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  1. Selarian has a mighty fine looking Hyur character. And he's got glasses! :3 Instant win!
  2. How do they react, what do they do? If someone (could be anyone), out of the blue or unexpectedly kissed your character on the cheek, with or without reason, tell us the resulting scenario! Both IC and OOC responses welcome! :bouncy:
  3. So, if you take all the good things and all the positive things in the world, and you put them all together, they still wouldn't be a match for our lovely Aya. Aya = No negativity even exists, 200% best positivity and smiles!
  4. Ghostly is very pretty, and Ghostly is a mod, which means instant respect! *nod nod*
  5. Well, reading through all the comments now. ... Okay. So you want to RP and you want to raid. Do both! But here's the thing. Finding an FC thay will do both is rare. You will either have an FC that prioritizes RP, or you will have an FC that prioritizes raiding and progression. Because, to be honest, both of the things require a lot of attention and a lot of work. I'm not saying there are no FCs out there that do both, there might be, just ask around, use PF, Balmung is a big place, I'm sure one can find it. But expecting an RP FC to be progression based is a little unfair
  6. I can just tell that Marty is a true gentleman. I imagine him all regal and elegant like, like a knight in shining armor!
  7. Eleni is freshly squeezed orange juice, pure and sweet with a tangy punch or two in there and energetic and refreshing, once you're done with it, you're left with a big smile on your face.
  8. So I see Missy's picture in the RL picture thread and just by looking at it, I know without a doubt that she is sweet and happy! Also a lovely smile! It's awesome to have Missy on the RPC!
  9. Kellach is one of those people who has one of the most calm, cool and collected heads on his shoulders, and he can even come across as goofy when he wants to. I'm also very sure that he's also a amazing RPer, and that's why I really need to RP with him! Even though I haven't interacted with him much, and every time we've talked it's been very minimal and random, he is super awesome. All in all, Kell is a great guy, period.
  10. The Seeker girl took on a deep in thought expression. "Leah's Branches. Hm, I'm not sure I've heard of it." If it was even possible to see, there would have been a jumbled up mess visible in her head as she mentally argued with her memory to try and fetch anything that would lead to 'Beneath Leah's Branches'. She'd then grin sheepishly at Aya. "Jog my memory a little, Miss Aya? Traveling all over Eorzea kind of makes it difficult to remember some things." She frowned at the mention of Ul'dah. "Ul'dah... the desert? The heat and the sand?" Her ears drooped, her lips puckering into a pout.
  11. I've been thinking about this one for a while, but have been so lazy busy that I didn't put up this thought provoking little prompt. It's really quite simple. Your character meets the various protagonists of the FF numbered series! How do they interact with them, how do they behave, what happens, what goes on? You can pick one character for interaction or you can pick them all! Everything goes! For more funs, you can even write out a nice IC piece about it! Remember though! Main numbered series only, and protagonists only! So no side series, spin offs etc, and no sword lessons
  12. Then you should snuggle with Alothia Jr. and take a nice nap. :> This is very much me on a daily basis. I can't even begin to count the number of times I've set off up the stairs with a task in mind...only to forget what it was by the time I reached the top. :blush: I'm not even remotely close to being a mom in any aspect, and I still have this! But I wonder. Do dads have dada brain issues similar to mommies? Any dadas here that can confirm it? *stares at Warren* You have grandchildren (yes, I still go by the belief that Warren sama does indeed have grand
  13. Wanting to send a /tell to someone and accidentally hitting 'Invite to Party' Sending a /tell to someone and realizing it's not the person you were sending the /tell to. The second was actually funny once, when I mixed up two similar names and sent a /tell going, '[NAME]!!! *GLOMPS* How are you?', and the other person is 'HAI! I'm great! But I'm not [Name].' I felt like faceplanting on my desk. And then we asked each other how it was going and how was your day and stuffs, so it was all good in the end. ALL IS WELL THAT ENDS WELL!
  14. If CoroCoro doesn't have any new information on Pokemon Sun and Moon when it leaks... HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE FOR ANOTHER MONTH WAITING FOR NEW INFO ON THE GAMES?! I want to see the starters so badly... I think this is the most hyped I've ever been for a Pokemon game in ages.
  15. Eleni would chuckle at the mention of 'Mother forbid it'. "Well, parents usually tend to mark some things as off limits. And then you just want to do it even more! It has quite the opposite effect. It did on me. Everytime Nan said 'no' to something, it became an instant 'must do at least once in life', and then maybe more depending on how the outcome turned out." She snickered as she remembered some memories from her childhood. She tapped her chin with her forefinger and then smiled. "As for Gridania, and why it's so dear, I suppose it was my first step, my first home, all by myself. Aft
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