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  1. Ah, interesting. I have heard of people using dice generators but have never done it myself. It is too much out of my control.
  2. One of the first things I often get asked by newer roleplayers is where they should start with their character backstories, personalities, or if I know of any good character sheet templates. Ash’s Guide to RPG Personality & Background is by far the most complete character sheet guide I have ever found. The personality aspects it makes you think about are quite extensive. Some folks hate creation systems and prefer things to be more organic and that is lovely if that is how you like to do it! But for some, they enjoy the perspectives that detailed guides make you consider when you go
  3. This is always a fine option. If you are very shy, actually writing a shy character can help provide an out for you to actually have them act shy. Shy hooks are still hooks. And the opposite is also true, namely, trying to create an extremely outgoing character to force you to fulfill their personality and get past your own shyness. But the former option seems to work the best for me.
  4. Saiden

    So New ~w~

    I am as new as you, but I will say welcome anyway! Welcome! :bouncy:
  5. Sorry for the second post, but someone else mentioning grey area made me wish I had included it in my previous one. I think that is why so many people can feel iffy about the term "villain." It may bring to mind dastardly scoundrels whose only aim in the world is to eliminate life itself or cause absolute chaos at every turn - those kinds of characters rarely work in MMOs. But if one is willing to redefine the term villain or drop it altogether, then the shades of grey are able to enter in. You are able to have cads, ignoble thieves, noble thieves, arrogant zealots, too far gone anti-her
  6. In my past roleplaying experiences, I have always found this approach to be much more successful. Stereotypical boss-style villains tend to get boring fairly quickly because the arcs can never be resolved if it is someone's main character - nobody is going to allow their character to be killed permanently, so it just turns into trading vigorous monologues. "You are evil!" "Yes, yes I am." "We shall stop you!" "Nay, I shall behead your stepmother!" Having personal villains or antagonists always seem to allow for much more interesting storylines. Maybe a slew of other PC's do not view the p
  7. I am still new around here, do we know when the expansion is coming? Or is it just Next YearTM?
  8. I did not see a thread like this and every forum needs one! :bouncy: If there is one and I missed it, feel free to whack this one. BS46C2z5lVE
  9. Hai! I am interested in this FC, is there someone I can send a mail to and ask some questions about Unity? Thanks! Saiden
  10. Saiden

    Um, hi.

    I suppose I never had that feeling in an MMO. I played WoW many years ago for a brief time purely because so many offline friends started playing it, but I had a hard time getting into it. It was not my setting, my style, or writing I enjoyed. There tends to be very specific styles of fantasy that I enjoy, the genre as a whole is very hit or miss with me. For example, I do not watch Game of Thrones but I just read the first book because people would not stop pestering me about it. I found it dreadfully boring - obviously, this is not a reflection of Martin or the work itself, simply a preferen
  11. Hai! I have no idea what to say in these posts. So. Hai!
  12. While I am new to ARR, in my past roleplaying experience people tend to vastly overestimate the consequences if something goes wrong when they try to put themselves out there. There are a lot of roleplayers. There are a lot of opportunities. If you put yourself out there and try to involve yourself with a certain group of people and they react poorly, guess what - there are many more groups out there. There is no roleplaying community in games this large that have authorities you must get in good with in order to continue roleplaying. Nobody can shut you out, no consequence can deflate all
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