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  1. I thought it would be fun to share our characters singing and speaking voices! I've always been into voice acting so I love to think who would play my character's voice ^^ My Xaela, Xiou Ren's voice is based off Marceline from Adventure time. k4Am5o4tAhA Also since her personality and backstory was based off Anya from Anastasia, I can see her singing voice be Christy Altomare from the Broadway version of Anastasia! I wrote her backstory around this song, so this would be a perfect song for Xiou to sing as well. sIsjo6c9Ha0 Who would be the perfect voice and singing voice for your character?
  2. I've met a lot of wonderful people and Xiou has too since I put this add up! I wanted to thank you all for viewing Xiou's add listing Recently I've been trying to get a second job, and I've pulled through with it. For now I won't be looking for any more RP partners, just for now though! I'm looking forward to when I have more time to RP like I would want. Thanks again to everyone who messaged me back! I'll still be around in game, casually PVEing and RPing here and there. Feel free to say hi!
  3. I'm a huge disney geek I can't resist hnnngg)) Xiou would be a shyer Esmeralda~ She would also have bits of Pocahontas and Moana too!
  4. I'm really grateful I made it in Balmung before the lockout haha ;w; And Kugane is one of Xiou's favorite places! She has yet to visit the Steppe though! Xiou loves to visit Tea Shops! I'll keep an eye out for the ad, thanks!
  5. Arjn is pretty great as well!!! I would definitely love a villainous character to interact with Xiou! It would be interesting. Feel free to hit me up on discord, and sorry for the late reply! I think I saw your discord on your wiki, I might hit you up myself I'm always open and still looking for RP!
  6. Ahh your character sounds like she could potentially make great buds with mine! My links are all down in my signature for my OC, feel free to check them out! If you like what you see I wouldn't mind hitting you up IG to RP a scene!
  7. Met some amazing RP partners so far, but still looking for more experiences! ^^ Edit: Now with a RPC Wiki! https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Xiou_Ren
  8. A black leather book, small in size, lay upon an oak desk. Inside the pages writing could be found in a language reminiscent to Doman… though it did not look recognizable. The letters were far too intricate, far too curved in their structure to be proper Doman. The handwriting was also childlike in nature. Only a few weeks ago, I was living a completely different life… Things were familiar, the same every day… I could feel myself drowning in complacency, my words started to have less and less meaning. I was drunk on the comfortability that I was provided. Perhaps my soul was wishing for a change, for I found my existence here turned upside down. My life that I had known vanished before me in a blink of an eye. I awoke with nothing, except more questions to add to my list of haunting thoughts that will never leave me. I thought I would drown in darkness. I thought I would never see the stars in others eyes again. I was ready to subject myself into a world of isolation and stagnation, to become a victim of circumstance. I had prepared for this day when the light around me flickered out. I was ready. I was expecting it. Then why…. Why… Why, while I am still plagued with thoughts of what happened,why have the gods provided me with such enriching experiences? Why, while I was finally ready to receive the judgement of the world at large, why did I receive such light and kindness from others? Why now? Why does my heart threaten to overflow with joy, though my eyes are weeping with sorrow? Why do I feel more alive in this moment than any other? What did I do to deserve this happiness I feel? In this short time of painful transition, I have met wonderful people… People who have filled my life with compassion. I have seen things I never thought I would see unless I was daydreaming… This feeling brought to me solely by others simply being who they wish to be. I now understand the need to protect others in this world, something I was unable to truly grasp in concept before. I believe… humans have eyes in the front of their face to always look forward, and not behind us… I want to look ahead of me with a mind clear of the what ifs, buts, and if onlys… Though my heart weighs heavy, I will work towards the future you fight so hard for, I will believe in it with every fiber of my being. That is the truth of my universe. Original: http://xiou.tumblr.com/post/166086539075/black-leather-bound-book-1
  9. Bump ^^ Also, heres some more details on Xiou! http://xiou.tumblr.com/post/165879147260/detailed-character-meme-xiou-ren
  10. This looks great!! You did a really fantastic job on the screenies and everything You know Xiou will go over to you if she needs her hair cut short (which is quite often). ((Also bonus, hi Maia!!))
  11. YOU LIKE CHOCOBO? WE LIKE CHOCOBO!... Hehe, you sound like someone who'd make a good friend for my character Zhara. We should all hang out sometime. Ayy I am so down. Chocobo lovers gotta stick together I would love to meet your character!
  12. He sounds great! Xiou would probably have a lot of questions to ask them both. Don't hesitate to shoot me a message here or ig! ^^
  13. RPC Wiki: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Xiou_Ren Looking for: Friends, acquaintances, rivalries, enemies, ect most of all, close IC bonds and RP partners looking to develop relationships of any kind. ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ Name: Xiou Ren Age: Around 25 Hobbies/Interests: Stars and stargazing, finding out how others tick, understanding 'normal' life in Eorzea, exploring, chocobos and chocobo racing, the Golden Saucer, collecting anything shiny or colorful, dancing, singing, fate and the gods, astrology, healing, tea and warm beverages, bathhouses, books, blossoms and floral arrangements. Likes: The deeper conversations about others, the feeling of wide open spaces, performing meticulous and almost meaningless tasks, dancing around in her old uniform out in the open desert where she cannot be found, humming old Steppe songs she barely remembers. (Food):Any kind of cooked to rare meat, popotos prepared in any style, anything pulled from a vegetable patch, raw sliced fish with rice, Tempura shrimp, Rolanberry Daifuku mochi. (Drink): Young Leaf Jasmine Green Tea, Coffee Milk, fruity, floral, and bitter teas. Personality: Quirky, empathetic, appears trusting, optimistic, polite, cheerful, positive, awkward, determined, tries to be helpful, starry eyed. Xiou is a Xaela who hardly remembers her life on the Steppes, and relates more to the Doman Culture she was raised on. She spends most of her time working at a not so well known bath House in the Mists (Ward4 Plot16, Rm13). When the Xaela isn't working, she spends her free time exploring the cities in Eorzea, foraging for spare coin and bath soaks, tasting different tea at various cafes, and spending time in her really cheap apartment in the Lavender beds. Xiou ironically was never given a chance to learn how to fight, but Xiou tries to make up for it with her studies in Astrologian skills, so she can assist those who help and protect others in the world. This starry eyed Xaela wanders aimlessly, mostly around the Thanalan Deserts and forests of Gridania. She obsessively collects a random assortment of things, mostly books, (Though she struggles to read in Eorzean) in hopes of learning more about life around her, and her own past. More details on Xiou can be found here: http://xiou.tumblr.com/post/165879147260/detailed-character-meme-xiou-ren https://s26.postimg.org/fq5b3jd49/IMG_20170407_015951_212.jpg[/img] ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ OOC: Hello, and thanks for checking out Xiou's ad! I've played a few months in FFXIV now, and transferred into Balmung right before it closed. Now that I've had time to learn about Eorzea, I'm hoping to establish Xiou and get her out there in the FFXIV world and the community. I've been RPing for a little over a year now. I attempt to make my posts detailed and in paragraph form, but any style my RP partner has is fine with me. As long as both parties are having fun, its all good! I'm looking for any kind of relationship with Xiou, whether it be friend, foe, or more! Any kind of roleplay is okay in my book, as long as its in character. I'm looking for roleplay partners to have fun with developing our characters together, and have adventures out in Eorzea and other lands FFXiV has to offer. I also enjoy PvE content when I'm not roleplaying (I main Astro), it would be great to find others who do the same! My work schedule is flexible so I'm free most days, You can get in contact with me IG by messaging: Xiou Ren! Or Discord: (Sakana #0623) I also have a tumblr link on the bottom of this post you can contact me at. I'm looking forward to RPing with you all!
  14. Edit: Moving to another page!
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