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  1. Hi Ligzuzma welcome! Here is definitely where you can start looking for RP. Ig, best place to go looking for RP is in the Crystal server, specifically Balmung and Mateus. Hope that helps
  2. Bump! Finally added two more characters to my roster. Took awhile with the leveling and character building but got it done! Any critique or helpful suggestions please feel free to offer! Especially for my Hrothgar, that's new territory for me PS: cards are a WIP but will be adding pictures and more over time. https://gehrt.carrd.co/# https://ulfhedin.carrd.co/#
  3. Update! Been awhile but finally added two more characters to RP with along with my other two.
  4. Hi welcome ! The community in my experience has been very welcoming that being said if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask them.
  5. Hi and welcome to the RP community. Something that helped me when I first began RPing was basically to immerse yourself in the world and really think about your character. For example what are their hobbies, what do they excel at, what they're hindered by? What are their drives, their faults? I know that's alot in one sitting but you can just take it one step at a time, at your pace. Just think about the type of character you want to play as, and start from there. What also helps is learning the lore of the game. There are tabs I believe on this site dedicated to discussing/learning abou
  6. I. Basic Info Characters: W'revald "Revel" Tia, Johan Grieve, Gehrmaunt Chasseur, Ulfhedin Wiracsch Primary character: N/A I play all pretty equally though I will admit I enjoy RPing Revel a bit more Linkshells: N/A Primary RP linkshell: N/A II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium-Heavy Views on RP combat and injuries: Can do roll or ffa, don't mind either as long as it's at a controllable level. Injuries, permanent wise anyways, would have to be discussed beforehand. As far as perma-death goes, nay. Views on IC romance: If the
  7. Welcome to the community! Glad to have you
  8. I had this same problem when I first started with carrd, and with making my own characters' backstories as a matter of fact. What helps me is that I like to have a general summary of my character's story: their past, and what they may be up to now. You don't have to go into major detail about it, just strike the key points in your story that you feel are important for the reader to know. All the details in between you could leave up to interpretation to come up potentially in any RP you do. As for what kind of RP you're into and the topics you don't like, or the ones you feel others might not
  9. Another bump! Still looking for contacts for both my characters but currently seeking some particularly for my character Johan. Links for both can be found above or below. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe https://reveltia.carrd.co/# https://johangrieve.carrd.co/
  10. Welcome to ffxiv! Always glad to meet another RPer. I hope your time here and ig is awesome and fun
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