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  1. With the maitenance tonight, Balmung is officially a "Congested Server" once again, with all the limitations as before. Source: https://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/news/detail/4dbec81fbda77b5ddafb1f4980285343fbc1dcf2
  2. Apparently there has been some misinformation being spread around the last day or so. Free transfers are still going and as long as Mateus is labeled a prefered server, it's still free to transfer to from Balmung and Gilgamesh. You can find current prefered servers here: http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/news/detail/80cd4583bf743600105b947d6906d0909189e479
  3. We've finally got the last bit of information one day before Stormblood! This is the preferred server list for transfers off of Gilgamesh and Balmung: Coeurl Goblin Mateus Zalera Ok, I think we would have all preferred to have this information a few weeks ago but lets make due with what we have. I'll be linking all the info and threads created up to this point so please educate yourself before voting in the poll. Free Transfer servers will be noted in the poll but all the servers listed have RP communities to join. The poll options are tourniqueted down to the most popular results from Leggerless's tumblr poll and the previous poll. If you want to be part of the EU server discussion go here: EU Server Poll Alternative RP server directory: Alternate RP Server Directory Old Alternate RP server discussion threads: 1st Alternate RP Server Discussion Thread 2nd Alternate RP Server Discussion Thread Leggerless's Tumblr Poll
  4. Something to note is that the free transfers are going to be to a few select servers. We'll find out more during maintenance tomorrow.
  5. This is some great news. The transfer incentives and removing gil caps are what we were expecting but still welcome news. Those new character bonuses. Man, it might be faster to level a fresh character with the amount of XP bonuses being thrown around. The new earrings gives 100% bonus up to 50 and then the server perk of another 100% up to 60. Going to make leveling through HW a breeze.
  6. We've finally got information on when the server transfer info will be given out: Thursday the 15th. I've had a feeling it would be during downtime with the rest of the patchnotes. As soon as we get this info I'll be starting an indefinite poll for people to vote on their preferences. I will be noting the options that have free transfers available but outside of that I won't be splitting the poll.
  7. I wouldn't exactly be as aggressive as Momo, but yes this is a very good change in direction toward RPers. I'd like to clarify what I said earlier, I jumped the gun on my understanding of what was said. Apologies folks. The big thing now is we wait and see what SE has to say or do with surveys and data. In the mean time, I'm going to push out the next round of RP server polls once we know the transfer information.
  8. The important note is the definitive "NO" on giving Balmung the RP server label. It's too big, too old and too diverse.
  9. Did my survey get referenced by Senpai? I don't know how to feel about this. Edit: This is a joke. This is more likely they want to do their own surveys to collect data on an RP tag. This is very good news.
  10. So... look. I'm one of those Balmung people that transferred over to Mateus to help get settled and promote community growth. How's it going? I'm going to lay down some fucking data here, since the conceived notion that Mateus isn't growing or isn't becoming more active is 100% incorrect. The Mateus RP Hub has grown so much that events are happening daily. They aren't just spur of the moment activities either, there are planned out events happening constantly where it used to be weekly or bi-weekly. The RPM, the RP linkshell of Mateus, is getting ready to open it's 3rd linkshell. That means we are quickly hitting 250 active players. This is a mains only linkshell. Mateus itself has grown by over 700 characters in the last three months alone and is the second fastest growing server behind Cactuar. You know something about Cactuar? It's the largest open server on NA. Mateus is the smallest even after the 700 people. Hell, Mateus has gained 16% of it's total population in the last 3 months alone. This doesn't include anyone under 35. Between my poll and Leggerless's poll, over 400 people have given their vote to support Mateus. With the RPM/RP Hub growth coupled with server populations flourishing it is plainly obvious that not only are people rolling on Mateus there are also transfers (such as I) going to bring Mateus up. Your notion that you think so few are willing to help is wrong when data and events say the opposite. If you feel like more should be done pick up the slack yourself and help build up Mateus.
  11. I agree. The fact that the server has only lost around 500 characters is not a good sign of server health. By percentage Balmung lost 1.9% of it's population while Gilgamesh lost 3.4%. 1.9% is a drop in the pain compared to the roughly 50% drop needed to be comparable to other high pop servers.
  12. My morning breakfast of data! Thank you Leggerless. So, important things to note about this census: Mateus has grown far faster than servers in a similar situation. 727 new active characters since March. Compared to Goblin, that's twice as much and compared to Zalera that's three times. This also makes Mateus the second fastest growing NA server! Of note: Mateus has gained 16% of it's active character population in the last three months alone. Balmung is bleeding far slower than other servers by percentage. It is by far the most bloated but has lost only 507 compared to Gilgamesh's 702. An important criteria of this census is that for a character to be counted, they have to be above the current free trial cap (35). That means that Mateus' growth of 727 new characters have a significant time investment. This is real server growth, not just alts putting around scoping out the server.
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