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  1. Naito's stardust press attempts cost him. I hope he and Jericho have a good match. As it is, since I am in Los Angeles, I'm hoping to get to go to Strong Style Evolved in March. /kayfabe I'm not convinced Gedo's booking for it was great but whatever. I see why he went that route. It just sucks that Gedo is in Okada's corner and stable. To WWE: I need more good tag teams in WWE, especially since I'm not sure Reigns would join Rollins to continue. Hoping War Machine did actually sign up and can get through NXT something fast. I'm curious as to who is actually going to be i
  2. If you do end up enjoying Ever17, try and get through all of Zero Escape (999, Virtue's Last Reward and Zero Time Dilemma). Some of those are more 'game' than visual novel but as a whole, they feel like a spiritual broadening of Ever17.
  3. I just want to remind everyone that Wrestle Kingdom 12 is among us. Soon. War Machine's last fight with NJPW before they move to WWE is tomorrow. Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho will be a thing. I am a fan of Omega. He really can make any wrestling match look pretty good. Like, what even is that match with the 9 year old girl? And Omega vs Yano Toru was... hilarious. don't mind me I was hyped just watching a few matches in Japan and I've been pretty into it for 2017 x.x
  4. Go read/play Little Busters! Ever17 is also a very good recommendation and my only issue with it is that it is DAMN EXPENSIVE to purchase legally in the US cause it is out of print. Hatoful Boyfriend doesn't break that wall DDLC and others do but the whole "oh it's cute BUT THENN!!!!!" thing is pretty much there too. Also birds. There'd be other recs but they're not actually safe for most people and are more for vn community anyway ;
  5. Yeaaaap. But those multiple single transactions contribute to having to deal with your bank ; ; Which I think is a good enough reason for Square Enix to actually take a look at their system as it currently is. On top of the killing of sales of how inconvenient it is.
  6. Hey all, I know at least some of you like the stuff sold on the mogstation. I've posted on the official forums asking for them to consider working towards a cart function. The main reason is to avoid having to deal with your bank's fraud department because they placed a hold after you bought 4 items If you have suggestions, feel free to express them on the official forums or here and I could forward them if you would prefer that. Anything would probably be better than how the mogstation sells things now link: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/354936-Square-E
  7. Roleplayers on Balmung always seem to have issues when the clickbait articles are written up on Kotaku and the like (reddit perception). I don't see why you would be opposed to knowing what people perceive about it. Is the ERP overstated? Is it not?
  8. https://www.diffchecker.com/W5K5dywD The following items can now be purchased in exchange for Grand Company seals: Maelstrom Rank: Chief Storm Sergeant Item Required Seals Glamour Dispeller 200 Glamour Prism (Woodworking) 200 Glamour Prism (Smithing) 200 Glamour Prism (Armorcraft) 200 Glamour Prism (Goldsmithing) 200 Glamour Prism (Leatherworking) 200 Glamour Prism (Clothcraft) 200 Glamour Prism (Alchemy) 200 Maelstrom Rank: Second Storm Lieutenant Item Required Seals Cockatrice Meatballs 600 Sesame Cookie 550 Hot Chocolate 900 Kaiser Roll 550 Marron Gla
  9. New color filters and screen effect patterns have been added for group pose and idling camera. Selecting a quest marker on the region map will switch to the corresponding area map. When using a gamepad or controller to scroll around a map, holding RT (R2) will reduce the scroll speed. Companions and minions can be summoned at the same time. The time remaining after summoning a companion is now shown in the party list. If a minion disappears as a result of a character being KO'd, the minion will reappear when the character is revived. Display resolution for the character model shown
  10. http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/cfd6b53bc9cd08b494512a662c04942848db9539 Text-only pastebin focused 06/10/2017 08:00 Patch 4.1 Notes (Preliminary) Patch 4.1 brings a multitude of additions and refinements to the realm. Band together with your friends in search of the legendary land of Ivalice, explore the ancient city of Skalla, or face an old foe in a reimagining of your battle with the legendary dragon Shinryu. Whether you’re relaxing in the new residential area, Shirogane, or testing your mettle in PvP, there’s something for everyone in this exciting n
  11. Good luck on your pulls if you'd like Ayaka. Leaks say that VLC Fina? Or Demon Lord Sakura are gonna be really good too. CG Fina is going to be top tier tied Healer with Ayaka but they're both 5-stars. Good luck, may the light of Lapis shine on you. (Anyone finished story yet? I heard Sol and Demon were fucking hard so I haven't tackled that end or the 2nd part of the chapter yet)
  12. http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/346637-%28EU-PAL%29-In-Game-Item-Campaign-with-ShopTo%21?p=4424082&viewfull=1#post4424082 We have a few updates to you regarding the ShopTo campaign. 60 Days Digital Game Time Cards Are Now Available ShopTo has now digital game cards available for purchase, they are listed on the main ShopTo campaign site. If you back-ordered a physical GTC, you should have received an email from ShopTo explaining that you can cancel your back-order for the physical card and make a new order to receive your game time swiftly without waiting for s
  13. I'm curious why you think that is powerplaying in RP? If I am doing non-roll combat that was plotted OOCly with both people agreeing on the outcome, I give options for attacks and openings by denoting things with "would" or "would try to" since I can't control what the other person is doing with their character. Most of the time I see this, the people are always attempting to one-up the other instead of actually worrying about honest god-modding. Or it is "Rose would say, "Hello!" in which the case is more of a preference. As I said, it tends to be the former which just tells me
  14. I would say I dislike people who over gratuitously use 'would' in their roleplay as they tend to be more interested in power play than actual roleplay and having fun.
  15. https://www.shopto.net/video-games/sonydigital/PS4FFINSTANT-final-fantasy-xiv-digital-60-days-game-time Digital game time added!!
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