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  1. “I would sample them firsthand…and you will indulge me.”
  2. “What? You thought ancient beings like us incapable of crying?”
  3. “Oh, don’t look at me like that. You for whom I have only the highest expectations…”
  4. Can I love a character before I've met them?
  5. Examples of full color busts I'm offering!
  6. Line art commission done of a friend's DnD character~
  7. Another one, this time of my Viera, Nel!
  8. Me: -aggressively taking notes- Oh man, that's good info! I'd love to RP a road trip or adventure to reach a destination. That'd be fun!
  9. Hello and welcome to my art dump! Most of the artwork featured here will be FFXIV related with occasional pieces from other game material. My commissions are currently [OPEN] Styles include: -Sketch -Colored Sketch -Line art -Colored Line art Modes include: +Headshot +Half body +Full body I have 4 slots available. PM me for prices! Thanks for stopping by. Cheers~
  10. Oooohh that's so interesting. I didn't know the Garleans aren't able to manipulate aether at all. I guess that WOULD explain their fascination with magitech. Huh. And yeah, that makes sense. I was sitting over here like, "So why are their still chocobo caravans when aetherytes exist?" but that would explain it. I imagine that fee to travel gets pretty hefty. Lord knows it does in game, lol. YES, I love that there are in depth questlines for each crafting job! Makes it that much more fun :DD
  11. I. Basic Info Characters: Yuma Yokai (Raen Au Ra - Male), Rashont Villsoix (Duskwight Elezen - Male), Petra Sohva'a (Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te - Male) Primary character: Yuma Yokai II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I'm flexible! My schedule is light and I'm usually around, so I can do anything from short snippets to novels. Views on RP combat and injuries: I will not flinch away from violence if the situation calls for it, injuries included. I won't write deaths unless the plot demands it and that would have to be planned out ahead of time. Views on IC romance: Romance? Yes, please. All of my characters are currently single and their needs range from flings to committed relationships. If you think one of your characters has a chance, feel free to give it a go. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): All of my characters are brand new and in need of background buffing. That means friends, family, enemies, you name it. And if you have a character who needs a friend, family member, or enemy, I'm more than happy to help fill in the gaps. Views on lore: Seeing as I only started playing this game two weeks ago, I'm very new to the lore of the game and therefore am very flexible. In general I like to stay as lore compliant as I can, but I also see merit in bending the rules to chase new ideas and plot. If you're not sure, just ask. I'm pretty chill. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I'm not clear on how linkshells in this game work, but in other games, I prefer to keep my writing contained to PM or party/group chat. I'm not comfortable RPing in public settings at this point in time. Small groups are fine. III. Other Info Country: Timezone: PST Contact info: Discord- Morgan#6358, supernova-ffxiv.tumblr.com, or you can reach me in game on Yuma Yokai (Balmung) Currently, I'm looking for RP partners that are up for long term RPs. Anything plot and relationship driven, I'm here for. I've written in paragraph format in the past and I tend to be a committed partner willing to write whole novels at times. I'm a mature writer and can ERP if the situation calls for it, but this right is usually reserved for a partner who I'm comfortable and familiar with. You probably won't get smut out of me until we know each other better Feel free to add me on discord! Cheers~
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