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  1. Hello, my doves! Last time I asked for your insights, it was in regard to life on Balmung, and your contributions helped shape the resulting article which went into The Moogle Post last month! I’m starting the process of collecting information again for my next article regarding age groups in the community since this has come up as a hot topic of conversation again just recently. There are TWO separate surveys, one for roleplayers, and one for non-roleplayers. You do not need to fill out both, as the age selection portion is the same on each. The subject of each, however, varies a
  2. Last month, I posted a survey asking the roleplayers of Balmung to answer a few questions about life on the server. Are you ready to see the results?? The Moogle Post - Issue 24, February 2018 The article which resulted from the survey responses is on page 16! But enjoy the entire issue, because there's lots of other great content, too, from Gpose tips, glamour, housing, screenshots, and much, much more!
  3. Final bump! Survey closes at 10pm US central tomorrow, 1/3/18. After that time, no further submissions will be accepted. Thank you!
  4. The options on the form are not my personal opinions. Most of the options are a collection of things people have stated about their observations at one time or another. Therefore, no, it's not a bias on my part. It's an option people can select, or not, if they feel it matches their opinion. People will apply their own connotations to it.
  5. As stated in the disclaimer on the survey, I need the names so I can confirm that the respondents are actually on Balmung and not just throwing information into it to throw off numbers. I can't make any further changes to the form to add additional options, as I also stated, and I explained why. I'm sorry you feel it's biased. I feel I did my best to not make it that way. I'm human, I'm not a scientist or a statistician. I'm just someone who plays a video game. I did NOT bias the answers toward being all positive, and allowed plenty of opportunity for negative responses and individual
  6. It's just to collect data, folks. The questions were selected based on things I'm sure we've all heard from time to time: that Balmung is all kinks and ERP (thus the ERP question), that there are cliques (and there are), that there are so many negatives about it. Kotaku's just an example of writing being biased toward all the negatives. I'm trying to show that our server has so much more to it than the sum of all of these negatives which, to be honest, is all most people hear about us. I like to think I was pretty balanced in the options provided for each question. I did refine
  7. Hello, my friends! I’m taking a survey specific to the roleplaying community on Balmung. I’ve been asked by The Moogle Post to write an article looking at what life is really like on the server. My intention is to provide this insight in as fair of a manner as possible. Thus… YOU get to participate! Because an article written solely from one person’s opinion can be biased without consideration to the ideas of others. It may look lengthy, but I ask that you please take the time to fill the survey out honestly. A few questions have blanks you can fill in if there are no opti
  8. Palazzo Aldenard Presents: All Wrapped Up! A Starlight Slumber Party Where: Palazzo Aldenard - Mists Ward 7 Plot 15 Balmung Server When: December 9th, 6pm-9pm EST A cozy starlight celebration before the fire. There will be warm drinks, seasonal appetizers and rousing performances to warm your body, mind and spirit. Dress appropriately in your favorite loungewear, pull up a rug, and get comfy with us! There will be a raffle drawing to include fabulous prizes, including a cozy flying chair! Tickets 5k each, max of 5 per person. Proceeds to cover our expenses and pay perfo
  9. As it turns out there IS already a FC dedicated as a performance school, so if you're new to performing and looking for ideas and direction, go see those guys. ^^ Isle of Paradise https://islesofparadise.tumblr.com/
  10. I've noticed recently that there's been an influx of new players, or long-term players with newer characters, wanting to taking on IC performing. That's great! It can be a lot of work, but it can also be very rewarding in terms of rp and the connections which one builds off of stepping into the spotlight. So here's an idea, and I'm putting this out there before veteran and new, potential performers, since the idea will only function with both parties involved: How about a performers' workshop or sorts? We have a ton of talented, experienced performers on Balmung with a lot t
  11. I'd be happy to lend my Doman chef Au Ra, Murakumo, as a friend. He's been looking for work for a while, so he's still pretty new to Eorzea as well. I need to do more with him.
  12. Rosalie, there are as many different ways to do it as there are bards out there. There is no one tried-and-true way to perform as a bard. A few have already given some examples of how they go about it. Some are very creative and able to write their own verses for performances with relative ease, others like myself, I'll freely admit, aren't quite so gifted. We find songs we like and we try to adapt them to the game's setting, and this is perfectly fine! If the song feels like it could fit, we may alter lyrics to make it work if they don't already, such as removing or changing refere
  13. There is nothing wrong with having the Echo, or any of the abilities which come with it. A few pieces of advice, though: 1. Play the character first, not the ability. 2. Unless the character doesn't have a whole lot of common sense, don't ICly have them go around advertising or shouting from the rooftops that they have it. There are still those who may view an Echo user as being unnatural and no better than any of the beast tribes simply because they don't understand what it's about. 3. Use it sparingly. If you're going to use it to peer into a character's past, shoot them a
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