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  1. Hello, It's been a hot minute since I've been on this website, and it looks like traffic is a bit on the slower side(?). I don't know how many people will see this, if any. Anyways, I'm looking to start up some more RPs with my male Elezen, Silvaire. If his carrd is a bit too much text for you, this is the rundown: Hails from Ishgard Was part of a lesser noble house, pledged to Dzmael Became outspoken against the Ishgardian Orthodox Church Was promptly given the boot from Ishgard Worked as an adventurer for some years Settled down in Ul'dah and now w
  2. Hey, I took a long break from FFXIV and I'm back now. I've switched servers, I'm now on Balmung. I'm looking for any RP FCs or even just other Balmung players to make some new connections with. This is a carrd for my character here: skomione.carrd.co Thank you!
  3. I will no longer be participating in RPs. Thank you to those that have done RPs with me in the past, I appreciate your time and engagement. Take care!
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  5. Giving another bump since character updates. Still this isn't even all of them........ O(-<
  6. Hello, hello. I just had a question concerning what people thought about characters being roleplayed who don't have an avatar in game. For example, I have a lot of characters that I've made in the past who aren't originally from the Final Fantasy universe, but who I can make AUs for to fit into FFXIV. How do people feel about characters like this that you can't physically see in game? I RP through Discord, so I've always been curious.
  7. Blight

    Gender Taboo?

    While I'm not deep within the roleplay community on FFXIV, I am a female who plays mostly--if not solely--male characters. In fact my main is a male. The only time my IRL gender has been an issue, and I use this word lightly, is when my character is being flirted with, but the intention of the other person was to flirt with me and not my character. So of course, this warranted me being up front with them. If I do feel like disclosing my gender, the only response I ever get is just a surprised "Oh!" or "I wouldn't have guessed!". In the case of the flirts, they may not speak to me as frequently
  8. There have been vampires within the Final Fantasy universe--the first and original game, but like the others I'm not sure if they're in FFXIV specifically. I'm in the same boat as you, with a vampire character in game, so if you want I'm open to discussing possible lore ideas! I like the idea that they feed off of aether as well. Maybe it can be speculated that they're a folktale given that they had vampire attire for one of the All Saints Wake events? Who knows. Either way, if you want to share theories my discord is Blight#7030
  9. RP experience: I've been a participant in many drawn out RPs, which took place on art websites. It's really no different than reading a comic, but instead both artists are responsible for creating a panel or several to serve as responses. I have also done text RPs on both Discord and on Google Docs. I have yet to strike up any RPs in game as that is a new territory for me. My knowledge on FFXIV lore could be better, but I'm an eager learner, so anything that is incorrect concerning my characters, I apologize in advance and always welcome experienced lore players to help me. I have
  10. Hey there! I'm also on Goblin, and am around fairly regularly--if work doesn't get in the way. I also have a lot of alts.... so I feel your frustration. It's hard trying to pay attention to them all. If you ever want to discuss RP scenarios or hang out in game, feel free to shoot me a message!
  11. Chiasa is a Miqo'te gatherer from the Ra' tribe. She ran away from her home to give her life some purpose. She now lives in Ul'dah as a housekeeper in the Hourglass inn. When she's not working, she can be found walking around the streets of Ul'dah or in the Quicksand getting something to eat. She hopes to one day become a journalist, but... she's illiterate, which is of course a bit of a set back... << Looking for >> Long term RP partners Short term RP partners I suppose if we connect and our characters connect as well, then a love interest
  12. Thank you! Yeah, I've always felt like something was missing from my FFXIV experience. I just wish I started out in an RP heavy world is all, the servers I've ended up picking, when I first started playing, made more for a solo gaming experience with forced teamwork interactions here and there LOL! Sadly I don't have an alt there, but maybe one day! Also don't worry since you're certainly not the only nerd here ;p
  13. /Anxiously shakes your hand Thank you for the warm welcome!
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