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  1. Altan, shot off, like an arrow past the Ixal pierced in the chest, with the actually arrow, jumping he pulled out his brass knuckles and smashed his fist into the ground, sending a small tremor into the sounding area, making the Ixal loose balance. At that same time, Nubia, heard a piercing screech, a green aetheric, bird liek creature, came shooting out the sky, using wind to cut and slice open Ixals left and right. "What the hell..." She frowned slightly, as it dawned on her, the summoner it was most likely his creature. ' Hmph seems he has some usefully trick
  2. " First of all, I'm not your dear.. second,what rock have you been living under, huh? Who goes in Black shroud, not knowing of the beast tribes that lives here..? She stopped, she couldn't believe an supposed hired adventurer, in Gridania didn't know of the beast tribe of Ixals. She looked back at him, giving him a queer look before, shaking her head, and resume walking forward. She didn't feel like giving him a lecture, on beast tribes in Gridania. "Third... our mission is very simple in which im sure you will strive in doing.. you use your annoying charm, and see
  3. Ajisai noted, how he didn't answer her last question, though now she think about it, it was probably the wrong question to ask. Maybe, my hidden skill wasn't done properly... that or he has some third eye? gasp. Like the samurai's back home!. .. She shivered, thinking about the Sekseigumi back in Kugane. when Olivian.s voice snapped her back into reality. " Good question, and for your sake.. i hope it is in the sun.." Ajisai, answered replying to him, as he looked in obnoxious amusement. She peeked at him with her topaz, colored eyes, as he chewed on his paper p
  4. Looking up to see how the distraction went as, Ajisai struggled to reach for the bag, she looked up to peek over, only to catch a glimpse at the man, winking at her. There is no way he can see me right? She ducked down, frowning to herself, with a soft puffing pop sound, she was back in existence. The Hidden skill timer was up. The 'Catte' Lady, purred at Olivian, almost as if gliding the cat, slinked over to him and put one hand on his shoulder. "That's morrrre like it" Kallopea eye'd at him, while Altan crossed his arm, but his hands ready on his knives hanging
  5. Ajisai, had nodded to Altan to jump in the mix, she had an ease plan on how to get two sack full of goods and get away, her rogue training from Limsa back when she started here, would soon prove useful, with her ability to use hidden, and her tactful way, of blending into things would make it as breeze. only problem was, it would last long, and her moving into the wagon to get the goods would not help with a unstable looking wagon. This thing looks like it would leave splinters like a cactuar shooting needles, how did he even sit in it for as long as he did? Using her hand signs, she used
  6. Ajisai, smirked her arrow not only hit, but sent the man flying,she turned to look at Altan with a grin on her face smirking, while he just looked at her and shrugged and said " Besides his little girl scream, i don;t think it did any actual damage.." Ajisai, frowned and clicked her tongue, in annoyance. "Well go on while his arss is face up in the bushes!" She whispered in a hiss. The Boss lady nodded and was about to step out when, the ass bush man, yelled for his "Boys". " What reinforcements?! " Kallopea, looked at her scout, who shook his head. Altan said softly for them to
  7. "Well Well Well, lookie here boys." She sniffs the air. "smells like a big lump some of gil" Kallopea the toughiest leader of the Scarpaw bandits, was hidden in the trees eyeing a wagon go by with one small guard. "Nope that was Rupert, he let one cut again" Benson, said as he fanned the air of Ruppies fart away. Kallopea rolled her eyes in the longest most dramatic way possible, she used her tail to whip at Ruppie, the smelly Lalafell. For a small guy he sure let out the deadliest ones. " RRRuuugh, just go get the newbies, time to see what they're made of.." She smirked as she slowly stalke
  8. that would be super cool for you! thank you
  9. MMORPG background My first MMO was Fiesta, back when Outspark had the reigns over it, then i found out there are other MMO's, I played different kinds but the ones I stuck to most were, Tera, GW2, Black Desert, then finally Final Fantasy XIV. RP experience Sadly I didn't find out about the RP world until i got to a Social network game called IMVU and did some RP on Facebook before i actually RP'd on Tera, as a redheaded Brawler, Black Desert as a Hybrid Witch. I've Mostly made OC's after OC's not really sticking to one, but recently because i wanted to have more of a
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