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  1. Just glad you're doing better! The image turned out amazing, and my partner loved it. Thank you again, Ayaka, and stay healthy, dangit!
  2. Name: Hibari Shirogane Type of Service: Romantic Gender Preference: Happy with either. Brief Description of the Character: Hibari, still in her early twenties, has spent most of the last six years training herself, with the aid of members of the Conjurer's guild, and a team of Doman refugees, in both the arts of Conjury and Rogueship/ninjitsu. Unfortunately, during this time she hasn't had the opportunity to meet the one! This Starlight, she wants to meet a new friend, and see what happens.
  3. Bumping this! Yes, ladies and gents, the grand opening of the Lominsan Star is TONIGHT! Grab your friends, grab your gil, and come have some fun!
  4. What server is it on: Balmung Housing Area: Mists Ward: 9, Subdivision. APT. 75 Owner's Name/Who to contact: Jajaruka Talaruka / Liara Lia Title if it has one: Lominsian Star What the purpose is: Tavern Open times: Currently not set, though can be open by request.
  5. Never really thought of a voice reference for Jajaruka. Gunduin, however? David Draiman. Not sure who that is? Have a song! u9Dg-g7t2l4
  6. Guilty pleasures, huh? Gunduin likes to cook. many who know him know this fact.... What few people realize, however, is that his pleasure lies in his baking. Pastries, to be precise. Jajaruka really, REALLY likes his rum and sex, and often the two together.
  7. Always looking for new contacts, and as I typically work overnights in CST, morning RP is always good. Plus, always available for discord/skype/RPC RP. I run 2 mains, and 2 I'm still fleshing out. Let me know if you have any interest.
  8. What server is it on: Balmung Housing Area: Lavender Beds Ward: 5, Subdivision. Room #47 Owner's Name/Who to contact: Gunduin Banedriver What the purpose is: Gunduin's home and office. When is it open?: Whenever the door is unlocked, though usually by invitation.
  9. A thought in this is something I did in Warcraft. While my in-game achieves, or at least minor ones, may have SOME impact on my character, they never defined them. IE: My paladin was IN the battle for Icecrown, but was he in teh front group? The people that actually took down Arthas? Nah. He helped hold back the scourge and forge a path, but never saw the throne room. He can tell stories for days about what the interior looked like during the fight, but couldn't give one detail of what that main fight looked like from experience. On the other hand, my rogue has the achievement for taking down Onyxia, but ICly was nowhere near her cave when the group went in to confront her. If someone came up to me and told me they were in that main group against Ony, I'd take it with a grain of salt seeing as I wasn't "there" to see who was or was not in the main battle force.
  10. Will have to look you up sometime! It's always nice to make new allies in the adventure that is Eorzean life!
  11. Why thank you! I use only the finest Eu de Ruins in my spelunking and adventures! (Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jajaruka's wife. )
  12. [align=center]I'm currently on the search for more contacts and adventures for my Highlander, Gunduin Banedriver. [/align] [align=center]Gunny is an easy-going, friendly individual with a knack for ruin exploration and cooking, and a love for all things fishing. [/align] [align=center]I've been kind of an RP funk with him as of late, and hope to change that with some new friends, allies, partners, and possible romance. Feel free to message me here or in game for questions, roleplay ideas, or simply to say hello![/align]
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