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  1. Bump, doing some rebuilding and a fresh round of recruiting
  2. We are still around, and beginning a fresh round of recruiting yet again
  3. [align=center]*Posted about the various city states, and on bounty boards* "Do you seek, Adventure, throughout new and prosperous lands?, Do you seek Treasure, travelling into deep, dangerous, and dank pits for treasure long thought lost to the ancients?, Do you seek to hunt great beasts, for the glory and honour of having bested said beast, or do you merely wish to work on an Airship?, The Broken Blade Mercenary and Adventuring Troupe may just be the group for you"[/align] [align=center]OOC info[/align] [align=center]Broken Blades is a somewhat new Free Company of Monster Hunters,
  4. In Game Theme(s): Adventurer's/Explorers/General Contract Work FC/LS Name: Broken Blades Website url: bb-rp.enjin.com (underconstruction/revamp) Contacts: Valirelia Hirano, Nataru Hirano, Glibbibbi Bibbi, Yasashii Yukikuma, Lumina Qalli, Zinneera Yukikuma, or Shira Qalli Housing: The Rusty Anvil- Hunting Lodge/Adventurer's Guild, Headquarters Plot: Lavender Beds, ward 5, plot 24
  5. Wow, I spaced on this one, Broken Blades are out in force however, come on down to the Drowning wench, and meet some of our ragtag group of adventurers, monster hunters and fascis. . . Maelstrom Officers
  6. Broken Blades would love to sign up, and if we can we'll snag one of the Drowning wench spots
  7. Name of establishment: The Rusty Anvil Type of place: Tavern, Adventurer's Lodge Location: Lavender Beds ward 5, plot 24 Date/Days/Time open: every other Sunday 7:30-11pm CST, and by IC request (See list) Contact persons: Valirelia Hirano, Zinneera Yukikuma, Nataru Hirano, Yasashi Yukikuma, Kukuri Teteri
  8. Welcome to Balmung, newcomer
  9. Welcome to the Fold, newcomer
  10. running a little late but we're starting this thing in roughly a half hour
  11. Considering Houston weather, this is obligatory [video=youtube]
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