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  1. Good morning all. It's with a heavy heart and even a tear that I post this. I have made the difficult decision to cancel my subscription to the game. I won't lament the reasons, aside from that I am not happy with the content lately and that the cost justification cannot be made when I am logging in less and less anymore. I may be back in time, but I think...for the best...I will be logging off for some time. I will still poke around here and become that lurker I used to be and even post when needed (I'm looking at you Zhavi as I know I owe a post), but for the most part, I will be a quiet observer. For my Ruru and Melodia, it's been fun. And maybe I'll be back in game someday. Maybe so.
  2. As she watched the scene unfold, the stumble and the wounded woman before she felt a sting of an emotion she thought she'd never feel for this one: pity. The small blade and the bleeding limb....how in her own mind had she created this crafty devil that was so elusive and yet in reality...she was just a person with flaws and weaknesses like she had. She maintained her stance and shook her head. "Ah down with it already....no Jacks're comin'...not for th' two o' us." Her next words came as someone who would let fate decide. "Put the blade away...so I can do the same...I jus' want t' sit an' have a drink f'r love o' th' gods."
  3. Melodia let out a sigh, shaking her head which was still a bit rattled by the cords having been toppled onto her. She noted the blood...could smell its freshness and she gestured with the sword. "Drop th' blade...an' put that coin away. Hells I don' need yer money." She nodded to the wound. "You're hurt...drop th' blade and let me get you out of that. But know if ye try anythin'...I'll slice ye open and ensure the Jackets find yer corpse later." She waited a beat then followed with, "I ain't anglin' f'r a scrap...I think ye an' I past tha' stage anymore."
  4. The crash surprised Melodia but she'd been trained. She knew this one better than Kink had assumed. Taurin, her old mentor, was in her thoughts at that chaotic moment, voice sure and calm. "You have her...relax and take the situation in hand." She extended her blade toward the fallen woman and she hissed. "I don' want your coin and put that knife away 'fore it winds up somewhere that'd do harm." She was breathing heavily and she let out a small frustrated shout. "Gods damn it woman! Ye make it nearly impossible t' even talk! I'm no' tryin' to take ye in....or run ye through. I will if I need t' do it but I. Simply. Want. T' TALK!" Her voice was angry and she was breathing hard but... She couldn't help but smile. The entire moment was insane and she hadn't expected to see Kink again, let alone here. So it was absurd....and yet she smiled because of it. And because it reminded her of her youth. For the first time in a long time....she was a kid aboard the pirate vessel again.
  5. The woman was impossibly fast. She'd always been slippery and as Melodia watched Kink leap atop the stack of crates she cursed. "No! No' again!" The knife came into view and she knew there was a real danger for her. Of all the time she'd encountered and pursued the wily Miqo'te she'd never once had a weapon drawn on her. Until now. When the bolt of cloth was kicked down upon her, she let out a scream of frustration and as she moved to dodge it as best she could, knowing she was going to take a hit, she swung her blade hard against the crate. Her voice was a near growl of rage. "Down here ye slippery lit'le bitch!" The words were harsh but she was no longer in the mood for games with this one. The prey she'd obsessed about for moons was in her grasp and she was not letting her escape into the winds again.
  6. Because saying it with that little emote look and then dropping before the last boss and not allowing the tank to even reply is a dick move that's why. I didn't realize so much more was needed for something to simply be a dick move.
  7. You can't blame people you've made bonds with for being upset that one party decided to snip those bonds. It's not their fault your actions hurt them. Editing my quote to try and make some point only confuses my initial one. The way you've written it makes it look like the hurt was malicious or intentional. The fact is, nobody owns each other's characters. if the owner of a character wants to kill off a character that's their prerogative. It's no different than someone lapsing their account and disappearing for months and months only to suddenly return. We're told in those cases to "adapt and try to find other rp." I say the same for folks who choose to have their characters killed. Act like an adult and understand that fictional character is no longer around and find new rp. EDIT: I really just like debating an interesting topic, that of characters vs relationships. *hugs Warren* I see his point as well.
  8. I have no issue with characters of mine dying. It's a risk in a world with Garleans, dragon wars, etc. Friends and other players might mourn but its completely unfair to end or damage RL friendships over fiction. It'd be like me seeing a movie or reading a book and being so hurt by the unexpected death of someone that I boycotted that story forever and the author of said story. Yes I know it happens, but doesn't make it right. Makes it stupid. *Hugs to McBeef for that happening to her*
  9. I actually don't want to enter as I have the items...just wanted to say how awesome Wayfarers is as an FC and Rini is fantastically kind....just really great people. *Hugs*
  10. The movements didn't surprise her. This one had always been a slippery sort, had gotten away like the wind itself had swallowed her whole at one point moons ago. So as she worked to evade her lunge, she believed it....understood it. What befuddled her was the seeming confusion expressed by the woman. She hissed and her hand trembled as the blade was outstretched. "Ye hush!" Her voice was as shaky as her hand, memories flooding back to the encounters in the Drowning Wench, how much a naïve fool she'd been back then. "Y-Ye hush...." Her accent was back in force as she was stressed, unable to focus as she normally did. "Yer gonna sit....an' we're gonna talk, Kink....ye an' I..." Bringing the blade closer, Melodia whispered, eyes narrowed behind her glasses, "An' I'm no' gonna take no f'r an answer."
  11. Okhi is such a wonderfully kind person, and fun to talk to. Everyone go see this Highlander STAT!
  12. Melodia


    Kudos to...the community. I don't rp with many of you...most of you. I see your names as I pass by and I note who is who and I often tell my son, "Oh that's so and so...they post this and that on the website." Or "Ah that's such and such...great person, and yeah I've had arguments with them but they are good people." I watch the rp as it scrolls by and...it makes the world alive for me. And for that...thank you. So many people I would love to meet and rp with still. Hopefully someday. Hopefully.
  13. I believe that's either the surprised or shocked emote. I know it...ears go flat, etc. but it's got to be one of those. I think.
  14. *Shyly raises hand* 1. Set of South Seas Chair and Couch 2. Oriental Bathtub 3. pair of Music Boxes 4. Fat Cat Minion Thank you for this Rini. Is such a sweet thought for the holiday.
  15. I think....I think I may drag my Melo to this. Good to get her out of that room of hers and meet people.
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