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  1. I honestly really appreciate it and I'm probably going to be hitting you up pretty soon for tips n tricks because every RP community I've been in has different etiquette and it's always good to find that out ahead of time XD!
  2. Thank you so much to you both for the warm welcome! I really appreciate that lore resource link, I've been looking for something just like that. I'm going to edit my post to add my discord as well and I'll absolutely take you up on that offer
  3. Hey all! Longtime Final Fantasy fan here, but I'm fairly new to MMOs. The only other one I have played for more than a few hours was Lord of the Rings Online for a couple years, however that was mostly for the RP community. I'm a longtime RPer, with most of my experience being in one on one original roleplay via instant messenger (Windows Messenger, Skype, then Discord), and then a little on LotRO, with some irl friends. I'm having a fantastic time playing FFXIV (though I'm finding mmo gameplay a little overwhelming at times, haha), and one of the biggest reasons I decided to start playing was
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