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  1. Teadrinker

    balmung ☤⁙ Watcher's Eye - Black Markets ⁙☤

    Came by to say the same! Very well organized and loved the overall concept and idea! 10/10 am going again.
  2. Teadrinker

    Club Crescent - Disco Night


    Thanks so much for this event, it was so lovely and the effort put into it is very apparent.
  3. Much like in real life, some places are just not appropriate for children. RP venues like bars, mercenary houses and your contract killer hideout probably qualifies. It's not out of the realm of IC plausibility and does not OOCly make you a jerk for making them "No Baby Zones." It's also important to keep in mind they they chose this direction with their characters and it is not your responsibility to keep them supplied with RP tailored to their needs. I think the NPC caretaker suggestion is fabulous and would suit this couple quite nicely. That way Junior (who is likely also an NPC) is taken care of , they can keep playing the grimdark killer angle and you don't have to design events around them.
  4. Teadrinker

    Viera - Yey, Nay?

    Be it Viera or some other kind of other non canon race or dimension traveler etc, I'd avoid it ICly with my characters completely just to keep their sense of their world and reality intact.
  5. Teadrinker

    Comedy in RP: How???

    One of my personal pet peeves is when people start RPing in such a way to obviously garner reactions from people behind the keyboards. In this particular scenario, much like real life comedy, you can't really force it. It just happens. When people speak of "The character got placed in a hilarious scenario" it generally implies a degree of unpredictability and unexpectedness to the scene that added to the humor. Basically don't try too hard. People will notice and you will alienate them. That being said it's entirely possible to make NPCs and things like this that are running jokes. A mission giver, a mentor with a bad attitude, and my personal favorite low hanging fruit: cultural differences! Though the latter does require RP partners who aren't too sensitive to that sort of thing and can discern fiction and RP from reality. To be honest, I find the 'comic relief' tag translates very badly to PC's and tends to make them one trick ponies that lack character development so you want to be careful with how hard you lodge them into that mold. Unless you want the sort of 'sad clown' fellow. There's an angle you can go for. If you find you're bad at quippy one liners and jokes are not your forte than i would caution with selecting and designing a character that is so far out of your writing comfort zone. I've seen people do this and it just leads to them feeling really unfulfilled with the character and like they are "failing" at it until they reroll.
  6. Teadrinker

    Emotional distress from RP

    The more you describe this person the more I just come to the conclusion that this person wasn't RPing to write or develop an OC or tell a story, have events etc. This was just a person filling in missing crap in their life vicariously through your characters. And the second they found something they thought was better they scooted along. You had a bad experience, yes, but I honestly wouldn't even call all that RP at this point. You just ran into an asshole. It happens. Let me ask you a question. Do you even wanna RP anymore? Tbh you could walk away right now no skin off your back. It might be good to get some space and re-evaluate if this is a hobby you even want to pursue at this point. Idk if I read it right but did you say you're transferring with her? Why are you even still talking to her at all? RP and all the drama aside, this person is not your friend. Boil this down to basic human behavior and decency and I'm sorry to report but they have consistently treated you like crap. Ya gotta just realize it for what it is and shut that door, friend. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel afterwards.
  7. There is an Alexander top I just use as a dress. My character probably bought it at a stall in Limsa. There are very very few items out there that I think anyone would give you grief over using. I think some of the Warrior artifact gear has specific lore stuff behind it but even then I've seen people use it ICly and I really don't care. It's just an axe. It's just some armor. If you like a certain suit for battle then use it. If there's something from a raid that looks like something your character would wear casually then go get it. Only thing I would say might warrant some kind of IC explanation is if the thing is glowing neon pink or something but even then it shouldn't stress anyone out. So wear what you would like imo.
  8. Teadrinker

    dark knight How rare are Dark Knights?

    Not so rare that you can't play one. Though more often I tend to see characters that use the greatsword weapon but don't ICly use dark arts.
  9. Teadrinker

    Working on Sharlayan themed Character.

    I love Sharlayans. This character sounds fine to me, really. One thing I would advise is if she studied in the colony before and during the exodus you're probably looking at a character that is in their mid thirties at the youngest. I'm not sure about lore explanations for your gilded alloy but there is probably a metal out there suitable for it. Just don't choose one that conducts it instead of dampens I.E. silver. Alternatively, I know characters that just have regular ol guarded storehouses for the plunder they obtain. You'd probably need to develop the backstory about why she chose to stay in Eorzea after the Exodus or if she returned to the Old World and left again. Does she have family? Where do they live? Why is she here now? How does she feel about the politics of her homeland? All fun things to think about.
  10. From what you described it's possible you've got a bio somewhere of your character that details things like favorite foods etc and he's using it ICly and thinking it's generally pretty harmless. I generally don't disclose anything on a bio that I wouldn't feel comfortable addressing ICly/OOCly if it came up. I would just send a message saying "Hey, it's a little weird he knows all these stuff and she hasn't told him. Let's just go ahead and keep it organic going forward." It doesn't necessarily sound like he's a weirdo or being possessive OOCly so I'd chalk it up to misunderstanding until proven otherwise - especially if you guys are already friends. Just set a boundary, be firm and if he crosses it again remind him. If it just goes on and on then yeah you might want to consider ceasing RP. Sometimes you can be great friends with people but the RP cohesion just isn't there and that's okay too.
  11. Teadrinker

    staff RPC goes Invision Power - Q&A

    Hm. The change looks good with a darker background. I think it's safe to say the theme isn't finalized. There's several things being considered, a few of which cost money and all of which cost time. I'd think holding off further aesthetic changes until the theme is finalized is a good suggestion.
  12. I haven't seen any announcement from SE about it or concise proof an exploit actually existed and also can't really confirm any bans. However, the way it's described is particularly shrewd. I just saw blips on tumblr of people saying there was one getting people banned but those were pretty easy to dismiss since the OP's of them seemed to be unaware of SE officially announcing Balmung opening. I imagine if it was actually a thing we'll hear something about it in the next Lodestone news posting regarding actioned accounts. Either way, seems Balmung's been locked for general character creation at this time. https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/news/detail/80cd4583bf743600105b947d6906d0909189e479
  13. Teadrinker

    staff RPC goes Invision Power - Q&A

    I'm not a fan of the change.
  14. Teadrinker

    Completely new. Hiya!

    If you can get an avatar or two on Balmung then I would suggest doing so. You can decide what to do with the character shell later via fantasias, name changes, etc. As far as your next question my answer would be: Why not both? Browse around the FC and LS sections, wander about in game, see who you meet.
  15. Teadrinker

    General Lore Questions

    I'm not entirely sure the auracite found/used in the Ivalice lore is the same as the type found in Sharlayan and used in the Moenbryda quests. This is likely a case of those 2.0 quests having been written and released waaaaay before anyone in the office went "Hey, let's go get Yasumi Matsuno and have him do an Ivalice thing for 14!" So both items use the name "Auracite" due to FF recycling lore names between it's worlds to begin with. We'll probably get more information on this with further updates of the Return to Ivalice raid.