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  1. Oh no! I wish you luck in that case, just like irl the situation is shitty >.>
  2. I'd suggest maybe putting the characters pronouns in your Search Info thingy where you can edit your icon above your head. Unfortunately those sorts of things can become difficult, perhaps even have your character have a sort of reaction to those people when they mistake themselves? Like "hello My name is this. don't let my name fool you! I'm actually blabla" if that fits them
  3. What it says on the tin Character Name: Kheda'a Zhwan Server: Behemoth - Primal LF: Anyone interested, In-Game RP Romantically interested in: Men or Masculine Individuals Personality: Curious, Excitable, Uneducated Character Reference: https://sffxivrp.carrd.co/#khedaa Short Summary of Character: A man who mostly grew up in the wild, Kheda'a struggles to fit in with normal Eorzean society. However much he lacks in understanding and knowledge, he's quick on his feet and ready to defend those he calls friends or even friendly company. Hooks: -In a non-forest area, can look out of place or nervous around modern day buildings or people - Doesn't understand most societal aspects, may approach curiously or have way too many questions - Looks up towards Hrothgar's as if they are "pack leaders", may approach one in high respect and make conversations Can be more combat based RP, casual RP, romantic RP, Adventure RP and the like Contact: PM here or Swain#0626 on Discord
  4. ffxiv_28042020_083657_868ggggggggggggggg.pngkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.pnghjjj.pngKheda'a with his "official" look

  5. Character bio's now on this carrd i made 

  6. Character bio's now on this carrd i made 

  7. No need to ever change your FC. And yes you can! At a main city (limsa, gridania, uldah) you can visit another world (server). however some things like retainers will be unavailable while you're in another server.
  8. That's fine! I'd be more than happy to RP with you sometime. Not necessarily related, but If you're looking for a FC RP group that runs events, I could recommend the Lucky Sevens on Hyperion. It is catered to a more adult crowd if that isn't your scene, but its definitely a lively atmosphere. Even if you dont want to be apart of the FC, it's not bad to come along and RP in a huge crowd (though groups are quite overwhelming at first with how quick the chat box can scroll) Plus lately there seems to be more people running RP events that advertise in party finder.
  9. + Bump, fixed up some text, changed title, added more up to date pictures.
  10. Just posting some glamours to post to reference. The most default one is the one in the black Ao Dai





  11. If you'd be willing, I wouldn't mind RPing over discord paragraph style as my character is on Primal - Hyperion. I would be off and on if this works for you, at the least one reply every 2 days or consistent replies depending my schedule. If it was to be in game that timeframe would lessen, unfortunately. If you're interested I'd love to hear back! Here's my character: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Aizen_Fimbulvetre
  12. Hello! Looking to find some people interested in RPing with my character. Basic Info Characters: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/index.php?title=Aizen_Fimbulvetre&action=submit Aizen Fimbulvetre Primary character: ^ For RP Purposes Linkshells: Primary RP linkshell: II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium? Like a paragraph or two Views on RP combat and injuries: I dont mind, though I wouldn't have it as the main focus Views on IC romance: It can happen, if its to build it with a good prompt Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Not family/blood bretheren. Can do mentor/teacher/friendship or whatever tho Views on lore: Using it as a base, can change it here and there Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Would prefer Forum/Discord paragraphs. Or in game /em III. Other Info Country: Australia Timezone: AEST Contact info: Here or Discord Swain#0626 or ingame Aizen Fimbulvetre @ Hyperion Some things to consider: DOES NOT HAVE TO BE IN GAME!! My character is based on Hyperion, if we can meet cool if not thats ok! You ok with off and on replies? My schedule and body is always in a loop, but I will be able to reply at minimum once every 2 days. Please be patient and don't expect a reply at any given hour! Would prefer romance with a male character, or something light hearted with a female character. Doesn't have to be canon to your character or lore-compliant! Would prefer if typing on a closed forum, and using Discord or even brackets in the post for OOC. Gotta communicate yaknow? If you are also on primal, I will sometimes be attending Hyperion's RP FC events Lucky Sevens! Would hope you're of age, as I am over 18. Just as a precautionary to make everyone feel a-ok!
  13. My response on your other character post also applies to this character Good lads!
  14. Heya! Your character seems quite lovely, I would be interested if you are still. My char is a xaela aura man, middle range height. I am based on Primal, however if you dont mind paragraph every so often RPs on discord or on a closed Forum i would be down! And ofc ooc included. If you are particular in wanting a response in consecutive time frame, I'm prob not your man. I am somewhat off and on depending on my schedule, but I'm always happy to reply whenever i get the chance with OOC thrown in! Would love to do some build up romance or adventure with a bit of connection building or something of the sort :3 Character: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Aizen_Fimbulvetre Discord: Swain#0626 Dont worry too much on my characters history, I'm still kinda getting a feel for him.
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