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  1. Hey everyone! If you're wondering whether I'm still around, the answer is almost always yes. If you can't find me in-game, I check Discord frequently at Hathaway Snow#9472.

  2. I've been getting back into the game recently, so I'm bumping this thread. Yes, I'm still alive, still looking for RP, and still available on the same data center and on Discord. Please don't be afraid to reach out!
  3. I'm in-game right now, and of course online on Discord. Don't be afraid to shoot me a message or /tell!
  4. The relevant ad on Making Connections is up, direct link here. If you enjoyed the story or think the idea is intriguing, don't be afraid to reach out!
  5. Hey everyone. Hathaway Snow is a young male Miqo’te who has established himself as a fairly competent Adventurer and officer in the Twin Adder. He’s also a former prostitute who has rubbed shoulders with numerous people who aren’t very nice. For Shadowbringers, I wanted to take that experience and refocus him towards an ambitious idea: infiltrating criminal organizations with the intent of disrupting them from within. If this sounds like it’d be really hard, you’d be right. Looking through the Encyclopedia Eorzea, there’s a very small mention of the Red Otters, a unit of the Twin A
  6. I originally wrote the above story here on Google Docs as a way to update Hathaway's story for the new expansion but also to introduce several supporting characters. To learn more, you can read his wiki page right here. The Red Otters are listed officially in the encyclopedia and elsewhere, but as far as I know there's no mention of them in the actual game. So I took that concept and ran with it. This is just a self-contained thing, but I appreciate feedback!
  7. New Ways to Die ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There was a knock on the door, and Vorsaile spoke without looking up. “Come in.” Hathaway entered his superior’s office, which was dark save for the light streaming in through the windows to his right. He closed the door, taking a second or two to watch the Elezen scribble something down on the sheet in front of him and then slide it over. “Commander.” “Captain.” More
  8. Hello hello! Wanted to give out an update for people who might check this out over the next few weeks. I'm currently working on refocusing Hathaway's story for the new expansion, but there's still a lot I want to do and the launch in is a few days. Ideally I'll be on here more often to respond to threads/messages/etc. as this all comes together.


    Same as before, I'm almost always on Discord at Hathaway Snow#9472, even when not in-game.

  9. Hello! For those of you wondering, yes, I'm still alive, and I still play regularly on Balmung. I'm planning on posting more here, but in the meantime, feel free to contact me either in-game or at Hathaway Snow#9472 on Discord.

  10. To anyone wondering, yes, I'm still alive! I've just been more active in game and on Discord than on this site. A lot's happened to Hathaway in the meantime, and I've finally reached the Heavensward content. I'm hoping to access the SB expansion within the next few months, but we'll see. Either way, Hathy's story has taken a few surprising turns and directions, so I'm always interested in expanding his circle of contacts. My Discord is always open at Hathaway Snow#9472 if you can't reach me in game, want to chat privately, if you're on a different server or can't get online. If you
  11. I'm still very active in-game and enjoying fleshing Hathaway's story out with multiple players, but more is always better! Again, Discord is a great way to contact me, at Hathaway Snow#9472, if you're having trouble with the servers or can't get online. I do roleplay on there as well; unless something crazy happens, everything that happens to this Miqo'te is canon, and if I'm not playing with you at the moment then I'm referencing stuff that happened with your character in other roleplays. In short, nothing's inconsequential. I don't bite, drop me a line!
  12. Ah, interesting! I could see them working well together. I'll shoot you a friend request so we can chat. @TyconRue - I do both, if you want to RP via text you can send me a message on Discord at Hathaway Snow#9472.
  13. A little bump, and also a quick update; I have a more sex-driven ad on Darknest for those of you who are more inclined towards that sort of thing. If you're not, then welcome! You're in the right place, as I'm always looking for new partners.
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