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  1. The Following is an in-character flyer posted around the various city-states in the east and west. OOC information will follow. To Whomever May Aid Us The lady of the house's only daughter has awoken in herself a terrible power. Power like that of a thaumaturge but wildly out of control. Fireballs the size of Roegadyn completely out of her control threaten us all whenever she practices casting. She is a kind quiet young girl yet this uncontrolled power threatens us all. To any who might aid us, we beseech come to the estate or send word by mail. Should a ship need be chartered, the lady of the house is willing to pay all expenses. Additionally, you will be handsomely rewarded for any aid or tutelage you may provide the lady of the house's daughter. Should you wish to know more send mail or come to our estate at Shirogane Ward 5 Plot 8. We sincerely await the reply of those knowledgeable and skilled in the arcane. Sincerely signed The maids of the house. OOC Information: Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this! Currently, I am roleplaying a character named Mi Ming who is the daughter of Nokai Dotharl (my RP partner). Mi Ming is a girl in her late teens who has recently awoken a strange aptitude for magick. While being able to summon great fireballs it is not so great when you have no control over it and cannot do it at will. Because of this power Ming puts herself and her family in danger any time she channels aether. To speak of Ming's family, they run a maid organization and are quite wealthy. Ming's mother raises her on her own and the two are very close beyond what might be normal. What I am looking for is someone to tutor her in magick and to help her study and learn. This person would likely work with her mother as well and take them both through steps. Really we both just want RP honestly even if not entirely related to this plot, though Ming definitely needs a tutor. Both myself and Nokai are very relaxed people who have had a bit of trouble as an RP pair finding people to RP with us both instead of just one of us without the other. Of course, it will not always be with both of us but we would like someone to be able to RP with the two of us. Feel free to reply to this thread if you have any questions or if you are interested. You can also direct message us and talk there or in discord, we're flexible!
  2. Thanks so much for the quick fix and reply! It's all working again!
  3. Were the FC pages affected by this? Our custom homepage is gone and it switched to the standard- I noticed this happened with Teatime's page as well. I went into the manage options to change the home page settings for "The Lily Garden" but there is no longer a home page option to select. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  4. I respect the desire to have Viera in the game, I too want Viera badly. The issue is that while we have lore from other games we don't have the lore for this game. Sure you could RP a Viera but what about when they're released and you realize your lore for them is completely wrong? Where will your friend's character come from? You could fix some of this by roleplaying they have amnesia or remember nothing about themselves and their race but then I'd ask what playing a Viera would add that playing another race wouldn't? Of course, if your friend wants to play one go for it; I just worry how it will be received ICly. I mean one person appearing that is the so far ONLY known member of that race would be a huge deal both ICly and OOCly. I worry about the fact they could be OOCly persecuted hard by many many RPers and get /tells-o'plenty anytime they went into a public space. In the end, it's their call 'obviously' but you should definitely warn them that there could be backlash.
  5. Ah, I'm very sorry for making a repeat thread. I was unaware this was a thing though I did google before posting here I should have perhaps done a website search. I think perhaps I just need to adapt and maybe work on my FC which has been kind of a dead canary for a long time now. Maril- you're my hero and that graph was very erotic, I greatly appreciated your insight and very well cited information. I'm sorry you had to do all that work but it seemed like a labour of love. I'm trying to get involved with more RP groups and do more things. It's weird for me trying to penetrate established groups but I really want to drown in RP so I'm going to do that. Thank you all for the wonderful insight.
  6. A discussion I'd like to have is based on a question I and some friends have been asking ourselves. "Is RP on Balmung dying, or is it changing?" The reason for this question is we've noticed less RPers showing up to events like the Runestone and Grindstone and also less in the Quicksand. We're seeing more players who don't RP inside the quicksand, a lot more ERP alts but much less people there to RP. We've also noticed a rise on people roleplaying villains who are stronger than most players and require an army to defeat only for them to resurrect the next day unharmed. We're all from back when ARR was current so maybe our perception is off, maybe we are missing something. Maybe it's just a downtime due to content since none of us are heavy content-goers to say the least. So I wanted to ask you the community, do you think RP on Balmung is dying or at least decreased temporarily for some reason? Do you think it's just changed and if so how? Do you think Balmung being locked down and another RP server forming had anything to do with it? This isn't really just for Balmung either, if people from Mateus want to chime in go for it, I'd just like to hear people's opinions on the matter in a friendly well-mannered discussion.
  7. Yeah I guess I missed that- anyway I don't really understand "Server vs server debate" it's a term I hear a lot but that's not at all what I'm intending to do. If you just switched halfway through Storblood then yeah probably rules out server. I'm sorry if you thought I was intending to argue with you- that's not my intent, it's merely speculation, speculation I can neither confirm nor deny. I didn't really make this threat to argue with people, it's not an activity I generally enjoy, that counts for debates as well.
  8. I've not been around since 1.0 but since 2.0 and all through Heavensward I RP'd a Miqo'te and while she got some racism about "You're probably a slut" it was easy to deal with. It's way easier to prove you're not a slut by just not having sex or by laughing etc. People are way more willing to listen to a Miqo'te. The difference with Xaela is that the racism they face (ICly) is super aggressive and there's little you can do to mitigate it. You can't prove you're not a savage because if your character even gets slightly upset that's proof, if your character walks away they're called a coward and ridiculed that way. In my experience, the racism Miqo'te face is super lowkey compared to what Xaela since Stormblood are facing. Merited I can only speak from my experience. I personally can way easier handle the Miqo'te racism and while one can say "Don't change your RP for others" I'm changing it for myself because I haven't been enjoying RP for weeks as a result of all this, this change is very much for me to be able to enjoy RP again. Ideally one would endure and not back down but it's RP and a hobby- I want to have fun. This isn't to say your advice is bad mind you- just I think for me this is the best option. It's a shame that it came to this but I'm very excited about the plot that I have going now and am trying to stay positive- even if that plot is going to be weird to RP at first. To add to this- I think this is specifically a Balmung problem as a result of how most 'players' RP Dotharl as bloodthirsty murderers and the massive influx of Xaela the server has. I just realized you're on Mateus, it's really heavy on Balmung for Xaela.
  9. I ended up doing a plot (Since a lot of people are tied to my character) where said Dotharl is no longer Dotharl or Xaela. It's a bit wonky but it's similar to the idea of the girl who's body was taken over by an Allagan in Syrcus tower quests. It's a bit lore bendy to say the least but killing the character would have really screwed over a lot of people so I'm just having her changed and letting it known only to a few. While I won't for a second argue there's not plenty of IC reason to hate Dotharl especially with how they were RP'd in HW that makes it no more fun to RP then and doesn't really change the fact that trying to have a drink and socializing being met with random people coming up and harassing your character is really unpleasant. I actually had a friend go into Ul'dah yesterday who plays a Xaela not from a tribe and they messaged us and expressed how surprised they were with how bad the Xaela racism RP is because they even experienced it their first time going to Ul'dah in forever and they play a barmaid and dancer who is a Xaela. I'm a really anxious person and I want to have fun RPing so- I'm pretty fine going Miqo'te if it means not dealing with rampant IC Xaela racism. Even if IC it's very unpleasant to deal with every time you go to RP publicly.
  10. Yeah I'm going to take that to heart. I always thought if I didn't incorporate someone it would be seen as rude but with the very large ammount of advice saying to do what you are mentioning I think I will try to be better at this.
  11. Yeah this is how I saw Dotharl and how the "sisters" of my character also saw them. Not mindless killers but people who will do so without fear for prestige and if given just cause. Sure they might find great enjoyment in killing but they're only going to do so if challenged and to a warrior they deem worthy so their soul can burn. Something like that, merited a lot of Dotharl I've seen mostly RP murderers for kicks and do start fights with random people so I get the stereotyping but it definitely sucks. I'm glad you kind of see what I saw in Dotharl. As for this situation, I'm really torn, I'm realizing that in opening my character up to Ul'dah and what they've gone through there I kind of lost touch with said character. Someone gave really interesting advice (Sorry a lot of posts and I don't understand multi-quoting yet) and that advice was not to take everything in Ul'dah in or your characters perception will be ruined. I take everything in from everyone and roll with whatever comes my way. This always lead to some amazing plots but on my current character I feel it really damaged them. In the end I did a plot (lore bendy as hell) that saw my character fight a witch and have all her aether absorbed by said witch only for her consciouse to take over so now she's in a Miqo'te body. It's kind of 'eh' and I know probably a lot here hate race change plots in fact I usually do too but I really love this character and I also really don't want to deal with all the IC hate because I'm an anxious baby. I'm renaming her and having her start a new life semi-secretly. Like I said- kind of lore bendy. I could argue the Syrcus Tower plot with the Allagan who inhabits a girl's body but still : S I would have killed the character and made a new one but given she's one of 3 sisters my killing this character would have severely screwed up the RP of others so I deemed this the best option.
  12. I'm glad you mentioned your text tone being bad at times Liadan, thank you very much- like honestly. Text is an oddly garbage means of communication at times especially with people like me who tend to care a lot what people think (don't tell anyone) so I'm very grateful. I had another Dotharl RPer I respect say something similar to you and while harsh it was very true. "Why would you play a Dotharl if you didn't want conflict?" And while I think there's reason to play a Dotharl even if you don't want conflict I am aware that even unknowingly I signed myself up for this ride that I am not so much enjoying. I had no idea how severe it was. I didn't know this slide made me go upsidedown so to speak We're definitely going to try some of your advice, already I'm leaning Sen towards taking interest in the Mol and while there's no lore on tribe switching (I think?) I am sure one can leave there tribe and within reason join another be it through marriage or a true willingness to integrate. That or she could easily ditch being a Dotharl alone or just not care (I wish.). As for the "Why play a Dotharl and NOT play to the Dotharl aspects?": Part of it is that we used to RP their parents and wanted to continue the line when those characters were "Done" So their children followed and picked up the leftovers and patch their parents were on etc. Your Dark Elf analogy isn't entirely wrong but it's not entirely right either. Our characters are willing to kill, they in fact enjoy combat to the death and have secret jobs where they do take contracts on lives. (Shhh.) But they are also civilized due to their upbringing. They WANT to fit into society so they can work easier, so they can have friends. They do not entirely relate with their own people but neither can they with others. They want to follow the Dotharl ways but do so with less gloating and more 'honor' I'm not sure if I explained the last paragraph well, TO PUT IT SIMPLY: While they are Dotharl that is only a very small part of their cultural identity whereas Hingan is very much more their culture. Like- I'm Scottish and while my family takes pride in it we've lived in Canada forever, my cultural identity is Canadian, my ancesty is Scottish. I hope that makes this less silly to explain.
  13. Yeah, we're definitely not trying to make anyone change their character, that's not why I made this thread. I think a lot of it is OOC though because our characters don't exactly go up to people and say "We're Dotharl." In fact Sen tries to keep it hush hush because she doesn't want to get a hate mob. I feel a lot of people see three Dotharl nametags and whether realizing it or not come up and act based on that. Liadan we have heard your advice as harshly worded as it may be, thank you for your input. Please remember that this is a discussion and that we are asking for help, we are not here to argue with you. We have done a few of your suggestions and will consider the rest though "Don't RP a Dotharl, and Don't RP in public" with respect are kind of the things we made this topic to avoid. While you think those are the only options others have posted other options that we are very grateful for. "Don't RP your character" and "Don't RP in the RP hub" is a bit extreme, we're looking to what others have said and as for pretending to be another tribe and switching it has been considered. I am aware that Eorzea is a racist place and that lore supports people treating Xaela and eachother like shit, but that isn't the issue. It's not a matter of "is it lore friendly" it is about how we as RPers can deal with it, RP it, and roll with the situation we have been given. I would very much like this not to devolve into arguing.
  14. There are a LOT of really amazing suggestions here. Firstly being a Dotharl is definitely a part of it, they are considered the most violent and savage tribe even if our characters are not as much. I have seen people go up to Dotharl specifically who were just standing idly just to harass them IC, make them angry enough that they would attack and then call authorities. How our characters handle these situations if a group is pestering them or wanting to harm them is challenge them to a one on one duel outside the city and encourages them if they are a warrior to respect other warriors even if they think they are savages. As for being attacked in the lane- it's really hard because while we can retaliate and this has happened a mob will form and defend the other person even if they were the aggressor and said Dotharl are acting in self-defense because our characters are Dotharl. We had something like this happen recently and it was very frustrating and difficult as like 5 people came up to us and started rolling dice when no weapons were drawn. Talking OOC is something I may have to consider because solving it ICly has proven to be pointless because if our characters raise their voice, if our characters cry, if our characters show the even slightest sign of any "being upset" even if they have total justification to do so they are called savages and a mob forms to watch the Xaela / Dotharl break down, spitting insults and encouraging them to fight for their entertainment. Still though, talking OOC or having our Xaela try to change the perception of Dotharl might be wise- I didn't really think of doing either of those and they could do well to help the situation. Because I get Dotharl are a pretty violent tribe but the story showed us that they are so much more and that 'so much more' is what interested me so much about the Dotharl.
  15. It's like Ayaka says, it could be literally hiring an employee for a maid company, or it could be after being insulted and trying to talk to an IC Flame officer. It could be your character crying in their sister's arms and then a gaggle of people walk up to bash on said characters for being savages or Xaela. That actually happened just last night and a few other times when my character broke down after so many racist remarks and just left to cry, only to be found by a whole NEW group who started harassing her. It seriously makes RP next to impossible when your character is essentially being chased out of Ul'dah every time they enter.
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