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  1. A chara sheet for Godmund. If you're interested in receiving a sheet like this for your character, send me a PM~
  2. Godmund, my warrior of light. He's bashful u__u
  3. “It should have been me.” _____________ My warrior of light, Godmund Mountainsong. The hands reaching for him? Those of his dead partner, one of the warriors of light, lost in the Calamity. He can’t remember her face or much of anything at all. Just the empty, aching place where she used to be. The flowers are Gladiolus, which represent strength, honor, and resilience, all traits he admires and tries to embody.
  4. Lady Haurchefant! Lady Haurchefant!
  5. Hadn't done a screencap study in a loooong time. I had to make it Ardyn, of course. Obviously. The choice was clear.
  6. “But Trickster,” you say, “Asahi is right out of gourd insane. He’s a mess of a villain and you should despise him for the horrific things he’s done.” I hear what you’re saying, I do….but….hnnNNNNGG PURDY
  7. -Bad Guy by Billie Eilish plays muffled in the distance- His throne? Not the same one upon which he sits in game BUT it is going to be an antique chair….antiquated much like his royal behind. Anyways, I’ll probably shade this because I’ve already come this far.
  8. A dump of studies and doodles of Emet because I love him almost as much as he loves a good nap
  9. It was absolutely necessary to do studies of this man’s face. Please, don’t ever put that stinky hood and goggles back on, Urianger.
  10. Example of a bust commission, featuring my WoL, L'aboh
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