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  1. Warren Castille

    balmung The Grindstone - Saturdays at 10 PM EST (9 PM Central)

    It's normal to wait a few weeks between posts for a weekly event, right...? Anyway! Congratulations to Freyja Odinsdottir, Livicette Rillemont and Rokuro Dataq for their victories! For some reason I don't have a shot of Freyja, but here's our other two recent champs! In other news, we're happy to announce that July 7th will make the return of our semi-annual Fight Auctions! I'll put together a new thread with the details, but it will largely operate the same as the previous ones, where people can bid gil on who their first opponent will be. As always we'll also be allowing people to bid on the ability to fight Grindstone staff, so everyone who wants to fight Judge, mark the date!
  2. Warren Castille

    balmung The Grindstone - Saturdays at 10 PM EST (9 PM Central)

    What's this?! The Grindstone managed to end before 1am?! Unpossible! Oh, but it IS possible, and thanks to new champion Kira Mura we're all able to go to bed at a reasonable time!
  3. Warren Castille

    balmung The Grindstone - Saturdays at 10 PM EST (9 PM Central)

    Hey, the thread's being updated again! Last week's Grindstone saw Evening Fist repeat his previous victory, making him one of the rare few to not only win multiple times, but to do it in back to back weeks! This week we crowned yet another first-time-fighter as our new champ. Congratulations to Temujin Moks, who won the night with a giant suplex!
  4. Warren Castille

    balmung The Grindstone - Saturdays at 10 PM EST (9 PM Central)

    Tonight's Grindstone is in the bag! It's been TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY WEEKS since this thing began and we're proud to crown the newest champion in Evening Fist who finally takes home the title after numerous tries. He had to best multiple promising newcomers to do so, and to be honest we all expected one of them to take the whole thing! nepotism
  5. Warren Castille

    Researching summoning.

    I'm curious how one becomes obsessed with primals when summoning doesn't exist yet. Are you homebrewing primals, or primal-equivalents? The answer's really easy if so: You have the DM throw some boss fights at you and you absorb their powers Mega Man style. There are hideously overpowered beings floating around in the old eras but I'm not sure they'd be considered a special class that people would be trying to utilize. Crystal Tower shows an example of it, but considering it's Cloud of Deathness, that's not really... the norm. Really, I'm just interested in the campaign fluff.
  6. Warren Castille

    Void-touched Characters - General Community Consensus?

    Verad's correct, there isn't a player consensus. Lore-wise, Eorzea knows The Void is bad. If words gets out to the public someone's corrupted by Voidsent, that means calling whatever authority is nearby and letting them handle it. At best, the Ossuary cleanses you. At worst, you get buried real deep in the ground.
  7. Warren Castille

    Balmung RP, is it dying? Has it changed?

    49, 62, 71, 31, 54, 39, 31, 40, 42, 49, 48, 38, 46, 50, 33, 41, 50. We're doing just fine.
  8. Warren Castille

    balmung The Grindstone - Saturdays at 10 PM EST (9 PM Central)

    I'M BACK BITCHES Grindstone 239 in the bag! New winner: Zegram Wolff!
  9. Warren Castille

    balmung The Grindstone - Saturdays at 10 PM EST (9 PM Central)

    Long time no see. I'll be reposting our winners for the past couple of weeks as soon as I'm able due to some IRL absence. In the meanwhile, long-time healer and supporter Lucerna Sainahs has written a thing! Feel free to read it. It's a general primer-style guide for tournament RP!
  10. Warren Castille

    Partyfinder: Roleplay Advertisement - Would you?

    Don't advertise but do check for advertisements. Works out pretty good for me thus far.
  11. Warren Castille

    Xaela RP & Racism

    It's not about being "better" it's just experience. For better or for worse, you will never be able to satisfy everyone's expectations. Play your character the way you like, be prepared (or even expect) people to tell you how you "should" be playing it, and carry on. As soon as you begin writing your character to satisfy other people... They're not you. Don't do that.
  12. Warren Castille

    Xaela RP & Racism

    In the aftermath of the MSQ, Dotharl seem less inclined to fight anything that moves and more inclined to fight anything that gives them prestige. There is a huuuuuge difference between "fight that guy in the bar who looked at you in a way you deemed offensive" and "Fight Brock Lesnar because he's fucking terrifying." Anyone playing the middle ground of knowing Au Ra tribes? Probably meta-gaming; If you dwell in Eorzea 1) what the FUCK is an Au Ra and 2) What the FUCK is with their last names? Roleplayers suck. Don't mind them.
  13. There's a non-negligible amount of people who roleplay pregnancies and children without actually wanting to, you know, roleplay pregnancies or children. Parenting is a full time job and in my experience, most folks trying to throw a rugrat into the mix are just doing it for flavor or attention. Warren's met a lot of new parents who adore their tyke for a week or five and then the kid is an afterthought. As far as what you can do? Involve it as much as the players do. If there's a magical absence of supervision because your players don't want to have the burden of actually thinking out their actions and the consequences? Fly with it, just pretend the kid doesn't exist. On the other hand, contract killers would have a reputation, and if there's a plot available for, say, kidnapping said babu? That's a lot of character growth and a rewarding experience once all is said and done.
  14. Warren Castille

    So I got my RP identity stolen by this guy...

    I'm curious about this. I know the no-call-outs rule but... This is sort of unprecedented, right? Someone's allowed to flag outside pages and say that's not them, right? I mean, imagine if the mod group here suddenly had a tumblr of graphic ERP being posted on the daily. It's okay to point out that's not the source, yeah? Edit: That is, in fact, exactly what was pointed out.
  15. Warren Castille

    Runestone/Invitational/Magic Tournaments in general

    You're fine. I was conflating what you said with what I've seen other people say and it wasn't directed at you specifically, just the point. There's a lot of people who don't quite understand how burden of proof works and wrap themselves in the safety blanket of "well they didn't say I CAN'T do it." Ain't no rule dogs can't play baseball, you know? Caveat: Most of my experience with that sort of thing was from ways back and I'm pretty sure most of them don't play anymore.