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  1. I've been on a three month hiatus from Final Fantasy. Recently, I acquired a means to start playing again, and I'd love to get back into the community and make some connections! I play a Seeker of the Sun miqo'te named Y'lani Kalihd. There's a wiki link to her profile below. I'm fine with any connections; I'm rather rusty to roleplay, but being previously a heavy roleplayer, you can trust me to uphold the fine line between IC and OOC. Knew me before? I'd love a refresher on our interactions! While I in no way expect the IC relationship between our characters to be the same, I'd love
  2. I don't know you, most likely because I've been on a three month hiatus for the past ever. However, I love your taste in character appearances. It looks like you put a lot of time into your characters!
  3. Still open as of 7:48 AM CST!
  4. We love you too! :reserved space:
  5. Y'lani is a sucker for a tan body, at least a little bit of muscle, and scars, since she wants her children to be as strong and as Jaguar-material as possible. Likewise, she wouldn't consider another Seeker with disparate eyes because she doesn't want her children to have the same "suspicious" trait. She also doesn't affiliate with the other races romantically for obvious reasons.
  6. Me again! Quick picture for Easter. And just now heading home!
  7. This couple is just the cutest. I vote we change the title of this thread to the eyecandy thread for... convenience purposes.
  8. ALLEN. Welcome to the RPC! We're glad to have you and your wit, and I have high hopes that you'll spice up my bland compliments with the occasional awful brilliant joke. Let's welcome a good guy with his heart in the right place, shall we? :chocobo:
  9. /heavy breathing/ I... I have an uncivilized, childish miqo'te partly inspired by Kyo (as well as Taiga from Toradora!, and many others + of course my own few twists and realism). If you're ever around 3:30 pm CST to 5:30 pm CST on weekdays, we should meet up! Otherwise, I get on at unpredictable times. Whenever I can get on, really.
  10. I'll personally admit to having this happen to me a lot. It's something I often mull over and try not to feel guilty about; I'll post on a Making Connections post only to see that they're never on when I'm on (ex: later at the American night) and I just can't keep up with the EU crowd and that crowd without pulling my hair out from a terrible lack of sleep. Not to derail the thread, but: do you feel like a "sorry" message is necessary in such a situation? Or is it better to let the other player assume? Hope this isn't too much of a necro. I'm still interested in what people have to s
  11. Kyrio has such a cute character! I'm almost certain Y'lani would pinch his ears and find some reason to ruthlessly berate him -- provided she doesn't hurt his feelings in the midst of it! :crosses fingers that he can take it: :chocobo:
  12. SM Nick is so friendly that he deserves a worthy nick name! Get it? wahaha... ha... ha. In all seriousness: SM Nick was a good "client" to work with when I did requests. He was patient and just a general well-doer. I liked that.
  13. Brianna is a stunning writer, and her character looks like an interesting sort to roleplay with. I think it'd be neat to have our characters meet sometime! They already have a mutual dislike in Makyn Loneseeker, and hop around in a few of the same circles.
  14. Welcome to the RPC! I remember when I was nervous to muck about in the community... ack, sometimes I still am! It gets much better when you realize everybody is friendly and as eager to meet new people as you are. Have a swell time on Gilgamesh! While I greatly encourage checking that site for events and connections with folk from your own server, we by no means seek to limit your stay here. Feel free to continue to post on this forum as much as you like. edit: my bad, phone doing weird formats again.
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