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  1. Always willing to run into someone through travels or by whatever means. See if anything clicks sorta thing. Plus, I love overconfident twats. I'm also one that likes to discover through RP, so... *thumbs-up* Welcome back to Balmung! It missed you~
  2. Always willing to throw my miqo'te at others if they'll have him. I have a pretty shit work schedule, but always down for RP when I'm on. Feel free to poke at me in game or on tumblr if you have one! S'where I check for messages mostly nowadays when it comes to RP. Possible Plot Hooks: - Casual! Ruen loves drinking, smoking, and just all around enjoying the peace or bustle of time off duty. Certainly could run into him that way~ - Working... Never a problem here! Ruen is a liaison (of sorts) for a company (of sorts) and is always looking for contacts for him and his associate's expanding circle! Whether she's looking for work herself or is need of assistance gathering information or the acquisition of supplies or what not. (might open up some possibilities on her hunt for her past) And hell, non-rp-related: if you're still leveling, would love to join up for whatever duties you need help with as well! And if you have any questions or need any help with anything else in game, I would do my best to assist. o7
  3. Never too-many fun-loving characters out there. And always happy to meet more half-bloods. If your friend sees a Ruen Nocs out there, don't be shy!
  4. Potential hooks could be: - Hired helps for the clinic, I am planning to host some opening hours now and again. - SKIP. - Potential costumers - As he's been called, Ruen is a bad-luck catte. He seems to get into trouble a lot (and I swear to the Twelve I am not looking for it). So! Goblet based--why, Ruen is also stationed in the Goblet! So perhaps he can drop in every now and then. - Suppliers (Herbs mainly) - On the flip side, Ruen works well in the field of acquisition and if the topic of work ever comes up, he may gladly offer to become a provider for herbs or whatever materials she may need (as long as she provides pictures or a description because if you start spouting off names of medical supplies, he may just loft a brow at you). - Professional connections - Would depend what this entails, but Ruen is associated with a business himself called the Red Crows and they can do pretty much anything for a price (aka: mercenaries). - Shady connections (Drugs and such) - So I know a guy...
  5. Heck yeah! He's actually a better hunter than fighter, so that would work just fine (hell, if it was just to hunt, he'd do that shit for free)! I'm making a sticky note of names, so I'll try and add yall when I'm online and hopefully work out something from there.
  6. [align=center][/align] Hey there! This miqo'te here is looking for work! He does well regarding stealth and reconnaissance, acquisition of supplies or materials, and ranged combat (support)! If you have any use for this guy, would love to get in touch with some people for some RP! He needs gil! (As always, please do not expect to be paying real gil by any means; making some contacts and having a fun time RPing is reward enough!) In game name: Ruen Nocs How we can meet: I mean, I'm pretty much open to reasons. Easily enough, if it's possible he just heard about you or an association looking for hires from someone (PC or NPC), he'd probably pop in and ask for himself. Another option is technically Ruen also works for a 'company' called the Red Crows. The Red Crows take contracts and assignments from individuals in need of said assignments completed. Can always play off that character/whoever sent in a request and he can just show up whenever the time comes that you need him! What kind of jobs are you hoping to get? As long as it's not a request to the assassination of small children or innocents (judged by his own two eyes), then he's pretty much open to anything! Even mundane work! He travels LOTS and if you need him to cross two cities to get you a bag of some special-brand of popotos, by the twelve--and I mean, he may look at you funny, but--he will do it! (as long as there is incentive *rubs thumb and forefinger together money-grubber style* AGAIN, DON'T -ACTUALLY- PAY REAL GIL.) Availability: I work 47 hours weekly, and admittedly only have dedicated rp time Friday evenings starting from 5pm CST through Saturday to 2:30am CST. I mean, somewhere in there I need sleep, but otherwise can have however long of sessions needed or wanted! If not those days, I have about 2-3 hours depending weekdays after 5pm CST and Sundays after 7pm CST--as long as we plan beforehand so I can be ready as soon as I get home! Contact? You can message me on tumblr (link below) or on here! I tend to check tumblr more, though I will try to do better at checking messages daily. Thanks for reading and considering if you did!
  7. Welcome to Balmung AND HRC!
  8. I'll only bite a little. Welcome to Balmung and HRC!
  9. Ruen

    Dia dhuit!

    Haha, welcome to HRC! It's pretty cozy here. Well, if your character needs some work, keep a look out for Ruen on the streets; he'll be happy to lazily persuade her into taking on some jobs.
  10. Seeking cranky mage for booty duty. Interested? You look interested. Is that a dagger in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Or is that a hand... doing the middle finger or... A-are you about cast Fire 3 on my ass or are you just---AHHHLBLKAJRKLJKLJGLKJK*blowntosmithereens*
  11. Yo, welcome! I can definitely vouch that Balmung is great for RP. Super active community--can seriously find RP happening around the clock it feels like. For me, it was certainly worth the transfer from Siren. If just to escape the ten bazillion gold sellers. Even if you don't though, the forums are just as active; people are very responsive and ready to help with any questions you may have, IC or not.
  12. Thought I'd add a bit to this and get some insight on what OTHERS thought of him (cause it feels odd labeling my own character), so I poked at a couple who RP'd with Ruen frequently and asked them to describe him in a word--to which I'd attach a noun of some sort. Mine: Loyal Lackey Theirs: Cheeky Comrade Easygoing Entrepreneur
  13. I'm actually REALLY sad that he is not actually the main character (I mean, he is technically, but we don't see him), like, it'd be cool to have him actually in the game doing all the cool stuff and my 'WoL!character' just as like, a friend to him or something/be support character MSQ wise. TIRED OF BEING FORCED TO BE SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE IN GAMES MAIN STORIES. O-oh... well... /endofkindofunrelatedresponse Uh, as far as the topic, I agree with the main points of most posts, aka: 1) Do what you have the most fun with/you're free to play how and who you want, 2) don't expect too many people to want to associate if you do go WoL, but don't let that stop you if you really want to [just don't force people to respond to you or godmod], 3) fap in private.
  14. Oh damn! Ruen's a mixed blood too *HIGHFIVE* I can definitely provide some short bursts of rp; if your character ever seeks work for herself, Ruen can certainly help with that. Plus, he'd definitely be down making contact with someone of higher status; there are opportunities there to be had... *rubs hands together*.
  15. A tavern in the Goblet? A tavern that actually looks like my character could afford the drinks there?? SOMETHING THAT LOOKS NATURAL TO THE SETTING?! No, seriously, digging the wood interior; makes it look cozy! Count me in. As long as I'm not working, I'll definitely be checking it out Sundays. Might visit on not-Sundays as well *cough*
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