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  1. Yeah, so I just moved on to Black Desert Online. I'm having infinitely more success there RPing. People are open, RP is fun, and I can play the character I want. I've already joined a cool guild and chatting with them all on discord. Bumped into a few other players so far and had good RP. Had one guy powerlevel me and my experience is just overall more enjoyable. I'm not hated for being male. So really, what I've learned is that it's not my fault and it really just is the community itself. I thought I was doing something wrong at first, but looking at my interactions on BDO, I see
  2. Currently, I'm having this issue right now. I'm a Man who RP's Male characters. So far? I feel like I'm entirely ignored in RP. Ironically I just made a post about this and stumbled on yours. I'm not even trying to initiate in ERP. I just want genuine RP and to get a good group of people I can RP with and build a fun story. But even saying hello to someone, I am ignored entirely, even when I see that player is active. BUT THE SECOND I RP a Female character, suddenly everyone responds. Amazing. I never have this issue in WoW, RP is very open and available to everyone. No one gets isola
  3. So, Being new to FFXIV, there's one thing I noticed; For some reason in this community, there seems to be a VERY high number of players who simply refuse to RP with any Straight Male characters. All I can ask is Why? When I RP'ed in WoW, I never struggled finding RP. It was always available, the community is open and just excited to get something interesting going. But being here, I feel like I suffer my RP potential for playing a Male character. As if everyone only wants to RP as, or with female characters. Even when I make a simple post, just wanting to get an IC discussion going, 90% I'm
  4. Hello, While I've been Roleplaying for a long time, but I'm definitely new to FFXIV. I am looking for some people for some good Long-Term RP. I'm really looking for a good Free Company that has an Active Discord and likes to chat on voice. I like talking to people and getting to know them. If anyone wants to try and build a good Long-Term RP? Message me! I'm eager to start my adventure on here. As for a bit about me? I am 23, Male living in the United States [Eastern]
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