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  1. Mashimaru

    FFXIV Doodles

    。Nothing will be cleaned up. Nothing。
  2. Mashimaru

    Kahbuki Qalli

    。Kahbuki Qalli / Au Ra (Xaela) / 25 Years Old。 "Beware, Little Sun. Tis the new age of Qalli that will soon eclipse the throne." The son of the current Qalli Khan. Born into the world to follow in his great great grandfathers footsteps re-take the Naadam under the banner of the Qalli tribe. However, recently our little warlord in training hath found a love in Doman (Kabuki) theater. Thus after careful convincing and with the permission from his father, Kahbuki was able to leave the Steppe in order to venture out and experience the rest of the Eorzean world... as long as he returned in time for the Naadam, that is.
  3. Mashimaru

    Gerard Larsonient / Gaspard Nellmont

    。Gerard Larsonient / Elezen (Wildwood) / ??? Years Old。 "How dull it is to continue living and not learn a single thing..." An Ishgardian "doctor" of sorts and a professor of Black Magic. Not much is known about him, but what is known is that this man has a relentless taste for knowledge and a loyalty to his goals are quite the spectacle to behold. - - - 。Gaspard Nellmont / Elezen (Wildwood) / 37(?) Years Old。 "I tried to adventure once... Scary are the kind of monsters that lurk even lurk amongst us everyday." Once upon a time a humble Ishgardian tinkerman. Credited to have invented one of the first few clock work minions in Coerthas long ago, however other tinker/toy makers and historians beg to differ. - - - 。About。 Two Elezens in one. Their story seems a bit convultued, but they both have/had their reasoning for what they hath done thus far.
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