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  1. I. Basic Info Characters: Artyom Radasch Primary character: See above Linkshells: None Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I am flexible. If you only like to do a paragraph or so that works fine for me! If you like longer posts and multi-para then that is also fine. Anything less though can be harder since my posts are usually matched on my interest and if you're only feeding me one sentence then it doesnt give me much to work with. But still I am open to most any length and try to match what I am given. Views on RP combat and injuries: For this I think I'd prefer a lack of rolls with the exception of using them to determine whether or not an attack hits, but I always think it would be more fun to write combat instead of letting RNG decide the entire battle outcome. Temporary injuries are welcome though I won't allow my character to be permanently hurt outside of prior planned circumstances. This includes any new scars or handicaps. Character level won't be considered, nor PvP skill. At the end of the day though I am not looking for a lot of combat rp so there is that. Views on IC romance: Romance is accepted and encouraged. That and Smut. In fact you could say I am looking for a long term romance roleplay. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Open to pretty much anything. Views on lore: This can be a touchy subject for a lot of people. This is something else I am flexible on as I take stuff on a case by case basis. I personally like to rp Artyom within the story given but given how I said that can be touchy for some I am open to making sure we are agreed upon everything before starting. I try to be flexible Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): "IC speech" is expected to be in quotes always. (Brackets) of any kind for OOC conversation. /say is IC only. III. Other Info I am looking for long term roleplay. It doesnt have to be long-term but that is what I am most interested in, if you just want smut that's fine too. Again I am extremely open to most things I just currently have no FFXIV rp partners and am looking for some to fill that gap. I am open to other kinds of roleplay but first and foremost I am looking for long term romance for Artyom. Once that position is filled then I might be open to other rp though. If you wish to know more about Artyom feel free to message me either in discord or in game! Country: United States Timezone: EST Contact info: My Discord is Artyom#1604.
  2. If you are tired of typical bar talk/slice of life nonsense, look no further. A Xaela with deep rooted mental trauma who is not always a nice person. Antagonistic, eccentric, and often times unnerving. Not to say she doesn't have her moments of 'generosity' and nurturing, despite her current personal crisis. Name: Saran Amakh Race: Au Ra, Xaela Job: Gunbreaker currently, former mage Server: Brynhildr (Though I'm almost exclusively on Mateus) Active late night usually, 8:30 PM and onwards, EST I'm looking for those who also wish for something more than typical bar talks. As fascinating as your life story is, we don't always want to just listen about why you came to a city. Let's go out and have some fun, shall we? Violence is fine. Injuries are fine. Activities of dubious nature and possible illegality? Well, if it's fun and there's a half decent reason to do it. Don't be afraid to propose something grand in nature, either. Let's weave some interesting tales with lasting effects. Feel free to add me on discord for more info - Saran#8888
  3. Male X Male Mature Themes Long Term Multi Para Discord In Game Please contact me here or in discord for interest, if discord doesnt show my tag then PM me here with yours and I'll contact you asap. Evil_Vixxen#0693 All further information can be found within the character's carrd found below. https://z-x.carrd.co/
  4. Hey folks! I still haven't had a chance to dip my toes into rping in game yet.. BUT I figure here'd be a good place to start! As new as I am to rping in an mmo, ( as well as being a bit ill informed on the lore ) I think i'll just warm up by starting rps casual to light. Just looking for friends to have fun adventures with, but im definitely interested in going long term and heavy if I get invested enough! Here are a couple character ideas so far: Name: Ylva Littleroot <ill-vuh> ( Carrd ) Race: Hyur - Midlander Age: 25 Gender: Female Height: 5"4 Weight: 131 lbs // 59 kg Orientation: Figuring things out. Personality + Outgoing + compassionate + inquisitive - stubborn - naive - impetuous Back story RP Intent; I plan on making Ylva my proxy character for learning the lore of the game. I've yet to decide on any proper rp hooks for her, but i'd be open to suggestions as i go! At the moment, she's a level 70 bard with content up to stormblood unlocked- That'll hopefullly give enough me enough content to work with as far as exploring Eorzea goes! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: Qihna Jehani <kee-na> - <je-ah-nee> ( Carrd (Backstory currently a WIP)) Age: 24 Gender: Female Height: 5"5 Weight: 127 lbs Orientation: Not at the forefront of her mind. Personality + cunning + resolute + opportunistic - unscrupulous - crude - ill tempered - untrusting RP Intent; Backstory is still a wip! I kind of envisioned her as an Ul'dah street rat; pick pocketing and doing dirty work to make her own ends meet. One idea I might have to support that is a sister that'd be caught up in a ridiculous debt situation. Life hanging in the balance and all that- BUT definitely down to brainstorm story ideas with folks to flesh her out more! I'd also love to work with some more villainy/morally grey themes with her! So far she's only level 10 though, so the amount of stuff i can access is pretty limited. Here's a picture of Qihna down below~ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All that aside, I'm not too keen on ERP for either, but am willing to play around with a naturally developed romance for both characters wherever/whenever applicable. If anyone's interested, my discord for all this will be Littleroot#8447 ! I tend to pop on every other day around 9pm after work, PST/PT time and stay up til around 12-2am depending on my schedule! If you want to play with character ideas together or anything of the sort, hit me up!!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a newcomer here but I'm looking to find some people for my Miqo'te gal to play with long term on Mateus(Crystal datacenter). The advertisement will probably expand as I get more time and more ideas for her. Axah is a middle aged Miqo'te woman who is looking for friends of any sort to accompany on their adventure. As for some more information about me, I'm on EST time and generally the best time for me is the early evenings to play. If those don't work, we can probably figure out some times on days when I don't work. And now back to the important part, the character. Name: Axah Sirhi Race: Miqo'te Server: Mateus Class: She is more of a general purpose melee fighter IC. OOC she is still leveling up and is currently a lv 72 paladin. RP preferences : Axah is pretty open to most facets of RP. So fighting,romance and friendship are all on the menu for Axah.If something isn't listed just let me know what you're looking for. I would prefer to not fight other PC's with her though. Romance is an option, but it would have to happen organically between the characters. Beyond that, friendship is a given hopefully. Purpose : Axah is looking to settle down. She's trying to get out of the body guarding business but it's a slow process. On the side she's looking to pick up a trade and get herself an apartment IC. I'm looking to primarily play In game, but I'm happy to talk and discuss potential RP over discord if wanted. My discord tag is Atomictraveler#7498 . Hopefully I piqued your interest and can find some people for Axah to be friends with. Also, at some point in future I will be putting my Au ra gal Elsitte up as well. If you're interested just give me a poke and I can explain her to you and send some screenshots of her.
  6. Name: Alyx Shepard Race: Miqo'te, Seeker Gender: Female Carrd: Alyx Shepard Server: Balmung Time Zone: MST UTC -6 Backstory I'm looking for some long term RP adventurers Alyx can work with, a healer she can trust, a magitek engineer. I'm open to a lot of different RPs, dark themed, slice of life, grand adventures. My discord is Nova#8287 and my character is Alyx Shepard on the balmung server.
  7. Hey everyone. Hathaway Snow is a young male Miqo’te who has established himself as a fairly competent Adventurer and officer in the Twin Adder. He’s also a former prostitute who has rubbed shoulders with numerous people who aren’t very nice. For Shadowbringers, I wanted to take that experience and refocus him towards an ambitious idea: infiltrating criminal organizations with the intent of disrupting them from within. If this sounds like it’d be really hard, you’d be right. Looking through the Encyclopedia Eorzea, there’s a very small mention of the Red Otters, a unit of the Twin Adder only described as an “elite combat unit that draws select lancers, archers, and conjurers.” I expanded upon that idea, and in a short story that you can read here, portrayed the Red Otters as a basically defunct branch whose members may or may not exist, like a special operations group that has no official support from the home state. I imagined that this would give agents the freedom to make hard decisions, but also leave them on their own if they got caught/beat up/killed/etc. To that end, I’d like to position Hathaway as a recurring good guy to your bad guy. The Sherlock Holmes to your Moriarty, the Captain America to your Hydra, the Inspector Zenigata to your Lupin III, and so on. Keep in mind that the point is not necessarily for Hathaway to succeed at arresting your character or destroying your organization (although I’d be flattered if you wanted to incorporate a stint in jail into your character’s development). By design, the chips are stacked against him, and he has no jurisdiction to, say, have a horde of law enforcement bust down your doors. But I wanted to create long-term scenarios where he’d have to join your organization and maintain his cover, waiting for the moment to strike. Or be one step behind your character as they attempt heists/assassinations/piracy/etc. There’s a lot of options! Breaking it down: Criminal Free Companies/Organizations: Hathaway ideally would like to target the “worst of the worst,” so in terms of limits everything is on the table. If your character is a member or the leader of a criminal enterprise, big or small, and you need an adversary, look no further. This might be best for “long con” scenes, or perhaps Hathaway eventually gets caught, leading to tense interrogations. Getting an entire FC to agree to a storyline like this would be amazing. Independent Types: Serial killers, master thieves, and the like. People who operate alone and maybe at random. Think lots of chases and fights. Others: If you have a different idea, or if you like the hook but aren’t sure if your character will work, let me know! I realize this idea might take some coordination and discussion beforehand. I’ve ran this idea in a few scenes with some friends in-game, and the most common feedback I’ve gotten is it’s “very ambitious.” But I figure people are hungry for long-term storylines, conflicts, fights, and so on. Contact Info: I lurk on Discord practically 24/7, so that’s the easiest way to contact me, at Hathaway Snow#9472. You can also ask questions right here in this thread, of course, or you can shoot me a private message. I'm also available in game as Hathaway Snow on Balmung (and by extension, the entire Crystal data center). I'm also looking for an FC of my own too!
  8. Quick Info: Gender: Male Race/Clan: Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon Age: 34 Height: 5 Fulms 10 Ilms Weight: 192 Ponze Marital Status: Single Orientation: Heterosexual Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Location: Ul’dah/Gridania/Kugane Occupation: Relic Seeker, Black Mage Thaumaturge for hire, owner of Relics and Rarities Personality: Years of study has produced someone of a rather patient demeanor who has learned to take events in stride as well as assess a situation with all the knowledge he has acquired, yet has also developed a bitter individual who has allowed said knowledge to become overconfidence to the point of his goals becoming far above his own head; threatening to overwhelm him. Jihl'a can be seen as a proactive character who chases after leads he finds to explore forgotten tombs, ancient ruins and dead cities with his confidence and sarcasm in full swing, whereas he becomes patient, understanding and knowledgeable the moment he attends to his shop. Negatively, his overconfidence may kill him, and his skill with magic may attract unwelcome attention. RP Hooks: Gridania and the Twelveswood: "You hail from the Twelveswood? Perhaps you've met my parents. Better yet, don't tell me." As a Keeper of the Moon, Jihl'a was born in the woods near the city of Gridania, a member of one such tribe. At a young age, his thaumaturgical ability had been discovered shortly after setting a tree ablaze while on an adventure with a friend. He was sent to Ul'dah until graduating with the Thaumaturge guild, where he has since visited Gridania from time to time to speak with his parents as well as attend to Relics and Rarities, the premiere relic appraising, studying and selling location! Know the shop? Heard rumors of the goings on behind closed doors involving rituals, voidsent or the like? Plenty of opportunity awaits! Ul'dah: Second Home for a Mischievous Youth: "One of the safest havens in Ul'dah is the Thaumaturge Guild. It's hard to be robbed or kidnapped when you have both teachers and students poised to use aetheric fire at a moment's notice." Perhaps one of his favorite locations, Ul'dah is where Jihl'a spent his youth and young adulthood. Much of his time was spent learning how to pickpocket as well as poking his nose into books to perfectly perfect his magical arts. Soon after graduating with the Thaumaturge Guild, he was granted access to the forbidden section, where his thirst for adventure truly began. He often returns now for business involving relics, visiting the guild to refresh himself and speak to his teachers, or simply becoming nostalgic to once innocent times. Have you seen him walking past? Perhaps you overheard his name while inside the guild? Maybe even encountered him as a child, his appearance somehow recognizable. Kugane: The newest addition to his services as a relic seeker, Kugane became the location of the first expansion of his business once rumors of eastern empires and tomes of dead magicks brushed past his ears. Quickly putting up shop inside the city, Jihl'a chased every opportunity given by a previous employer. Now that the deal has been long finished, perhaps there is still a location yet unexplored, a book unread or perhaps a piece of magic he still hasn't learned. Being the second location of Relics and Rarities, he often travels between the two to ensure both are running in top shape, his employees ensuring the gil is in constant flow. Old Friend, or Old Competition: Given his aptitude for magic, Jihl'a holds himself highly when it comes to the aetheric arts. He would claim there are few who would compete and would fiercely defend this opinion, claiming of stories where near death was a joke and the worst of threats bonked with his staff as opportunity struck. Perhaps it's all false. There is a potential his old classmates or even an old rival reacquaint themselves with him to prove this fact otherwise. Is he overconfident, or honest? Is there the chance both rip reality asunder or become friends that better each other? What I'm Seeking!: I'm looking for both contacts and friendship for Jihl'a, as well as work involving ruins or even reading a dusty old book. Should anything involve The First, I'd welcome a potential combining of knowledge to traverse the rift or even something already located in the shard. They may be short of course, but long term acquaintances are preferred. He requires a bit of socialization to realize there's more than the shop and his work. Events are welcome as are potential magic pupils and bouts. I'm happy to brainstorm! And if you're interested in learning a little more about Jihl'a, check out his RPC! https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Jihl'a_Wilzuun Anything Else?: I myself run on EST time and am available in game from 4pm - 12am on workdays and from 9am - 3am on off days! On Discord I'm available any time. Jihl'a can be both a fairly light character as well as fairly dark, so don't be afraid to ask about an idea you have. If you're someone curious about romance, I'll offer that while it's not something I seek for Jihl'a, it is a potential should the two characters work well together. I'm also looking for an RP FC, so if you happen to know of one you believe I may be interested in, let me know!
  9. Hello people, I'm looking for a long term partner for a generic roleplay. I'm on Crystal Data Center from Zalera. Take a moment to read and feel free to poke me here if interested! Note: I'm new to FFXIV RP, but not to RP at all. Full Name: Hollana Holyprism Nickname(s): Holly, Lana Age: 26 Sex: Female Race and sub-race: Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun Birthday: 8th of the 4th Umbral Moon Height: 64.3 inches Weight: 133 lbs Personality: Hollana is a friendly, curious and sentimental person. Appearance: Has a purple hair, a curvy face, blue eyes and an athletic body. Scars or other markings: Has a scar on her left cheek and a Miqo'te's mark over her face. Deity: Halone Marital status: Single Occupation: Adventurer, Bodyguard, Traveler, Messager and Mercenary. Hobbies and interests: A good joke, music, combat, study and friendship. Brief Bio: Trained to be as a gladiator since she was young in order to become a great mercenary, Hollana's new purpose is to discover what happened to her parents (Might add more later). RP Hooks: Ul'dah, fighting a beast, doing a job, or either learning anything that can be good or craftable. Also small groups or one person is the ideal for the rp hook. OOC Note: I hope to find someone willing to teach her almost everything. (Especially combat). Character's quote: “You learn more from failure than from success. Don't let it stop you. Failure builds character.” Preferred contact method: Discord. Ideal activity hours by region: mixed. Days available: Monday(6pm EST to midnight), Tuesday - Thrusday (9pm EST to midnight), Friday (9pm EST until whatever), Weekends (all day). Preferred RP platform: In game, but aside the time I mentioned earlier, I can rp in discord anytime. Preferred RP format: Paragraph, but I don't mind. I'm looking for: (fem pref) A dedicated Long term partner. The type of RP I'm looking for: Long term roleplay with progression among characters. I also would like to have someone as teacher. Also can be someone just like her, willing to learn with her and sharing their experiences. Romance is ideal for this long term. Brief intro of myself: Hollana is young and willing to learn everything she can, deciding to be herself a adventurer she seeks to explore the world of Eorzea along side someone. OOC Limits or Don'ts: I don't like gore, torture, excessive ERP, people emoting as my character reaction/feeling. No death and don't be disrespectful with me. https://hollanaholyprism.carrd.co/
  10. Re-Written OC A miqo with a troubled past and trying to move onto a better future. Gentle heart and feeble hopes Am open to in game and discord RP, available most times of the day and night and willing to RP just about any theme you can think of!~ Discord = Evil_Vixxen#0693 https://z-x.carrd.co/
  11. Hello! I have been away from FFXIV for a few months and very much looking to return. I have one main character that I tend to play. She is a rather small, and some would say cute Au'Ra. And basically I am seeking friends, lovers, family, anything. I am looking for people who are interested in making connections and helping me get back into the game. I am starting the character off as an overall 'blank slate'. Someone to help me get back into the 'groove' would also be nice! Anyway, my discord is Tamoko#1004
  12. Looking for someone who's up for some long term roleplaying, both through discord and in-game. I'm interested in a wide variety of topics and am ALL for very dark rp if that's your go to as well as sweet slice of life scenes. Someone who would be interested in a potential romance rp would be ideal but not required, everyone needs a best friend! The character I roleplay the most is Alvaeia Morvix-Bekkar (You can find her info here!) so take a peak and hit me up either here or through discord, Apatheal#3676. I'm around most of the time. Lets see if our writing cliques!
  13. To whom it may concern, As the title says, I am getting back into the RP Community, located currently on Siren, but that may change when the Server Patch comes out. Still, regardless of that I am looking for some long term roleplay partners. I already have a in-depth back story but I am always seeking out ways to expand on those. My Main Character, D'ullis Daitou is located on Siren, I have another character on Siren Ihma Daitou. Also I am aware that the Siren Rp Community is limited and small, but I thought I'd reach out regardless and see what I can find. So, hit me up in game! I am always open to talk to people about setting up story and interactions. Oh, also Ingame Wife will also be added, as I know they'll be interested in this too, so yeeeer. Warm Regards, D.
  14. Time Zone: EST Location: Balmung RP Methods: In Game & Discord How to contact me: Message me here or on Discord! (ThatGuySaysHi#8039) Looking For: Content Partner And/Or RP Partner (Platonic/Romantic In Character) RP Type: M/E/RP. Dark or Light Hearted. Pretty much all RP. LF-RP Ad Name: Corvus Bunansa Age: 35 Gender: Male Race: Hyur, Dalmascan (Midlander) Sexuality/Marital Status: Straight/Single & Looking Profession: Sky Pirate/Privateer Residence(s): Goblet, Ward 16, Plot 60, Room 1 / Goblet, Ward 17, Plot 17 / LB Apartment once it's decorated Backstory/Personality Blurb Corvus was born and raised in the Dalmascan Capital of Rabanastre. He was forced to grow up quickly, and began working at a young age. As he matured, he began to notice that working the bazaars and gathering was not the life he wanted. He wanted to be free. Corvus shortly thereafter began his path to become a Sky Pirate. After many years of effort and hard work, it all finally paid off. He set off at once to purchase his first airship and shortly after doing so, he took to the skies and never looked back. Corvus has lived a free life since that day. Every day is a new adventure for him. Everyone he meets is a new face, a new friend or new enemy, and every job pays better than the last. He is ever looking forward, the wind carrying him ever onward. Despite living his dream, he often finds himself wanting more and more, and doing whatever it takes to gain what he wants. Corvus's only true friend is his companion Hawk, Raz. He is never seen without the hawk. If Raz is not perched on Corvus's shoulder, he is flying high above, ever watching and protecting Corvus. Plot Hooks A Man On A Mission (FC Related Story) A strange Cult has been reported in Thanalan. Corvus has made it a point to track them down and learn what they are up to... A Lone Sky Pirates Life For...Us? (Personal & Romance Story) Corvus is a Sky Pirate. This life has taken him all over the continent and let him meet many people. Many of those people have either become acquaintances or enemies of his due to the path he walks. This life has made him very closed to those around him and he rarely opens up. Though he may act cold and distant to those he spends his days with, deep down he does care and will do whatever it takes to protect those around him. This always on the go life has left Corvus little time for relationships, leading him to shamelessly flirt with any and all of the opposite sex. Despite how he acts, his adventures have left him cold and alone. He is slowly find that he may want more than just friends, but years of living for himself has left a thick shell around his heart. As he looks out over the bow of his airship, he wonders if anyone can crack it. ♪Another Rabanastre Night♪ (Long Term RP Story) Corvus travels and privateers as an attempt to forget his past. The past where he took to the skies instead of facing the Garlean forces that bombed and destroyed his home, Rabanastre. After many years, he finally began to go back to the city and see what was left of his old home. He began to go back to "salvage", but when he returns he often has naught to show for his endeavors. Why is he really going back to his home? What is left there for him? Misc: Also looking for people to do content with. Not just RP. Both would be awesome! Mainly Looking For: Long Term plot driven RP and RP relationship building (Platonic and/or Romantic), as well as someone to do Content with due to my weird work hours.
  15. Recently transferred to Mateus so like the title says I'm looking for a long term RP friend. I'm mostly light with my RP but would like to get into the Heavier side and yes I'm open minded with more MRP. So kind of need a teacher. I'm a male Miqo'te still figuring out my character and if you feel you might be a fit please feel free to suggest you and i's role (siblings, assistant, protector etc.) New people are welcome don't care what lvl you are so running content isn't a problem. Also I'm a very active player.
  16. I. Basic Info Characters: Dark Falcon (Her self given name) Primary character: See above Linkshells: None yet Primary RP linkshell: See above II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): For me it is about Medium. I am quite ok with a about one paragraph though if I really get into an rp I do enjoy going further. I am not interested in single sentences for the most part though there are a few instances where it's ok. It really comes down to what my partner is looking for as I am extremely flexible in this regard. Views on RP combat and injuries: For this I think I'd prefer a lack of rolls with the exception of using them to determine whether or not an attack hits, but I always think it would be more fun to write combat instead of letting RNG decide the entire battle outcome. Temporary injuries are welcome though I won't allow my character to be permanently hurt outside of prior planned circumstances. This includes any new scars or handicaps. Character level won't be considered, nor PvP skill. Views on IC romance: Romance is accepted and encouraged. That and Smut. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Open to pretty much anything. Views on lore: This can be a touchy subject for a lot of people. This is something else I am flexible on as I take stuff on a case by case basis. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): "IC speech" is expected to be in quotes always. (Brackets) of any kind for OOC conversation. /say is IC only. III. Other Info I am looking for long term roleplay. It doesnt have to be long-term but that is what I am most interested in, if you just want smut that's fine too. Again I am extremely open to most things I just currently have no FFXIV rp partners and am looking for some to fill that gap Country: United States Timezone: EST Contact info: My Discord is Dark Falcon#1604.
  17. Well met! I am looking for an adventuring mentor for my teen Keeper girl. Having lived in Ul'dah for most of her life, she is ready to make her way out into the world, preferably as an adventurer. She is not especially skilled in combat but with the right training, she may become a formidable fighter at her mentor's side. I am happy for her to learn some physical combat but mostly want her to focus on eventually becoming a somewhat skilled arcanist/summoner. I do not require her mentor to be an arcanist/summoner. Essentially, I would just like my girl to be a type of squire for the mentor, taking care of little tasks for them, including cooking and cleaning, though be warned she is not an especially good cook! I do not mind if the mentor is kind or gruff. I am available for both in-game and Discord RP. My character is available on Mateus as well as Balmung. Please take a look at her wiki for more information about her: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Ki_Rin Feel free to message me here if you are interested!
  18. EDIT: My original post was grossly out of date, so I nuked it to avoid any confusion. A much more current character summary can be found here: https://wrex-rp.carrd.co
  19. Hey there! I'm looking for Roleplay contacts of all kinds, both short- and long-term, for my main character, Dayir Laurent. Dayir is on the Balmung server, but I am always interested in Discord RP, or even Google Docs. A bit about me. I have been roleplaying for many years, and currently work as a product designer on the East coast of the United States. My RP style tends to lean towards the heavier side; the sort of posts that go a little longer than a paragraph, and I enjoy descriptive, emotionally interesting roleplay. That being said, I'm more than willing to fit my writing to your preferred style. I have a long way to go before I consider myself good, but I enjoy writing stories and delving deeply into my characters. What sort of RP am I looking for? At the moment, Dayir is in need of contacts of all sorts. He is open to Romance, and there is very little subject matter that I would not be willing to touch on; darker themes are acceptable, as well as slower, slice-of-life, if that's more your speed. I love variety in my RP. It can be difficult to find a solid partner, so long-term contacts are extremely welcome, but not necessary in the least. In-game and Discord are both completely okay with me. I keep a solid frequency, and am very active in-game. You can find me online most evenings. Huge nerd, I know. Character Information: Name: Dayir Laurent Age: 28 Gender: Male Race: Au'ra - Xaela Profession: Explorer, Scholar, Collector, Adventurer for Hire. Residence: No permanent residence, but holds an office in The Goblet. Tumblr/Wiki: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Dayir_Laurent Brief Backstory/Personality Blurb: Dayir Laurent is, above all, a man who holds an abstract desire, somehow material and intangible all at once. The blood of adventure flows through his body, but that isn't it. A deep love of information, lore, and the stories that make the world sing covers his mind, but that isn't it. From deeper it stems, a driving, singular desire that tints every aspect of his struggle, his occupation, and his love. Dayir Laurent wishes for the things that no one knew could ever exist. A curious, focused gaze would find you from behind his spectacles, wondering just where you might lead him. And just what he can get out of you. Making his living as a collector and expert in the retrieval of priceless rarities and lost histories, he travels the world, diving into the most reckless pursuits at the mere mention of a rumor, a long career of danger and a longer waltz with death coating his world-weary body, comrades and combat both tinting his soul. He is both stoic and calm, and yet relentlessly curious, traveling the world and collecting lore and artifacts, several of which hang from his body as he walks. Plot Hooks: ■ If your character finds themselves dealing with the arcane, mystical or old, Dayir is likely interested in what you've got going on. ■ If your character finds themselves dealing with the arcane, mystical old, and illegal, Dayir is doubly interested. The things that society says are wrong are usually where the most interesting things happen. ■ If your character is a scholar, or a writer, or a bookworm. They have a lot to talk about. ■ If your character is interested in exploration, or finding new experiences, or simply needs to get out of their comfort zone, meeting Dayir could be a powerful experience for them. ■ If your character is looking for a traveling partner, Dayir is always glad to have company, and I love writing small adventures for characters. Contact Details: Discord (River#8158), or send me a message right here!
  20. First Request is for my main toon Altanii Iriq~ She is FC Lead of <NEST> aka Crossroads Haven!~ A Steppe Communtiy Hub where we try to provide a home away from home for all Xaela of the steppes Offering trade, work, a place to bring the family, brawler's pit, eatery and live entertainment! We try to offer a well rounded experience and a true full Steppes experience from family life to heavy combat! Tanii (aka The Tiny Terror or Momma Terror) Is a tiny lil Auri woman with a big heart and a firece spirit. Always looking to make friends and welcome people to her home to come and partake in the daily chaos that goes on there! The Nest (the company estate) is not open to just Xaela but all races and types of people and she and her members do their best to make sure things are kept lively yet safe for all that visit or occupy the property!~ Looking for RP FC allies to do events with both social and combat and even up for some little campaigns! We try to keep things Steppe themed but are open to anything as long as it is fun and a little chaotic!~ (DISCLAIMER: We are still largely Eorzean based as we are slowly making our way towards the Steppes both ICly and many of our members OOCly via leveling) https://altanii.carrd.co/ Tseren Qestir is a silent fellow with a big smile and an even bigger sweet tooth. Having earned enough gil to travel across the oceans and visit Eorzea he now is on a mission to try sweets from every major region across the world! What better way to do this than offering a courier service! He'll deliver your sweets to your customers in record time and in tip top condition with a big smile and no fuss! Just don't expect him to talk.....he will not use sign language or write more than his name and three words --Qestir Courier Service--. Using hand drawn and painted menus with sweets and cities skillfully detailed his customers are never left confused save for when they try to haggle and get a blank stare. Ever the gentle charmer Tseren is sure to sate all your sweet tooth cravings and maybe even give ya a hug as well!~ Looking for job offers and friends! Long term contacts preferred!~ https://tseren.carrd.co/ Lastly we have my cutie Jakha Ejinn. Timid and quiet he keeps to himself in the waters about Eorzea, fishing or just taking a relaxing swim. when not there he can be found tending to the plants and little ponds on <NEST> property or helping Tehpei Buduga in the kitchens to feed the quests and members. He is a quiet and usually shy boy but get him in a combat system and make him be social and you'll suddenly have a very snarky and grumbly young man on your hands! Also, don't get too close.....he bites!~ Looking for a long term mentor to help him with his SCH abilities, and friends as well!~ https://jakha.carrd.co/ Contact: Reply here OR ping Evil_Vixxen#0693 in discord the profiles are also posted to Mateus RP Hub Discord & Mateus RP Community Discord
  21. After burnout in GW2 and WoW, I have decided to try my hand again at FFXIV with a new start on the Mateus server. This seems to be a good choice as I have come across and been involved with some good roleplay in the three weeks I've been on Mateus. I am an experienced RPer and open to most RP however, keep in mind that I am new to FFXIV and its lore. That said, I am looking for more - for that elusive dream of complimentary characters and players of similar style and standards with a desire for long-term RP and meaningful character development. Below is a little more about me, the player, and what I'm looking for. For a more detailed look, see "Rising" in the player directory. Style: I try to have a flowing and adaptable style, something in in between 'rapid-fire' and 'multi-para' posts. I love detail but I don't like to be buried under it. I like to paint enough of a picture that those I'm RPing with have a (fairly) clear idea of what's happening but are not overwhelmed by the minute details. However, sometimes a quick comment or short emote is all that's required to progress the scene. I like to think that I am sensitive to the situation and adjust accordingly. Standard: Even though the FF world is high fantasy, I prefer realism. I prefer characters that are not The Warrior of Light. My characters are normal people that have battled through their circumstances with character and conviction. They've suffered loss, learned lessons, been broken, made mistakes, been redeemed, stood their ground, lost their way, won some and lost some, they've persevered. What my character is, and what I am looking for, are realistic characters - beautifully flawed. Connections Desired: I'm looking for the whole experience really. I know that no one person can provide that so, ideally I'm looking for group of folks that will be able to mutually contribute to each other's story and character development. Mature and/or dark themes welcomed. Availability: I play every day and am usually available in the late afternoon and evening. My character is a Raen female named Tenmei Kaen. She's a wanderer and could conceivably be most anywhere, though lately she's been around Gridania. I can move her but I have to come up with a legit character reason to do so. You can read a little about her on her page in the wiki. What I'd like for this character: Companions - She's been alone for a long time and really misses having friends. Adventure - She has a love for exploring, for seeing and experiencing new things. Challenge - Always looking for personal growth, learning new skills and perfecting old. Significant Friendships - I think it would be neat to have the opportunity to develop a deep friendship with someone. That's something she's not had before as her itinerant lifestyle didn't really give her the time to commit to more than superficial friendships. Romantic Relationship - Another side effect of the itinerant life is that she's never had a love interest - or at least not one that's had a chance to blossom. Possible RP Hooks: She was an itinerant healer in northern mountainous region Othard. Her route took her through the mountains and along the northern reaches of the Azim Steppes. Perhaps your character is a Raen or Hyur that lived in one of the villages she visited or from one of the Xaela tribes that traveled near the foothills. She spent several months with a Dataq tribe. As a healer, she is always keen to learn of local remedies and ingredients. She has a marked preference for natural remedies. As a healer, she is trained in conjury and interested in learning more. She a fondness for animals, and particularly for chocobo's. That's all I can think of right now. If you're interested in the characters meeting, you can contact me here, in game (Tenmei Kaen) or on discord RisingWolf#7518.
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