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  1. Thanks for responding, I'll be sure to look you up.
  2. Hello again! Just wanted to put out a call for friendly people to rp with. Things at my fc have been pretty slow rp wise, due to people having lives. I understand, how that is hehe. But most of Mimi's friends have found romance, or are busy with other things. So if you are up for some social rp or want someone to adventure with, of possibly a love interest, don't be afraid to stop in and say hello. Thank you for listening.
  3. Hello! Mimiko or "Mimi" as everyone else calls her is an ex party girl trying to transition into adulthood somewhat. She's looking for more friends, people to laugh with, adventure with and a possible romantic interest. Mimi has had a enough of the party life for the most part and is looking to settle down and enjoy a more honest and innocent lifestyle. She still has quite a bit of growing up to do, and is looking for people who could be a good role model. Any inquiries can be sent through here, i believe I have it set up to alert me when I get responses and such. Thank you!
  4. Hello, My name is Mimiko, but most people just call me "Mimi". Some have called me "Pinky" come to think about it, and a few drunkards have called me "Cmerepurtygurl". I know this seems odd but I am currently looking for some friendly people to hang out and maybe do some adventuring with. I am an entertainer by trade, not the kind that trades gil for sex.. Im the kind that sings, dances and plays music. Ive been finding myself to be in the lack of company, and its been getting to me. So hopefully, some of you might actually take the time to read this and come say Hello.
  5. Working on getting my RPC wiki updated. Its been awhile since Ive worked on it, but Im still around most nights (EST) for RP!

  6. Hello, I haven't been on much for awhile, and have recently been able to log on more. Since the last expansion my friends list looks pretty much like this (Unable to Retrieve), sadly those were the role-players I use to rp with. I would love to find more people or groups that would like to include me in some rp. I can rp most nights after 8pm eastern, due to me working full time, being a mother full time, and a full time wife. Mimiko RPC Wiki if you would like to know something about Mimi. I can be reached through messages through here or you can contact me through Discord at
  7. My character Mimiko Miyuki is friendly for the most part hehe. She could always use more people to talk to and hang out with.
  8. Well, my character Mimiko Miyuki is pretty friendly to people.
  9. Hey I don't have one of those IC linkshell thingies! And I have that Discord thing now.
  10. Hello Jace! Im in your FC
  11. Ive been very busy lately but have managed to draw something new. Hope you all like it. [/url]
  12. Hello, Lately it seems like my friends list is a ghost town, and Im looking for more friends for Mimko. My play time is limited since I have a 10 month old to look after. She's been pretty good about falling asleep around 8pm Est. Thats when I usually get the chance to log on. But sometimes she does wake up and I will log out, but I will notify if she's being fussy. hehe. Since I don't know when I will have to go, I don't normally level combat jobs anymore, which leaves non combat stuff and rp. So if you see Mimiko roaming around and want to say hello, she is very friendly.
  13. Hello there! Mimiko here , entertainer extraordinaire! I am currently looking for a new residence in the area of Mist. My current place of residence is quite lonely its been quiet here for quite a long time. Im looking for a place in Mist because the Goblet is way too hot for my tastes, and I really don't like going to the Lavender Beds for reasons I'd rather not discuss. I think I would be a good fit in a place full of friendly fun loving people. When Im not working I can help with day to day chores or I would be good as a greeter. Other than that I would spend my off hours making use
  14. Thank you all for the responses. Im usually try to be on (If Im able) around 7pm till about 10pm Est. But in reality its been whenever the baby is sleeping or the hubby has her. hehe.
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