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  1. I will no longer be participating in RPs. Thank you to those that have done RPs with me in the past, I appreciate your time and engagement. Take care!
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  3. Giving another bump since character updates. Still this isn't even all of them........ O(-<
  4. Hello, hello. I just had a question concerning what people thought about characters being roleplayed who don't have an avatar in game. For example, I have a lot of characters that I've made in the past who aren't originally from the Final Fantasy universe, but who I can make AUs for to fit into FFXIV. How do people feel about characters like this that you can't physically see in game? I RP through Discord, so I've always been curious.
  5. Blight

    Gender Taboo?

    While I'm not deep within the roleplay community on FFXIV, I am a female who plays mostly--if not solely--male characters. In fact my main is a male. The only time my IRL gender has been an issue, and I use this word lightly, is when my character is being flirted with, but the intention of the other person was to flirt with me and not my character. So of course, this warranted me being up front with them. If I do feel like disclosing my gender, the only response I ever get is just a surprised "Oh!" or "I wouldn't have guessed!". In the case of the flirts, they may not speak to me as frequently anymore, but I don't feel any hostility from them either. I also have a lot of people on my friend list that are men and play female characters, so it's pretty common at least. I have noticed, in the past that some people do have a preference. For example, a male character who is looking for another male to romance might ask for the IRL person/player to be male as well. Though I haven't seen this recently. If someone happens to have an issue with the gender of the character you're playing in regards to yourself, then it's really not worth the headache to converse with them about the subject. Also you never have to explain why either, though they'll certainly ask. Like the others have said, FFXIV is very welcoming, but from time to time you will encounter some unhappy individuals. That's just the way of the world though. Best of luck out there, and don't be afraid to make connections!
  6. There have been vampires within the Final Fantasy universe--the first and original game, but like the others I'm not sure if they're in FFXIV specifically. I'm in the same boat as you, with a vampire character in game, so if you want I'm open to discussing possible lore ideas! I like the idea that they feed off of aether as well. Maybe it can be speculated that they're a folktale given that they had vampire attire for one of the All Saints Wake events? Who knows. Either way, if you want to share theories my discord is Blight#7030
  7. RP experience: I've been a participant in many drawn out RPs, which took place on art websites. It's really no different than reading a comic, but instead both artists are responsible for creating a panel or several to serve as responses. I have also done text RPs on both Discord and on Google Docs. I have yet to strike up any RPs in game as that is a new territory for me. My knowledge on FFXIV lore could be better, but I'm an eager learner, so anything that is incorrect concerning my characters, I apologize in advance and always welcome experienced lore players to help me. I have a lot of characters. I enjoy making concepts and trying to flesh them out, but you can only do so much on your own. I would love to forge connections with other people, which I believe will help foster a stronger bond and love for my characters and the game entirely. I will only give small blurbs about my characters here since again.... there are just too many to have numerous in depth profiles for them all, but it is something I am currently working on. ------------------ Silvaire Komione, Male, Elezen, Ishgardian, 45 years old -- Silvaire hails from Ishgard. He was a nobleman who was quite outspoken on his views on the wrongs of the aristocracy, and how it was their duty to help those in the lower social classes--especially given the fallout of the Dragonsong War. Needless to say, his views weren't widely shared and he was mocked for his efforts. It was a shame to his family given the embarrassment they faced each day; hearing new tales about their "delusional" son. Fed up of the public ridicule he faced, Silvaire decided to leave home. He set his sights on Eorzea and never looked back. However, he still wears a ring that bears his family crest. Regardless of his unwillingness to speak of his family, he does still miss his mother at the very least, and she is the only reason why he keeps the ring. Silvaire became an adventurer for many years, as he wanted to help others. Though as time went on, he found that less important quests came his way. Instead it was menial things, such as delivering packages or letters. He went into an unofficial retirement, and decided that his efforts would be more fruitful as a healer for hire--travelling to clients or receiving them at his house if required. To further occupy his time, he took up journalism for a company in Ul'dah, the Daily Inquiry. They were a small team of reporters that wanted to publish articles and a newspaper like the Mythril Eye. ---- [Kind, empathetic, perfectionist, self-less, analytical, cautious, humble] https://carrd.co/dashboard/4822157737428674 Khaishan (Khai) Yumishi, Female, Raen/Xaela mix, Orthardian, 19 years old -- Khaishan was born into the mixed Raen and Xaela tribe, the Yumishi. Her father came from the Ruby Sea and settled in the Azim Steppe. Though he was accepted by very few, he still managed to associate the Steppes as his home. He fell in love with a Mankhad woman and thus began the new tribe. The Yumishi are all trained in the art of ninjutsu and utilize the poison blow dart skills that all Mankhad have. As the tribe grew, Khai's brother married a Mok woman and the Yumishi skill set was expanded upon. It is said that the Yumishi have eyes and ears everywhere in the Steppes. In fact, a popular rumor is that one only needs to speak their issues to the wind, and a Yumishi will appear within the hour. Though they are assassins by trade, they have a strick rule against killing tribal leaders and children. -- Khai is very much a free spirited person. However, she shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to combat. She earned the nickname "Lily of the Valley" due to her harmless appearance but deadly skills. Those that under estimate her find that such is their last thought before a swift end. Perhaps it was the Raen blood coursing through her veins, but her outlook on the Steppe was never favorable. In fact she yearned to leave--her fear was to die there and never truly know of the world. Though being the Khan's daughter presented her with many issues. Would she honor her heart or her duty to the Yumishi? Knowing his daughter's wishes, her father gave her leave from the Steppe and her trirbal obligations, welcoming her to return at any time when she was ready. Khai's newfound freedom led her all throughout Othard where she spent most of her time helping the rebellion against the Empire. Eventually, when it came to be too dangerous to remain in Othard, she fled to Eorzea where she has resided ever since. Still doing what the Yumishi do best, she is an assassin for hire as well as a tracker--espionage of any sort really. --- [Tactical, energetic, curious, efficient, sociable (when not on an assignment), careful] Vincent Grayves, Male, Highlander, Lominsan, 34 years old -- Once a notorious Lominsan pirate, captain of the Rhalgr's Doom, Vincent built a reputation for himself by looting, pillaging, and terrorizing smaller villages and outposts in La Noscea. He was young and wild, with a desire to explore the world and defy any and all authority. Growing up in the worst of conditions had hardened his spirit and turned him bitter during his early teenage years, which he held onto during his piracy days. However, given his attitude, he was accustomed to stepping on the toes of those more powerful and far more wrathful than himself. The inevitable happened, and Vincent was subject to a mutiny--his crew had teamed up with a different captain; one whom Vincent had crossed some months prior, and under the promise of better leadership his crew was eager to betray him. He suffered a vicious beating, tossing him into a coma, and was left for dead at the Aleport docks. Once nursed back to health, he'd found that his memory was gone. No recollection of his past. The couple that had taken pity on him and brought him back to their home in Limsa, had informed him that he'd been unconscious for a sometime. He stayed with the couple to repay them for their kindness, but it also provided him security as he did not have anywhere else to go--that he knew of. Living among humble people had turned his now blank slate of a personality into a respectable , happy, and energetic man. He is now a fisherman who frequents the Lominsan markets to sell his catch. --- [Jovial, boisterous, helpful, protective, dimwitted/absent-minded] Shiramun (Shira) Kharlu, Male, Xaela, Orthardian, 19 years old -- Born in the Azim Steppe, Shira belonged to a small tribe called Muge. They specialized in weaving, fishing, and farming--very tame trades in the Steppe. However, such menial things were needed to sustain a society, and the Muge were happy to supply. The Naadam wasn't something they concerned themselves with as their warriors could never compare or compete with the other tribes, and so they never participated. Other tribes deemed them weak based on their work and actions. Naturally, this also made them a very easy target. The Kharlu descended upon the small Muge Iloh, killing handfuls of families. They snatched up whatever children were left in order to subjugate them into the Kharlu ranks. Shira had been one of those children who witnessed their parents senselessly slaughtered. His quiet and peaceful life was destroyed within an hour, and anger and devastation was left in its place. He began harboring a strong resentment for the Kharlu and other Xaela. Life with the Kharlu was highly unpleasant, being trained day and night since his subjugation, and often subjected to various punishments for his stubbornness and initial defiance. He learned to live by the sword, and in a sick way, he started to enjoy the bloodshed. It became a coping mechanism for him, an outlet for his directionless and intense anger. Even though he hates the Kharlu with a passion, he has been loyal to them due to a distorted and unhealthy form of gratuity--having endured many and very real threats to his life, he is grateful to have been "allowed" to keep his after all these years. The Kharlu have permitted Shira to leave the Steppe in order to train and become stronger: his "guardian"--though really more of a handler--thought it best for Shira to seek out a mentor more skilled in the Dark Knight discipline, which he seems to favor. Currently, Shira is in Eorzea, looking for a teacher, or really any means to increase his strength so that he can return to the Steppe and help the Kharlu win their annual battle with the Jungid, as well as the Naadam. However, now having some distance from his home has begun to put him in a weird head space. Does he want to return? He could easily start over and form a new life... He isn't entirely sure which path is the correct one, but he hopes to learn in time. --- [Quiet, irritable, emotionally closed off, reckless (when angry), sadistic to an extent] Bayan Tumet, Male, Xaela, Orthardian, 22 years old -- Bayan is usually accompanied by his twin brother, Bayar. The two were separated from the rest of the Tumet tribe on their tenth summer when they failed to catch up after the sacred tree ceremony/right of passage. From then on, Bayan considered he and his brother as their own tribe, and he has done everything in his power to protect Bayar. However, there is something... off about Bayan. While, yes, he does claim to love his brother and that his protection is an extension of it... it doesn't all add up. His stare is cold and calculating towards everyone; his brother included. If he were open with his feelings, one would find that he is quite callous and apathetic. He takes pleasure in hurting others, seeing them helpless is entertaining and a source of great enjoyment. His emotional issues are deep and stem from a traumatic incident, which occurred way back in his eighth summer. This is not something he talks about with anyone. One day he was with his tribe, and the next he was gone. For a full 24 hours, Bayan went missing. When he returned, he was a darker person. He views his brother as a more innocent and pure version of himself; an innocence that was lost--this servers as his main and only motivation for protecting his sibling. It's clear to those that spend a few hours around him, that Bayan has a handful of psychotic tendencies. He is trying to be normal, but his acting is terrible and he can't help but tap into his sadistic nature from time to time. Bayan loves engaging in battle, and has a weird fixation with blood. It's not uncommon for him to taste some if it's drawn from his opponent. He'll often say that the blood of others has a sweet taste to it, while his is filthy and tastes expired compared. This is the only sort of emotional hints or insight that he'll give of his inner perception of himself. Like many others, Bayan is a mercenary for hire, as he needs a means to support him and his brother. It seemed like the best work to partake in given his love of battle and the thrill he gets from it. Conversations with him can be a painful experience as he isn't a man of many words. Though that doesn't mean that he won't respond if someone is addressing him. He just tends to be a little harsh and blunt in his word choice--more than most are comfortable with. ------------------ I also do have a Miqo'te female that I tried to get connections for way back: https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/topic/21889-illiterate-miqote-with-big-dreams-lfc/
  8. Hey there! I'm also on Goblin, and am around fairly regularly--if work doesn't get in the way. I also have a lot of alts.... so I feel your frustration. It's hard trying to pay attention to them all. If you ever want to discuss RP scenarios or hang out in game, feel free to shoot me a message!
  9. Chiasa is a Miqo'te gatherer from the Ra' tribe. She ran away from her home to give her life some purpose. She now lives in Ul'dah as a housekeeper in the Hourglass inn. When she's not working, she can be found walking around the streets of Ul'dah or in the Quicksand getting something to eat. She hopes to one day become a journalist, but... she's illiterate, which is of course a bit of a set back... << Looking for >> Long term RP partners Short term RP partners I suppose if we connect and our characters connect as well, then a love interest Someone to get along with OOC (that's highly important to me as well as IC relations) Discord RPs as well since I'm not always on FFXIV I
  10. Thank you! Yeah, I've always felt like something was missing from my FFXIV experience. I just wish I started out in an RP heavy world is all, the servers I've ended up picking, when I first started playing, made more for a solo gaming experience with forced teamwork interactions here and there LOL! Sadly I don't have an alt there, but maybe one day! Also don't worry since you're certainly not the only nerd here ;p
  11. /Anxiously shakes your hand Thank you for the warm welcome!
  12. Thank you, I appreciate it, and sure thing! I'd love to talk more in game
  13. Hey, guys! I've been playing FFXIV for a little more than 2 years now, I've beaten Stormblood about..... 4 times now for my main and alts.... and now I'm looking for stuff to hold my interest in game. My main and my other alts are on Goblin, but I do have some other characters spread out on other servers like Balmung, Zalera, Siren, Adamantoise, etc. I'd like to say that I'm fairly new to role playing, I've only ever dabbled in casual RPs with my close friend--making in character comments here and there, nothing too spectacular. I would really love to expand my connections, make more friends, role play and basically learn to love my characters more through it. If you're interested you can message me more on Discord! ʇɥƃᴉlq#7030
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