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  1. Grindstone #291 complete! Congratulations to Binxi Saphe on his second victory!
  2. Hey I remembered to update the thread this week! Last week's victor Rhoa Yhisa turned up to compete this week but was quickly struck down by the curse! Lo and behold, the instrument of the curse would then go on to win the whole tournament as well. Congratulations to Ylva Ironfist!
  3. Another night, another Grindstone! The final bout came down to two new faces, but ultimately only one of them could emerge victorious! Congratulations to Ceresa Blackburn!
  4. The second Grindstone of 2019 is all wrapped up! Tonight saw 60 fighters line up for a chance at victory and when all was said and done, we had only one fighter left standing! Congratulations to Xiscys'a "Feather" Juun! (I lied about having pictures this time)
  5. New year, new resolution to keep the thread bumped! I sadly don't have any pictures because I forgot to set up new folders and they errored out on me, but hey! Last week saw a fairly successful end of the year FIGHT AUCTION NIGHT and tonight began the new "season" of the Grindstone! Congratulations to our first new winner, Joyce Blythe! ...next time, more pictures.
  6. https://kotaku.com/final-fantasy-xivs-player-run-tournaments-embrace-the-f-1829911284 Feel free to read into this, I sure as hell have. (If this is the wrong place for a topic feel free to shunt this wherever is best appropriate.)
  7. Annnnnd we're back! Despite going a bit quiet over the summer the Grindstone has continued to run each and every week. Last night marked the 257th edition of this event and we're happy to present Binxi Saphe as our newest winner! Binxi's no stranger to the event and was finally able to climb the mountain. Hooray!
  8. Two weeks left until the next Fight Auction night, taking place on July 7! Congratulations to tonight's newest debuting champion, Arin Tayuun!
  9. It's normal to wait a few weeks between posts for a weekly event, right...? Anyway! Congratulations to Freyja Odinsdottir, Livicette Rillemont and Rokuro Dataq for their victories! For some reason I don't have a shot of Freyja, but here's our other two recent champs! In other news, we're happy to announce that July 7th will make the return of our semi-annual Fight Auctions! I'll put together a new thread with the details, but it will largely operate the same as the previous ones, where people can bid gil on who their first opponent will be. As al
  10. What's this?! The Grindstone managed to end before 1am?! Unpossible! Oh, but it IS possible, and thanks to new champion Kira Mura we're all able to go to bed at a reasonable time!
  11. Hey, the thread's being updated again! Last week's Grindstone saw Evening Fist repeat his previous victory, making him one of the rare few to not only win multiple times, but to do it in back to back weeks! This week we crowned yet another first-time-fighter as our new champ. Congratulations to Temujin Moks, who won the night with a giant suplex!
  12. Tonight's Grindstone is in the bag! It's been TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY WEEKS since this thing began and we're proud to crown the newest champion in Evening Fist who finally takes home the title after numerous tries. He had to best multiple promising newcomers to do so, and to be honest we all expected one of them to take the whole thing! nepotism
  13. I'm curious how one becomes obsessed with primals when summoning doesn't exist yet. Are you homebrewing primals, or primal-equivalents? The answer's really easy if so: You have the DM throw some boss fights at you and you absorb their powers Mega Man style. There are hideously overpowered beings floating around in the old eras but I'm not sure they'd be considered a special class that people would be trying to utilize. Crystal Tower shows an example of it, but considering it's Cloud of Deathness, that's not really... the norm. Really, I'm just interested in the campaign
  14. Verad's correct, there isn't a player consensus. Lore-wise, Eorzea knows The Void is bad. If words gets out to the public someone's corrupted by Voidsent, that means calling whatever authority is nearby and letting them handle it. At best, the Ossuary cleanses you. At worst, you get buried real deep in the ground.
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