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  1. Another bump! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! Still looking for contacts and I've yet another character in the works to add to my roster lol
  2. I can't say for others, but in my experience I have seen a few RP FCs on other servers outside of Balmung and Mateus, such as in Brynhildr, Coeurl, and even Goblin. That being said, the amount of RP FCs on servers such as these is- and again, in my own experience, not nearly as much as on the big RP servers. Taking this into consideration, RP FCs and people are definitely there, but you'd have to really go looking for them.
  3. Hi welcome! Great to see another RPer join the site. Hope you're having fun with the game and hope to meet you IG sometime
  4. Hey there hope all is well. I saw your post and wanted to offer RP as well. I'm currently not part of an FC but I have a Mi'qote bounty hunter and a Dalmascan swordsman if that's what you're looking for lol. I'll post their info down below and you can contact me ig with my characters' names, here, or on discord @d0vahk1n#1502. Hope to hear from you and stay safe! https://reveltia.carrd.co/# https://johangrieve.carrd.co/#
  5. Hey welcome glad to see another RPer! I saw your carrd and like the concept of your character. I've two characters myself that I RP with mostly: one's an outlaw bounty hunter and tracker, the other's a former rebel fighter who's turned to mercenary work; I'll post their info down below. If you're interested you can message me here or on discord @d0vahk1n#1502 Again welcome to the community and hope you have a blast here and IG! https://reveltia.carrd.co/# https://johangrieve.carrd.co/#
  6. Bump! Know it's been awhile but have finally made a new character along with my other one. Hope everyone is doing fine and staying safe during these times https://reveltia.carrd.co/# https://johangrieve.carrd.co/#
  7. Hey welcome back! Unfortunately I dont know alot about the Phoenix server but if you're looking for any places to RP I would recommend Crystal, as that has been the most amount of consistent RP I've seen happen. I'm sure you can also find other players or communities to RP with on the site here. I myself am always looking for RP and people to RP with so I'd be glad to help with that if you're ever looking for some. My discord is d0vahk1n#1502 you can hmu there or IG. Good luck to you and hope you find what you're looking for!
  8. Hey welcome to the community! Dont worry about being new because all of us were there at one point. Just play the game at your own pace and enjoy what it has to offer, trust me it's quite the experience. I'm afraid I don't much about the RP scene in Coeurl but if you ever have questions or are looking for RP I'd be glad to help if I'm able to.
  9. Welcome to the site! Hope you're finding what you're looking for and having fun doing it . If you're ever looking for RP or have questions about the game, lore, etc. I'd be glad to help if I'm able
  10. Bump! Still looking for contacts and will be adding another character to RP with in the near future
  11. Viera are found both on the First and the Source. Like the other races they go by different names in the First; Viis I believe. Not sure about their society in the First, but on the Source the majority of them are a reserved bunch, keeping to the forests and jungles, though according to the lore, some among their number have ventured outside of their settlements. If you want more information you can look here https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Viera hope this helps you out!
  12. Hey there, first let me say welcome to the site and ffxiv! I read your post and just wanted to say you're not alone. While I can't relate to having autism, I absolutely know the feeling of being shy and afraid of interacting with others, out of fear of being embarrassed or rejected. But the community of this site, and the game itself as a whole, have been extremely helpful and welcoming to other players.They don't mind helping or showing new players the ropes when it comes to RP or just questions about the game in general, so you don't have to worry about that. We all had to start somewhere, a
  13. Hey there welcome to FFXIV hope you're enjoying the game and lore. Always happy to see a fellow RPer. If you're ever looking for someone to RP with I'd be glad to help out with that. You can contact me here or on discord @D0vahk1n#1502. hope to see you IG and again welcome!
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