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  1. The Mateus Hub Discord is primarily text, though a few people use the voice chat. I can message you the link if you'd like.
  2. Riggy

    Public RP areas

    The Black Lotus Inn (and Bar) is a good place to check out. Technically, they're open any time, but the best time to go is on Wednesday or Saturday nights (7pm EST/EDT). They're located in the Goblet, ward 11, plot 32.
  3. There's a discord you can post your character on and contact people for RP. I don't have the link on my phone, but I can grab it when i'm off work if you'd like
  4. Yes. Purebloods are the Garleans with a third "eye" on their forehead (which presumably works like a Tuatara's third "eye"), and an inability to use magic naturally.
  5. I believe it is only when you come from one of the higher pop realms. New character benefits will still come into effect, though, like the 100% extra xp and the silver feathers.
  6. Hi, hello, etc., I'm returning to the RPC after a few months of being really busy with real life things, and have decided to look at Mateus in light of the growing community there and the (abysmal) queues for Balmung during the early weeks of Stormblood.
  7. Not yet. And no follow up post (at least on the North America website).
  8. It's giving me Warlords flashbacks from when I played warcraft. They even had some terribly placed quest roadblocks related to instancing issues!
  9. Scarlet Fencer! If you check it's actually 'The Red' I stopped trying to log in a while ago. I'll just wait until the transfers open tonight. Though "The Red" isn't particularly surprising, if a bit generic.
  10. Mateus seems like a good bet, and hopefully a smaller (initial) community will be a little easier to enter for those who get anxious like myself.
  11. I feel like they're blowing a lot of potential content out all at once. I thought this was supposed to be the expansion for liberating Ala Mhigo and focusing on Monks, but it seems like it's now the Ninja/Samurai expansion with maybe a tiny little bit of freeing Ala Mhigo if we really want to.
  12. Well, I'm not necessarily "new" (I made a thread in this section a little over a year ago), but I am starting up with Final Fantasy XIV again, this time with a subscription (and not the free month), as I've found that despite not having designated "RP servers" like Warcraft, Square is far better to their RP community than Blizzard has been in the past year. Unnecessary reasoning aside, I've been playing for about a month, now, and have caught up on the main quest, and so I'm looking forward to start RPing when I've finished figuring out my character (hopefully soon).
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