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  1. Hello, I've been on hiatus from the game and rp but interested in a discord RP. My signature is linked to my character's wiki, you're more than welcome to take a gander. Welcome to FFXIV RPC o/
  2. Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to respond to my poorly written, silly questions :). They have been extremely helpful in mapping out keys things for my character.
  3. Hello there, I'm looking for contacts, assassination contracts, plot-driven RP, one-time encounters, antagonist roles or any roles for my OC here Sebastian Qerel. I'm interested in RP-ing inside any plot-driven RP and opened to any ideas you may have. Sebastian is a mercenary recently hired on as a assassin by the Scarlet Hands. He has a war panther cub that he currently training to aid him in battles. He's chaotically neutral atm (So I can do good or bad but giving how he is, its probably be bad lol. I'll link my OC's wiki in the page here. It will have my contact info if you wish to get ahold of me. Thank you for reading the ad and hope to hear from you https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Sebastian_Qerel
  4. Drunk guy 1: "The stranger shrouded in black is said to be a hellish fiend from the deepest depths of the seven hells, Look! there he is, Don't stare! Where ever he goes, death surely follows." Novice Adventurer: "Is "death" suppose to be that adorable black kitten falling behind him?" Drunk guy 1: "Yea...wait? WHAT?!?" *kitten tumbles adorably behind the stranger* MEOW!!!! Multiple adventurers: AWWW, THAT'S SOOO CUTE!! OC: *face-palms* "I can't let this go on" Hello there, Looking for animal expert, tamer, etc for my OC's persistent companion, This cub, that he found, and is now following him. My OC does not know much about this strange cat. He was told by a woman named Saki that it was some panther(aka he does not know its a war panther,) and now want to train it to be useful. Why?? because doesn't want a clumsy cat in his way all the time. I can RP IG or via discord, I'm available IG on the weekends, weekdays only Mornings and late nights. If this right up your alley, then you can pm, or (if on Exodus) /tell IGN: Sebastian Chandranath or reply here.
  5. Hello, I have a few questions about Dark Knights, and their soulstones, I wish to progress with him as smoothly as possible but I feel I need to clear some things up before I do. I'll post my character's wiki if some of you wish to read it. It will be great to get some feedback or tips on it :] 1. So darkness is something all Dark Knights deal with and can take on a form like IG, Is it different for every Dark Knight? Does it only take the form of whoever is carrying the soulstone or can it take the form of another person (say like a dead comrade or relative?) 2. If the darkness is a reflection of the Dark Knight's dark intent or desire (Idk which one it is) Can the darkness antagonize the Dark Knight to do evil if they are not in a good state of mind? Does the darkness make them go insane or whats the deal? 3. I read up on some lore about soulstones, (mainly Dark knight soulstone posted in a tumblr by someone with a dark brown xeala with black hair with red highlights I think) So if a Dark Knight desires to forfeit their life, would they unable to use the soulstone or would their be unable to use it if the decide to not protect but instead destroy everything? 4. Soulstone, does it suck the souls of its wielder once they die?? (I've been pondering on this for quite some time and would love an answer to this :])) 5. Since dark knights fuel their power with negative emotions, If one would go murderously insane, using feeling like anger, malice and murderous intentions. This wouldn't effect the strength of his abilities right?
  6. Hello, So I wield a Cronus Lux IG for my DRK when OOC, but I want to add it to my OC without it conflicting with the Anima lore, (Cuz the anima is made and you can't just buy or find one, and my character wouldn't know where to get one nor knows nothing about their existence.) Since the Cronus Lux looks bland when sheathed, to write it off as a regular black great sword, but unsheathed that purple cross thingy comes out, So I had a question that I thought might explain why my OC's weapon emits this "strange" aura (tried to research it but I couldn't really find anything) but is it too far fetch to say that the reason for this is because the soulstone is embedded on the weapon? What are your thoughts? (As some of you may have seen this post earlier, I decided to edit it because, [after reading it] my original post is more lore related topic then a character development. I shall post the original in the Lore Discussion tab to avoid confusion.)
  7. hello and welcome to the RPC, I started on Exodus and new to RP. Unfortuately I transferred over to Mateus . I like your pic btw x) really nice. If you ever make a wiki for your OC, send me a link cuz I love backstories lol. See you around.
  8. Hello, I just transferred to Matus and new to the RP scene. Would like to learn more as I go and was hoping to start here. If you're still accepting new members then great , I'm usually on between 5pm-9pm PST. IGN Sebastian Chandranath
  9. The marketplace quickly becomes lively and loud as traders yell out their deals on goods and quality and buyer crowding the stands in a frenzy. A dark figure, wearing a long, black hooded cloak, consealing his face and armour emerged from the marketplace bustling crowds. Making his way out through the pier, he spots a small stand in the corner of his eye that peaked his interest. He noticed a Au Ra swrim her way between two tall Elezens as he approaches the stand from the right side. Upon arrival, He looks down at the table of junk that was spread out and spotted a folded parchment with top side slightly opened. He reached out his hand, placing two fingers on it and slided it towards him. He picks it up, rotates it on its back and saw some slightly faded writing that read "Map of La Noscea, Outer La Noscea."
  10. Hello, If you're looking for an enemy, I believe my character can fill that role. Here is the wiki https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/User:Sebastian_Qerel have a read and tell him if he's a good fit.
  11. Here on Matus, Looking to start Rp here. Here is my character's wiki page https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/User:Sebastian_Qerel If he's the right choice to have a bad standing with or an extra to have in your character's story then "sweet!" You can find in the wilderness anywhere, normally I avoid stepping into City/settlements but when I do, I'll be the tall Xeala with all black armour with no name above me. If you find me and wanna Rp, then send me a msg before I disappear into the crowd. (no longer in exodus)
  12. Quick question here, How Do I upload screenshots on the charater wiki, Having difficulities trying to figure it out. Trying to upload screenshots for my character but.... Imma not smart so I couldn't lol Please help
  13. Question about the DRK soul crystal (or any in the matter) So to obtain a DRK soul crystal, It needs to be passed down or pick it up from a dead DRK or can someone manifest one by training?? I'm confused on how its obtain.
  14. Sorry no back story here.
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