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  1. Eorzean Alliance Accession Ceremony for Ala Mhigo (4.4 spoilers) - Sunday 9th December @ 18:00 EST Together we have defeated the dreadful XIIth Imperial Legion and brought freedom to Ala Mhigo. Now we come together once more to celebrate the accession of our newly-liberated brothers and sisters into the Eorzean Alliance. This historic occasion marks the first time the realm is united and together in arms, poised to face the challenges of this tumultuous star as a single force. As the leaders of the five city-states are scheduled to meet in the castle of Ala Mhigo, the Alliance military will be hosting a ceremony for the free companies of Eorzea in the city below, inviting prominent adventurer leaders to show their support with rousing speeches and revelry! Similar to our very successful Ishgard rally two years ago ([1], [2]), we will be hosting a rally in the Ala Mhigan Quarter to line up with the 4.4 story events of Ala Mhigo joining the Eorzean Alliance! This event will happen in parallel to the corresponding MSQ sequence off-camera. With an opening and closing bard act, we invite prominent characters (preferably Ala Mhigan!) to come forth and deliver a speech, while the uniformed men and women of the Eorzean Alliance will stand in formation nearby. Come be part of history! Bards 1. Open 2. Open Speakers 1. Yvaine Athidrial 2. Rhuli'a Kanjun 3. Open 4. Open 5. Open 6. Open Alliance Detail Officers-in-Charge Immortal Flames - Second Flame Commander Kale Aideron Maelstrom - Storm Commander Sylbfohc Ostulmsyn O rder of the Twin Adder - Open Temple Knights - Baroness Hestia de Bayle of House Fortemps Ala Mhigan Resistance - Captain Beowoad Wyaadif, Resistance Cell 5 Join the Eorzean Alliance Discord here to get involved - https://discord.gg/U4Qpksw Please share the tumblr post here - https://4thcombinedbrigade.tumblr.com/post/179841090257/eorzean-alliance-accession-ceremony-for-ala-mhigo
  2. Few days late coming back here! I think we have yet to encounter this situation, but I like to think that the 4th will de-escalate without prejudice. The "Xaela Epidemic" (snrk, of sorts) has become a kind of interesting player-made ambience/storyline, and we operate on this notion that the Flames as peacekeepers are trying to uphold a better reputation than the Blades. Kale often approaches a situation "You would much rather deal with us than the Blades, trust me." That's great to know, thank you! I'll pass the well-wish along \o/
  3. Hello! I thought I should post in here since the 4th Combined Brigade engages with a lot of Xaela RPers in and around Pearl Lane when it comes to peacekeeping. I completely and utterly understand the paradox that exists with Xaela RP: 1) IC: Xaela tribal habits (especially in-fighting) would not be tolerated in Ul'dah. Racism is also likely, with little motivation to welcome tribal folk who aren't contributing anything to Ul'dah. 2) OOC: Ul'dah is the RP hub and thus new Xaela RPers would want to RP there rather than try to get to the gated Azim Steppe. There have been times when 4th peacekeepers have encountered Xaela RPers about to fight each other in Pearl Lane. IMO, that's a big no-no however one looks at it. The Brass Blades would probably cut them down in an instant. Typically, my lot will direct them outside city walls. That's the most common approach that we take. We have a set of commandments we follow that you can read about in the "Peacekeeping" chapter of our handbook. These commandments should make our approach clear! If you don't think we've been following them, do let me know!
  4. Punishing Balmung for the swarm of bots that appeared, I see. Welcome to those who made it. I invite you to our megaevents such as the recent Phi Slamma Gamma.
  5. Immortal Flames Garrison Blessing - Mon 12th March 20:00EST https://4thauxiliaryregiment.tumblr.com/post/171614451282/immortal-flames-garrison-blessing-mon-12th-march The Immortal Flames would like to invite all and sundry to the official blessing of Nanasha Garrison and Annex by the Order of Nald’thal. A new Grand Company regiment has recently established its base of operations in the Goblet Butte [11th Plot/Ward 16] and wishes to extend an open invitation to the Alliance military, loyal free companies, and adventurers to the ceremony. The regiment is hoping for the attendance of the Grand Flame Marshal as well. Drinks and light nourishment will be provided. In the interests of cultivating a transparent working relationship with other Goblet residents, guests are welcome to tour the regimental grounds freely to gain an understanding of the local military presence. An Order priest will then administer the blessing of the Traders, along with a short speech by the regiment’s commanding officer. Come hang out with us at plot 11, ward 16 of the Goblet at 8pm Eastern on March 12th as we officially “open” our Garrison IC! We are an Immortal Flames heavy RP group based out of the Goblet and are interested in meeting YOU! See our Tumblr for our past escapades. See you there!
  6. [align=center] [/align] Since the last days of the Dragonsong War, the Eorzean Alliance has been contesting the mysterious continent of Azys Lla in an attempt to wrest control from the Garlean Empire. However, the sheer inhospitability of what is widely regarded as the most dangerous place in the known world has made this a mostly fruitless endeavour. Until now. Both the Eorzeans and Garleans have detected an alarming aetherial disturbance in the Gamma Quadrant. Given the dangers and wonders of this forbidden land, neither side is taking any chances, and are rallying forces to investigate. What awaits them in those dark skies? A clash is all but certain! [balmung RP Event] The Eorzean Alliance vs Fustarium! Sunday, March 4th @ 8:30 PM EST in Azys Llas This is a joint RP event between the Eorzean Alliance and the Garlean Fustarium. We are accepting new members! Do you have a character that is connected to one of the Grand Companys? The Temple Knights or Dragoons of Ishgard? Or the Ala Mhigan Resistance? Then join the Eorzean Alliance discord: https://discord.gg/vQSfRay. How about you imperials? Come join the Empire at ((http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=20158&highlight=fustarium)). Questions and interviews are conducted by Araceli Caillen and Aegir Hlerson. Once you join your respective sides discord, we will give you information on everything you need to know, including where to meet up at the start of the event. (Please kindly reblog our tumblr posting! See you there!)
  7. Oh boy, as an LS/FC leader on Balmung, this entire thread gives me anxiety :lol: For us, because we're so niche in playing hardcore Immortal Flames, the lack of new blood is killer. I do hope that Balmung opens up again in the future. I love my guys and many of you have seen our achievements in running the Eorzean Alliance group, but I get all maximizing and think "But what if you could get even BIGGER and BADDER on Mateus?!". It's irrational on my part, of course.
  8. As some of you may know, the 4th Auxiliary Regiment has been facilitating a 4-week MSQ tie-in campaign, with great success! Check out our tie-in to the attack on Rhalgr's Reach, the crossing over Castellum Velodyna, and the assault on Specula Imperatoris! On Wednesday 9th August at 7pm EST, the finale set in Ala Mhigo will take place! We are looking for a GM to lead a party of Doman and/or Xaelan soldiers in the wider assault. You will be coordinated under the primary GM (Kale Aideron) alongside other GMs in a large-scale, multi-party event that's involved up to 4 separate groups thus far! Please message me here or add me on Discord Seriphyn#0337 if you're interested! If you are otherwise a Doman freedom fighter or Xaelan tribal warrior, we want you as well, to fall into the Far Eastern squadron that takes part in the assault! In addition, members of the Eorzean Alliance and the Ala Mhigan Resistance are sought after as well. Please note that this is military-focused event, and as far as Eorzean characters go, we have a strong preference for Grand Company soldiers, as you can see in our Tumblr posts. Uniforms included! Reach out here if you are interested in an invite to the Operation Rhalgr's Beacon server on Discord!
  9. Stolen valor? What? Serious question, what the hell have you been smoking? Read the post by Uther. Alright, so you were trolling. Muh bad for giving the benefit of the doubt! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ No, talking about videos on social media by service members that are about military humour. Nothing to do with mine.
  10. Right, so, pulled the videos since they're not worth the drama they unintentionally created. Nonetheless, feel free to PM me the AFI that governs those videos, because it's not at all uncommon to make videos as such, especially ones based around humour. But yeah, stolen valour armchair activists I suppose? Honestly, honestly surprised how this went down, but my mistake.
  11. Me: "Do you think it's weird I posted video responses to an RP/video game discussion thread?" GF: "I think it's all weird, pups"
  12. If you can't post and argue without using emotive cusses or changing your signature to a GIF the mods kept removing, I suggest you don't post or argue at all.
  13. What about the entirety of Miqo'te lore? Ishgardian culture? The Lalafell in the WVR questline who just about backhands the girl being forced to marry him? Sexism isn't non-existent in Eorzea just because the military judges purely on merit. Miqo'te lore I've always trumpeted on OOC about its dodgy social structure (to which people have defended it OOC by saying it's not really sexist)...but it's not even brought up as an issue in the game world. At least, as far as I've consumed of the game, no character has gone 'This patriarchal tribal nonsense is nonsense'. SE are okay with dropping in rape but not making Seeker of the Sun a contentious political issue in-universe. Because it's their culture, and the vast majority seem to be totally fine with it. That doesn't mean it isn't sexist, though. In Seeker of the Sun tribes, women are still respected and fill the same duties as men, but it's still a patriarchal society at its heart. Keepers of the Moon don't even give their men real names, and kick them out of the house as soon as they're old enough to not die. That's sexist no matter how you look at it. But again, they seem to be fine with it since Miqo'te men seem to have a kind of inherent wanderlust. We've also seen a Miqo'te who wasn't happy with it. The Coeurlking. And it's totally possible we'll meet more someday. Had to underline because I had no idea how to quote just that. Right, so I can't speak to the Coeurlking because I only have as much lore from my slice of gameplay, but my issue is that YOU'VE said it's sexist, from an OOC standpoint. It's not tackled seriously IC, if at all. In respect of my original argument, then, rape is thrown in to the game without any other exploration of gender topics. It's used as a tool to sharpen da edge and make the game seem more 'real', when they have actual material (such as Seeker culture as you've pointed out) to use instead, without resorting to cheap tactics.
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