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  1. Last eve, we welcomed a total of 15 mages to the bloodsands - where only 1 would emerge victorious to claim gil and glory! Please help us congratulate yet another inaugural winner in Z'attano Naweh, who crushed her competition in some rather.. unconventional ways! She was a rising star for Episode XXXIV: What a Pigsty!
  2. After an extended hospital stay, I return to give a double update for the past two tournaments! On the 3rd, we had a total of 18 mages show up to strut their stuff - with Cerise Maythilos claiming a second victory in Episode XXXII: Kingdom Hearts! And on the 10th, we had a total of 16 mages join us for an early Valentione's celebration! By way of fireballing one another in the face. Truer love one can scarce find! Our winner last week was a first time champion by the name of Tracy Powell - please congratulate them on their victory in Episode XXXIII: Miniature Hear
  3. Last eve saw us gathering together alongside 15 mages for a night of fun and legally sanctioned explosions! Blue Fever continues to grip some of our competitors, which made for a truly rousing tournament to view! Yet as always, only one could move to the top. With that said, please congratulate Aedwen Tyrer on her first tournament - and her first victory! Using a unique combination of conjury accompanied by blue magicks, she trounced the competition in Episode XXXI: Perfect Blue!
  4. My friend and I also attended, the owner simply was having trouble with her game - it was loading so slowly that it took her 10 minutes just to get past the title screen, and another 5 to get through character selection. She did show up not too long after it was supposed to open.
  5. Last eve, Spellstone saw a rising total of 24 mages come out amidst the Blue Fever to sling fireballs, lightning bolts, and even aetherial needles at each other for gil and glory - but only one can ever rise above the rabble! Please help us congratulate Gogonji Gegenji on his inaugural tournament and first win! Using a unique twist to the arts of Summoning, Gogonji fought 'til the last to claim his victory in Episode XXX: Equilibrium!
  6. Last eve, Spellstone began with a total of 19 mages ready to fight for honor, glory, enjoyment, and... well, money. Who doesn't like money? Only one could rise to the top and claim the championship title, however! Please help us congratulate Khugurchin Malqir on her inaugural entry and subsequent first victory! She showed competitors the true power of a Xaelan mage last eve in Episode XXIX: Rowena's House of Splendors!
  7. Last eve, Spellstone rung in its first tournament of the new year with a total of 20 mages coming out to strut their stuff - and a new face to take home the championship! Please congratulate Khi Relanah for her first ever Spellstone victory, in her inaugural tournament no less! She dominated the competition last night in Episode XXVIII: Sticks Out for Parambe!
  8. Though we've not quite run for an entire year, yesterday Spellstone saw our final tournament of 2018 come and go. It's been a long ride, with ups and downs on all ends of the spectrum - but we are still going strong, and doing our utmost to provide a fun environment for mages to show off and learn within. We can't thank our supporters - new and old - enough for all of the dedication and patience they've had with us. Without all of you, we wouldn't have gotten this far. Here's to another great year of Spellstone. Last eve, we saw a total of 16 mages lining up to ring in
  9. With the Starlight Celebration truly drawing near, Spellstone staff and participants gathered together for one last tournament before the festivities begin - which is like to see a number of us far from Eorzea's shores, visiting family and friends and tearing open brightly-colored twinkleboxes of our own. Last eve, we saw a total of 12 mages join us at Fesca's Wash to sling jolly spells and festive fireballs at each other's faces - but only 1 could ascend to the top of the Starlight Sentinel and act as the shining star! In a stunning comeback victory, Garron Durieux pulled out a se
  10. Last eve, Spellstone briefly shifted locations - instead of our dear and beloved rock, staff and participants made a long, grueling trek through the Coerthan wilderness to converge within Behemoth's Dominion. A change in scenery meant to coincide with the season currently upon us - what better way to get into the Starlight spirit than be freezing one's bollocks off and flinging snowballs at each other before the tournament? Sadly Fortunately, there were no Behemoth sightings. We did, however, see a total of 18 mages journey with us through the frozen northern lands, with 1 rising above the res
  11. This eve, we welcomed a total of 14 mages back to the bloodsands to sling spells for coin and prestige - with a single star shining brighter above them all. In a stunning third victory, Oliviae Svenay continues to show her growing prowess as a mage and walked home with some fiery loot tonight in Episode XXIV: In Crimson It Ended!
  12. ( Finally can update after imgur issues rip ) Last night we saw an uneven number of mages line up to fight for gil and glory - and with that, one of our own decided to step in and even things out. Though getting on in years, tonight our resident Geomancer and judge took the brackets by storm to show all these youngsters what-for. We at Spellstone would like to give a hearty congratulations to our staff member and friend, Aidou Mierqid, on his astounding victory last eve. He showed that even age can't stop raw magical power, in Episode XXIII: Rakshasa Rockin'!
  13. Tonight saw an otterly fantastic lineup of regulars and new competitors alike, with a total of 14 mages lining up to compete for a pricey pouch and sur-prize. Please help us congratulate Oliviae Svenay on her second championship! She continues to grow and improve through trials and tribulations, such as today in Episode XXII: Otterly Fabulous.
  14. Tonight saw a total of 17 mages lining up on the fields of glory - with one rising victorious above the rest. In a stunning display, Dorados Dawnbreaker won round after round to finally claw his way to the top! Give him a round of congratulations for a superb victory in Episode XXI: Final Fantasy Fish Festival.
  15. Tonight we saw 13 mages show up to strut their stuff - and bet on their first round matches in today's Nadaam-themed fundraiser. Thanks to all generous donations placed as bets tonight; know that the money goes directly to funding future Spellstone gil rewards and potential sur-prizes. After a grueling match, S'honji Hayakawa emerged victorious in this week's Episode XX: The Azim Steppe.
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