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  1. https://akirahokage.carrd.co/ Hello! I put most of my stuff in my carrd, but kind of more details I'll put here! I'm a literate RPer that uses mainly my discord! Its just easier for me to answer and get notifications on. I've never RPed in game, simply because I've never had one before! I've played all the way through Shadowbringers but i'm still learning the lore! I love OOC talk too! About our characters, plot, all that. So message me if you have any questions or want to plot together!
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    Hello! I've been playing FFXIV for maybe 8-10 months now! I've been a literate roleplayer for probably 10+ years, but this is my first MMO RPing experience. I'm on Crystal Coeurl and I love my tall elezen boy I main healers and the occasional dancer, though DPSing in not my forte. I love minions, mounts, and glamours! Its nice to meet you!
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