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  1. I finally think I know enough about the game to write my first stuff. Might give it a try on Sunday (as I'll be in a field all through Saturday until Sunday midday)

  2. So after 5 and a half years of owning this game (seriously, it was added to my Steam library on 24th Jan 2016!) I've finally decided to jump in. Reasons for doing so is I've been watching ActiBlizz ruin WoW over the past decade or so and Shadowlands / TBC monetisation was finally the straw that broke the camel's back. Seen a lot of people talking about quitting WoW for Final Fantasy XIV and talking high praises about the game, so here I am. So who am I? Been RPing in MMOs and on the tabletop for over a decade. In terms of MMOs I started with World of Warcraft (started in vanilla, R
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