin at at 10:00 PM EDT. We look forward to seeing you there! Celebrating the Rising this month featuring performances from... Vylette Elakha Dane Aeric Remora Sakura Naomi Snowblossom Savo Mirage Loria
  22. Hey everyone. Hathaway Snow is a young male Miqo’te who has established himself as a fairly competent Adventurer and officer in the Twin Adder. He’s also a former prostitute who has rubbed shoulders with numerous people who aren’t very nice. For Shadowbringers, I wanted to take that experience and refocus him towards an ambitious idea: infiltrating criminal organizations with the intent of disrupting them from within. If this sounds like it’d be really hard, you’d be right. Looking through the Encyclopedia Eorzea, there’s a very small mention of the Red Otters, a unit of the Twin Adder only described as an “elite combat unit that draws select lancers, archers, and conjurers.” I expanded upon that idea, and in a short story that you can read here, portrayed the Red Otters as a basically defunct branch whose members may or may not exist, like a special operations group that has no official support from the home state. I imagined that this would give agents the freedom to make hard decisions, but also leave them on their own if they got caught/beat up/killed/etc. To that end, I’d like to position Hathaway as a recurring good guy to your bad guy. The Sherlock Holmes to your Moriarty, the Captain America to your Hydra, the Inspector Zenigata to your Lupin III, and so on. Keep in mind that the point is not necessarily for Hathaway to succeed at arresting your character or destroying your organization (although I’d be flattered if you wanted to incorporate a stint in jail into your character’s development). By design, the chips are stacked against him, and he has no jurisdiction to, say, have a horde of law enforcement bust down your doors. But I wanted to create long-term scenarios where he’d have to join your organization and maintain his cover, waiting for the moment to strike. Or be one step behind your character as they attempt heists/assassinations/piracy/etc. There’s a lot of options! Breaking it down: Criminal Free Companies/Organizations: Hathaway ideally would like to target the “worst of the worst,” so in terms of limits everything is on the table. If your character is a member or the leader of a criminal enterprise, big or small, and you need an adversary, look no further. This might be best for “long con” scenes, or perhaps Hathaway eventually gets caught, leading to tense interrogations. Getting an entire FC to agree to a storyline like this would be amazing. Independent Types: Serial killers, master thieves, and the like. People who operate alone and maybe at random. Think lots of chases and fights. Others: If you have a different idea, or if you like the hook but aren’t sure if your character will work, let me know! I realize this idea might take some coordination and discussion beforehand. I’ve ran this idea in a few scenes with some friends in-game, and the most common feedback I’ve gotten is it’s “very ambitious.” But I figure people are hungry for long-term storylines, conflicts, fights, and so on. Contact Info: I lurk on Discord practically 24/7, so that’s the easiest way to contact me, at Hathaway Snow#9472. You can also ask questions right here in this thread, of course, or you can shoot me a private message. I'm also available in game as Hathaway Snow on Balmung (and by extension, the entire Crystal data center). I'm also looking for an FC of my own too!
  23. Name: Grim Blackgrave Server: Zalera Gender: Male Age: 35 Race: Hyur/Highlander Sexuality: Hetereosexual Occupation: Crime Lord Marital Status: Single Hooks Grim works as a killer for hire, smuggler, and a procurer of goods. Grim is always on the hunt for victim. Grim indulges in drink and entertainment. Grim is seeking associates and underlings. Looking For Associates, Subordinates, love interest/partner in crime. Availability: Starting next week, my playtime will primarily be 1am-3pm EST. Maybe sometimes in the afternoons and evenings. Weekdays. Weekends are harder to get on play. Discord 24/7, everyday availability for RP and chat. I enjoy casually doing end-game content and am an omnicrafter/gatherer. https://grimblackgrave.carrd.co/
  24. Name: Ylsa Iryut Race: Viera Gender: Female Server: Balmung Timezone: Pacific I am currently on the hunt for a Free Company that is, both, active and would make sense for my character. She is a treasure hunter, mostly for relics or items of power or knowledge (i.e. Soul Crystals or antiquities), but will take on jobs for a number of other things if the mood strikes her. I’ve been describing her as if Black Cat were to join the Gullwings. I’m finding that most Free Companies on Balmung are very small so I am also open to invitations to RP linkshells as another venue to make her some closer acquaintances (maybe even some real friends). I am trying to get out there and level up but I’d really rather find some people that I can do that with. Looks us up in Eorzea/Norvrandt, ~Ylsa
  25. New Ways to Die ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There was a knock on the door, and Vorsaile spoke without looking up. “Come in.” Hathaway entered his superior’s office, which was dark save for the light streaming in through the windows to his right. He closed the door, taking a second or two to watch the Elezen scribble something down on the sheet in front of him and then slide it over. “Commander.” “Captain.” More scribbling, along with the muffled sound of paper rustling. The Miqo’te moved forward, deciding to sit on the lone chair across from the desk. “I wanted to ask if there was any movement on the proposal I mentioned to you a while back.” The older man put his quill down and sat back, unable to suppress the smirk appearing on his face. “I’ve had some conversations with relevant people, yes. But before we get into that…” He tidied up the outgoing forms with his hands, stacking them in a neat pile. “I wanted to make sure that we’re both on the same page.” The blond rested his leg on top of the other and raised an eyebrow. “Meaning?” Vorsaile cleared his throat and leaned forward, dropping the pretense of formality. “I don’t want to dissuade you, but what you’re proposing isn’t something that you just ‘do’ lightly.” “I didn’t say that it-” “Hold on.” Hathaway shut his mouth. Pushing a pair of reading glasses up towards his eyes, the Elezen opened a folder, which the lancer suspected had been sitting on his desk for this express purpose. “Let’s take a look at your file again.” Oh boy. “Captain Hathaway Snow, Beastmen consultant for the Twin Adder.” The room was quiet save for the squeaks of Vorsaile’s chair as he casually rocked back and forth. “Instrumental in strengthening Twin Adder relationships with the Slyphs, Kobolds, Ixali, the Vath, the Namazu, etcetera, etcetera…” He went on. “Furthermore, at the Commander’s discretion, Captain Snow has been authorized to handle other sensitive matters involving deliveries, retrieval, and investigations, sometimes with the use of force, so long as it is deemed applicable to the Twin Adder’s operations at home and abroad.” “I appreciate that, but…” The tanned male attempted to interject. “Skilled at lance/staff combat and various martial arts. History of street-level encounters in Ul’dah due to upbringing. Gridanian citizen, one known family member in Kugane, not blood-related. Special focus on negotiation and information gathering, and thus, and so on, and so forth…” The folder was snapped shut and slid across the desk towards Hathaway, who didn’t touch it. Vorsaile pulled his glasses off. The Miqo’te didn’t know where to place his hands on the chair. “That’s a flattering summary.” “I know. I wrote it.” “You did? I…thank you.” “Don’t mention it.” His commander rubbed his eyes. “The question I have, Hathaway, is why someone with skills like yours would willing choose to sign up for a line of work that is highly dangerous. You’re correct that there is precedent for something like this, but…” “I just want to make a difference.” The lancer sounded serious. “You already are. Look, if it’s a question of pay, or you want more fulfilling work, there are solutions.” The Wildwood kept going. “I can get you these things, talk to Brookstone. And look, you’ve done well,” he said, indicating to the closed folder. “Trading with the beast tribes has never been easier. You could join the Wood Wailers or the Gods’ Quiver…and in a couple years, move up to commander, maybe even marshal.” “I’m still going to be a part of the Twin Adder, though,” the younger male countered. “I’m not planning on leaving.” Vorsaile was blunt. “With this particular group, it might not be your choice.” “You’re worried I’m going to die.” “Yes.” Hathaway was a little touched. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes for a moment, mulling things over. “I just thought my skills were uniquely suited for something like this.” “What, you mean the prostitution?” Blue eyes widened and the Keeper was unable to speak. His superior chuckled and answered for him. “Did you think we didn’t vet you beforehand? What did you think I meant by ‘street-level encounters?’” “I, uh…I thought it was, like…” He took a shuddering breath. “Frequent communication with people with criminal backgrounds?” “Well, in a way, it is.” Vorsaile held up his hands, laughing. “At ease, captain. If it was a problem we wouldn’t have promoted you.” “It’s not?” The male practically collapsed in his chair and pinched the bridge of his nose. “I don’t really do that stuff anymore.” “We’re not idiots. We do keep tabs in other cities.” The Elezen’s voice softened. “I heard about what happened in Ul’dah. Are you all right?” That incident felt like it was a world away now. “Yeah.” “Are you sure?” He pivoted. “This proposal of yours could end up putting you in similar waters. I don’t want some organization to send us your head in a sack.” Hathaway took a deep breath, still reeling a bit from the previous revelation. “I hear you, commander, but I think I’ve made up my mind.” The leader of the Yellow Serpents simply gave a grim smile. “Well, at least I tried.” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Red Otters were an elite combat unit composed of members from other factions within the Twin Adder. You didn’t just sign up; you had to transfer in. And they didn’t just take anyone. Truthfully, Hathaway had difficulty even confirming whether they existed at all - there was no official leader, no structure, no list of operatives, even with the resources made available to grand company personnel. But how could there be? For a secretive group like this, wasn’t that ideal? Both he and Vorsaile were standing in one of the barracks, the usual cache of weapons and gear lining the walls. The Miqo’te was drumming his fingers on a wooden railing on the upper level, when the door opened. An older man with gray, close-cropped hair entered in a wheelchair. Both captain and commander exchanged glances, and the Elezen nodded. “Is this him?” The Highlander’s voice was gruff and distinct. Hathaway hopped over the railing and shook the man’s hand, feeling like he was being sized up already. “Thanks for agreeing to meet with me, sir.” “Ugh, don’t pull that ‘sir’ shite with me.” The Miqo’te wasn’t weak, but given the scars on the other man’s face, it looked like he’d seen a lot. He could probably crush the bones in his hand if he wanted to. “The name’s Waldo. Short for Waldomar. I read your file.” “And?” “And it doesn’t matter. If you’re determined to go down this path, you’ll be sticking with me for the next few months. If I don’t want to beat your prettyboy face into a pulp by the end of that, then, well, we’ll see.” The lancer gave a blank stare. “Oh.” “Waldo is a trainer for the Red Otters. He’s very particular.” Vorsaile spoke up from above. “Damn right.” He was already wheeling out of the room. Hathaway blinked. “Wait, when do we start?” The door was closing, but Waldo’s voice carried well. “If you ask me that again, you’re done.” The two men remaining in the barracks again exchanged glances. His superior gave an amused shrug. “You asked for this. I tried to warn you.” “He seems nice.” Vorsaile’s mouth twitched and it looked like he was trying to stop himself from laughing. “I’ll be in the Adders’ Nest with Wood Wailer recruitment papers.” He walked down the stairs and patted his subordinate on the shoulder. “But good luck. You’ll need it.” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Come on you bastard, put your back into it.” This was his fifth run up the Matron’s Lethe, the large tree in the Central Shroud. The challenge was to push his teacher up and down the wide trunk as fast as he could without losing his grip or falling. Hathaway grit his teeth; his legs were screaming at him. It was actually going down that was harder, since he had to avoid pitching Waldo over the side. “Careful, careful!” The wooden chair groaned as the wheels bounced and slid perilously close to the edge on their way down. “Watch what you’re doing! You’re in control, no one else is going to save you here.” The Miqo’te leaned to his right and pushed hard, his feet scrabbling for purchase against the rough bark. “If you drop me and by some miracle I don’t die, I will kill you shortly afterwards.” “Right.” “If I do die, I want you to walk up to the highest point of this tree and dive headfirst into the ground. Are we clear?” The wheelchair rumbled over a rock. “…Yes.” He reached the bottom without any major incidents and slapped the hand of a fellow trainee, a Wildwood Elezen by the name of Landemont. An archer with green eyes, he swept back his dark hair and took a few breaths. “Is the old man a quadriplegic yet?” Hathaway gave his partner his best exaggerated smile. “Nope, I’d give it a few more runs though.” He placed both hands on top of his head and breathed through his nose. Waldo cleared his throat. “If you boys have time to joke, you must have time to do three more runs, each.” Landemont started pushing up the Lethe before their teacher could make up his mind. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Ok, let’s see it.” Keeping his form steady, the Miqo’te thrust with the rapier he had been practicing with for the last month or so. Twirling, he followed up with a cross slash, making a Z pattern across the training dummy’s worn surface. “You’re too stiff! Stop.” Hathaway sighed and wiped sweat off his brow. “I don’t understand.” The Highlander rolled up, reaching for the sword. Taking it, he observed its surface, his fingers running across the gleaming blade as he spoke. “You’re not going to become a master of this weapon at the end of this. There’s not enough time with the potential for war on the horizon.” He was right. With the end of the Eastern revolution, there were many eyes on Garlemald, and tensions were rising. He handed the sword back to the tanned male. “But I can teach you the fundamentals. You have the basic movements down, but it needs to look natural. Relax your muscles and don’t be so tense.” The Keeper exhaled and turned back to the dummy, but Waldo tapped his arm. “Additionally…” “…I can’t emphasize enough what you’re going to be dealing with here.” The older man’s voice was less harsh than usual. “Other than occasional assistance from Lan, you’re going to be on your own out there. That includes choosing your own targets. Rubbing shoulders with people who aren’t very nice. Seeing things you’d rather not see, and doing things you’d rather not do. Relying on very little support.” “I know.” “Do you? Do you realize that if you die out there, we’ll deny you were ever a part of this organization. Maybe we’ll get to fish your body out of Ilsabard somewhere and deliver it to that Raen mother of yours.” Hathaway placed a hand on his hip and stared at him. His teacher laced his fingers together. “You need to be prepared for that possibility, Hathaway. It’s…admirable that you want to go above and beyond, but the Red Otters barely exist for a reason. It’s not because of the training. It’s tough, but not impossible.” “I’ve been on my own for the past few years. Most adventurers are the same, aren’t they?” “And yet, they’re not here. Why do you think that is?” Waldo’s voice was firm. “Do you want me to quit? To settle? Is that it?” The younger male crossed his arms. The wheelchair creaked as the man leaned forward. “I want you to make sure this is what you want to do. The training isn’t the hard part. It’s what happens after.” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Landemont dropped a stack of books on the desk and his training partner looked up. “The old man wants us to research the Autumn War next.” Hathaway scratched one of his ears, his legs crossed and propped up. He was still deep into a tome titled The Garlean Empire: A History. “I’m going to finish this one first.” There was a few seconds of silence. The archer grabbed one of the books off the stack and leaned against the edge of another desk, flipping through it casually. “So what made you want to do this?” The Miqo’te said, turning a page. “Oh, I had a death wish, and I heard that this group was handing them out for free, so I wanted to see if the afterlife was worth it.” The lancer gave him a look, not quite used to the Elezen’s frequent use of sarcasm. “In addition to that?” The older male chuckled. “I was part of the Wood Wailers for a while and was sick of being cooped up in Gridania.” He closed the book he was holding. “There’s a whole world out there, and it’s getting smaller.” Hathaway felt the same way. “Do you think the Empire will try to invade again?” Landemont stared up at the ceiling, thinking. “I think it’s more likely than not. Or maybe the Alliance will invade them.” He swept his hair back, which sported gray highlights in places. “Whatever happens, we need to get ahead of it. If I can do anything that helps us be more prepared, if we can do anything…” He used his hand to indicate the two of them and his partner smirked. “We should do it.” The former prostitute clicked his tongue. “I agree.” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A sizable amount of dust was kicked up into the air as the Miqo’te ran as fast as he could, sliding a bit as he turned the corner near Bentbranch. His feet pounded across the bridge, and he pumped his arms, one hand holding a thin, silver object. There was a rumbling sound a few seconds behind him, then it got louder and louder. Up ahead, Landemont waved his arm frantically, and started to jog. “Come on! They’re gaining!” A mass of squawks and feathers accompanied his pursuers: a horde of angry chocobo. Or perhaps they were just hungry for the specially treated baton he was holding. They rolled across the bridge like a wave, an utter cacophony of chaos and confusion. Hathaway felt like his heart was going to burst out of his chest, but he pushed onward, breathing like a madman. Just like they had practiced before, the two matched each other’s pace, like airships docking together for refueling. The Elezen slowed down a hair, and the lancer outstretched his hand. “Take the baton!” “I’m trying!” “TAKE IT!” The chocobos were seconds behind, and if he tripped he’d be trampled underfoot. The archer snatched the baton away and sped past Gilbert’s Spine with the river on his right. Like machinery the birds zeroed in on their new target and left the other male in the dust. “Oh, gods!” This was his second lap around the circular path, which made its way past the large aetheryte crystal as well as the chocobo stables. He took deep, gasping, breaths, because in a minute or two he’d have to take the baton and go again. In the Bannock, Waldo sat in one of the towers, rotating around and observing the two of them run for their lives. Next to him was Vorsaile, who looked more than a little concerned. “This is excessive.” “Nonsense,” the older man said, waving his hand. “It pushes them beyond their limits. Also, it proves they can handle a potential life and death situation.” They watched as the Wildwood passed the Matron’s Lethe, the chocobo showing no signs of slowing up. The Highlander clapped his hands, urging him on. “Besides, it’s all in good fun.” Landemont was running so fast it looked like his feet were about to light on fire. He started screaming. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Their training was winding down, and although the two of them had been through hell, the crash course had served to increase both their physical and mental skills. Along with strength training, both the Miqo’te and Elezen had practiced drills with a new weapon or two. Mastery was a long way away, of course, but they had come far in a relatively short period of time. Hathaway was growing fond of rapiers by now, while Landemont was more distance-oriented, favoring throwing knives. They were standing in the clearing in the center of the Bannock, with numerous volunteers surrounding them. Said volunteers were dressed in sparring gear, some of them with wooden weapons. They had been pulled from the Yellow Serpents and Wood Wailers, mostly, in order to test the new recruits. Waldo and Vorsaile sat off to the side, along with some other curious onlookers. This wasn’t their final test, but it was an important one. “Alright,” the Hyur said, raising his hands. “Although we’ve taken precautions, these weapons might sting a bit. I don’t want to see any broken bones out there, but just in case, conjurers are standing by if some of you morons get a little crazy.” “Please be careful,” the Elezen next to him said. The older man looked over the assembled fighters. “Hathaway and Landemont, when I say ‘switch’, you’re to switch weapons. The exercise is over when either all volunteers take one to two significant hits, or our heroes are overwhelmed. This is more of a hard and fast rule, but I reckon we’ll know it when we see it. Use your best judgment.” There was a few seconds of silence as people cracked their knuckles, stretched, and readied their weapons. “Volunteers, ready?” There was a loud, military-style cry from the fighters. In the center, the students stood fast. “Hathaway and Landemont, ready?” The Miqo’te twirled the wooden rapier in his hand, and the Elezen nocked an arrow, which were all blunt for this particular exercise. The combatants were trusted to bow out if they were hit once or twice in the chest, since normally that would incapacitate the average soldier in a real battle. “Ready!” More silence. Waldo savored the moment, both teams tense and prepared for combat. He brought his hand down. “Begin!” With a wild yell, the volunteers charged. The two in the middle sprung into action, Landemont loosing arrows as fast as he could, Hathaway slashing with his rapier at all comers. They had smartly decided to stay close to each other instead of wading out into the melee, lest they were beaten over the head. The blond ducked as a sword wooshed overhead and he spun to whack at the back of the assailant’s knees with his weapon. Raising the rapier just in time to block the vertical strike of two others, he grunted and pushed back, then performed a quick one-two strike, the wood catching one in the shoulder, and the other on his neck. They fell backwards, but soon more surged forward to replace them. The initial distance served the Elezen well, as he tagged several of them before they got within striking distance. Like a maestro he worked the string of his bow, firing two or even three arrows at once. Even with protection the soldiers groaned as shafts hit them in the cheek, forehead, and elsewhere and they tapped out. However, there were too many, and his arrows wouldn’t last forever. Gripping the bow tightly the Wildwood punched one in the throat, before blocking a strike with the limb. With surprising speed he slipped the string across the man’s neck and pulled down, flipping him up and over his back. He wielded the un-nocked weapon like a club, using the edges to tag his opponents before they could finish their attacks. However, the two of them were slowly being pushed back towards one of the tall walls, the sea of volunteers unceasing. Hathaway was doing his best to strike faster, to create more space, twirling and spinning, sweeping some off their feet, bashing at anyone he could reach, but it was tough. His partner was out of arrows and tried using his long legs to keep people at bay. “Switch!” The gruff voice rang out. The rapier was thrown and hit an adventurer in the head with a satisfying clunk. Reaching back, the tanned male brought a blunt spear at the ready and followed up with an overhead strike, literally smashing some poor sod into the dirt. “Ouch.” Vorsaile winced. With the lance he could afford long, sweeping strikes, using his momentum to knock two or even three off balance. Hathaway aimed for the head, sliding on his knees and thrusting, creating an opening. He rolled into the gap, the weapon spinning behind him as it came to bear on two more, the Keeper flipping over a swing and sending the attacker to the ground. The tide had shifted in their favor. Meanwhile, the distraction allowed Landemont to acquire some knives, and he tossed a couple of them towards the backs of the volunteers attacking his partner. Two of them were in his hands, and since the assailants’ forces were divided between the two recruits, he sliced and diced with abandon. A downward strike on the shoulder or in both knees was enough to be considered out, and the Elezen took advantage, using his speed to disqualify those deciding to take their chances with him. Still, the two of them weren’t invincible, and they had taken more than a couple whacks to the head and torso. Hathaway was making sure when he hit someone they stayed down, so he was funneling a lot of energy into his strikes. When he could, the Wildwood stretched his aching fingers. Hitting leather armor, even with gloves, wasn’t pleasant. “Switch!” The Miqo’te kicked the lance towards the remaining attackers and suddenly there was a roar as twelve more poured in from the outside, bashing their fists against their armor. He bounded back towards Landemont. “What?!” His partner risked a glance at their teacher and was only met with a smirk. Expect the unexpected, he supposed. It was a slight comfort that the newcomers weren’t armed with weapons except for their arms and legs, which was just as well since the two of them were supposed to do the same. Still, they were tired. Hathaway struggled to steady his breathing. The Elezen brushed his hair back. “Had enough?” The Keeper raised his fists along with his partner, standing back to back. “Never.” The reinforcements came at them, and the two fought like men possessed. The Miqo’te’s fist cracked across a face. The Wildwood headbutted one and then kicked another right between the legs. They flowed gracefully, like it was a dance, ducking under each other’s strikes to lash out with an elbow here, or a foot there. Landemont grabbed one man’s arm and twisted, before using his weight to bring him down. The blond pushed aside punches and blocked a kick with both hands before stepping forward to bury his fist into someone’s nose. He swept his leg, and the Elezen rolled over his back and wrapped his arms around another, giving a clean strike before getting to his feet. Hathaway jumped and used both feet to send an attacker sprawling while Landemont incapacitated his friend with a chop to the neck. There were only three left. One of them foolishly ran at them and the lancer tripped him up while the archer tapped him on the head with his foot. “You’re out.” Two left, in staggered formation. They charged. Landemont went to punch one in the knee, and the Keeper took two or three quick steps back. “Lan, duck!” The Wildwood crouched lower, reducing his profile. It was perfectly timed. As the taller male’s fist connected with the first attacker’s knee, making him drop to the other, the Miqo’te’s foot pushed off of the Elezen’s back. He was already spinning in midair, bringing his right foot around to connect satisfyingly with the second man’s cheek as his partner punched the first in the face at the same time. With a whump the men landed in the dirt, knocked out cold. And that was it. Hathaway performed a simple martial arts pose and Landemont pulled at his gloves, flexing his fingers purely for dramatic effect. “Hah!” There was a second of silence and then the crowd cheered, clapping and hooting and hollering. Cries of ‘Well done!’, ‘Expertly fought!’ and similar rang out around them. The two recruits leaned against each other, spent. “We did it…” The Miqo’te said weakly. The Elezen just grinned. “Well, you two, that was quite the show,” Waldo said, rolling up to them. Vorsaile wasn’t far behind, looking impressed. The older male shook each of their hands, obviously pleased. “Your training isn’t quite finished yet, but to say you passed a milestone is an understatement,” their teacher said, nodding. “Keep this up and I’ll be proud to welcome you to the Red Otters, a fact that you can mention to no one and gives Gridania the ability to deny that you ever existed. Wahahahahaha!” In the open space, the Highlander’s laughter seemed to echo. “So I suppose that’s a ‘no’ for the Wood Wailers then?” The Serpent Commander placed his hands on his hips, but he was smiling. “I hope you two know what you’re doing.” Hathaway and Landemont exchanged glances. Was all of this worth it? In time, they would find out.
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