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  1. Hello everyone apologies but I was curious if we have a list of plants that can be used for healing purpose? I normally cross-check them with IRL plants and then find an FFXIV counterpart for healing roleplays but I was wondering if anyone has compiled an actual list of plants for healers?
  2. I have a friend who recently really wants to get into the game and roleplay. She recently heard that the Viera race was at least being considered by Yoshida as playable. She contemplated making one for roleplay with the intent to change over avatars if it ever was added. I suppose the question here is, knowing that Yoshi is at least considering it, how do you feel about people playing non-playable races in the game. Of course, this is assuming the person does a decent job at portraying the racial tendencies and good research; how would you feel as fellow roleplayers? Would that be someone you'
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