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  1. I'd be hella interested in throwing my Sultansworn mi'qote, Servus, at Ophelia for some off-the-books intelligence/rumor collecting. He's the sort of vigilante type, spooks n' spys, secret service, that sort of stuff. She'd fit right in.
  2. God, after reading this I would literally do anything to get on Balmung and rp with you. If you ever think about tossing up an alt on Mateus, gimmie a shout as my short vigilante sultansworn and barbarian au'ra would love to meet you!
  3. Both of those sound pretty good to be honest, I bet Zansetsu would enjoy yucking up all the praise at maybe a book signing or something like that. Bayard seems cool as well, so that's a plus! I'll admit, I sort of have a soft spot more for Okit'a these days since he just knows how to take the piss out of everything and everyone. I bet he'd be more than happy to try and make some quick gil by swindling Cecelia and her foils. Seeing as how Okit'a has zero integrity and is probably at the most distgusting bottom of life's barrel of filth, he'd easily take up the offer, though, if she somehow manages to sober him up, his fortune telling could cause some, well, un-fortunate side effects. Either way, sounds great!
  4. I was being a responsible adult and perusing some of the finer classic disney films with my flatmates a few days back in a drunken stupor, and the thought crossed my mind, which RPC characters would be who if they were in the disney universe. You people can't fool me, I know we've all thought this at some point. I'll get the ball rolling to see if this takes off or not. Servus, Simba from Lion King Kunugh, Babmi's dad probably Owain, All three of the hyenas form the Lion King morphed into one monstrosity Okit'a, Hades from Hercules Zansetsu, Mushu from Mulan
  5. Mfw I look at the backstory for my mi'qote paladin:
  6. Hello FF14 friends. I've recently come back to the game and was hoping to RP with as many as you lovelies as I can. Currently, I'm leveling up 5 characters on Midgardsomr, but plan on transfering them to Mateus asap due to the Balmung block. I've talked with a few of you already, but here's hoping for a few fresh faces! Now, without further ado, I give you the (WIP) Backstreet Boys: Servus Lionheart/Mi'qote, Seeker of the Sun/Mid-twenties/Paladin of Ul'dah/wiki A calm and stern soul, the Lionhearted gladiator-turned-paladin is renown for both his skill in combat as well as his chivalric and merciful nature. One to not talk much about his past, it is common knowledge throughout Ul'dah regarding his life as a slave before winning his freedom by defeating his master in combat, only to spare the formers life, an act that won the respect of the crowd and the citizenry of Ul'dah as a whole. Now, having found a new purpose in protecting the innocent and keeping Ul'dah safe, Servus does what he can to take on the sufferings of others to alleviate their pain. With unmistakable bright pink eyes and a long mane of hair to match his tanned skin, he is an intimidating figure... except for the fact that he is significantly shorter than the average miqote, standing at a measely 5'1", something that his is quite quick to temper about. Owain Highwind/Highlander/Early-thirties/Dragoon-for-Hire Known for his squinty eyes and scarred face, Owain lives life by what he calls 'The Rule of B', that is: booze, breasts, and blood. A cynic at his core and a pessimist by nature, Owain is a gruff and muscular migrant who has seen more than his fair share of scumminess in the world, from Ala Mihgo, to Ishgard, to Eorzea. Not one to talk about his past or his future or goals in life, Owain is a creature primarily concerned with the present, the rest will fall where it may. Life is short, and there's nothing but cold darkness waiting, so might as well spend it doing whatever the hell you want. Wandering from city to city looking for excitement and work, Owain doesn't believe in honor nor looks out for anyone besides himself. He never speaks of his time as an Ishgardian dragoon, instead either getting angry or changing the subject. Speaks with a thick Scottish accent. Zansetsu Yamamoto/Raen/mid-twenties/Summoner and Best-selling Author With dark red skin and a pair of spectacles that cement his position as under-appreciated glasses-kun, Zansetsu is a high logical creature who thrives off analyzing the world around him. Coming from Othard with his family well before the Garlean invasion, he has adapted well to life in Eorzea and its customs. Loyal to Limsa Lominsa, Zansetsu proved to be a prodigal student who in turn became a prodigal Summoner, due to his scientific analysis of Beastmen worship of primals. More popularly however, Zansetsu is known for his status as a political-thriller and mystery-drama author. Secretly, the Raen is less scrupulous, writing an equally popular list of erotic short stories under the pen name 'Onion Knight' to much acclaim. Okit'a Bajiraah/Keeper/early-twenties/Fortune Teller and Mischief Maker A common sight in the markets of Ul'dah, Okit'a is an enigma: a shitty fortune teller, a drunkard, a sex fiend, a drug addict, and an overall ner-do-el. Rumors circulate that the swindling fortune teller was once, in actuality, one of the greatest diviners alive. Not wanting to follow his overbearing matriarch mother's demand to go along with a massive political marriage that would bring two equally massive Keeper tribes together, Okita took advantage of his youthful appearance and crossdressed as a bridesmaid to escape, leaving his bride, the future matriarch, at the alter. In a fury his mother, his tutor in all things fortune telling, cursed him to the ends of the earth, stating that since he was so fond of seeing the future with clear view that from then on he'd bring terrible misfortune to those who he read cards for. Not wanting to bring death and destruction, Okita found a workaround. By being drunk/high/horny the keeper could read the future without any misfortune falling others as a result. His livelihood saved, Okita now resides in the confined walls of Ul'dah, shirking responsibility and commitment to instead swindle passerbys for gil. Kunugh Himaa/Xaela/mid-twenties/Silent Warrior The product of a union between a Dotharl raider who took a Olkund maiden as wife, Kunugh is a behemoth in every sense of the word. Standing at 8'2", towering over even other Xaela, the warrior is truly a mind-boggling sight. Rippling with muscle packed everywhere onto his body, oozing testosterone to the n'th degree, and posessing utterly inhuman strength and toughness, Kunugh is a more mountain than masculine. With skin as dark as night and gray eyes that pierce the souls of men, Kunugh came to Eorzea shrouded in mystery. A Xaela of few words, he is more liable to reply in a single sentence or even just a grunt of approval than to engage in lengthy conversations. Still, his looming figure is both calmingly tranquil, yet a reminder to evildoers to remember their place. He loves soft things, cute things, sweet things, as well as his partner in crime, the Tiny Tapir known as Chochum!
  7. Hnnnngh, Diannero looks so like so much fun but I'm busy leveling alts on midgardsomr before I transfer x.x I'll definitely hit you up when I eventually jump over to Mateus!
  8. Hey there! I'm currently getting back into the game with Stormblood and leveling some alts before I transfer to Mateus, but just wanted to pop my head in and say I'd definitely be up to RP down the line. M'shugo definitely looks like fun! Hope you find other people as well.
  9. I'd be down, sure, especially since you're a fellow EU RP'er. I've done RP in the past but am still fairly new to FF14 and MMO RP as opposed to more story-based. Still I'm keen to get involved and not be a wallflower, haha. Ardashir'a Saladin is a fellow keeper but more of the scholarly bookworm type. He has some contempt for keeper culture and his fellow miquote as a whole but is still an agreeable and civilized sort of chap. He likes going on adventures and treasure hunting to help him write his book, a complete history of Hydaelin. Fun :cactuar: Fun :cactuar: Fun:cactuar:
  10. Title implies most of it really, I'm looking to create a group of 5 fellows who would be keen on going on a quest-roadtrip across Eorzea to kill an evil 'something' Dio Brando. Numerous misadventures ensue along the way, as well as necessary random synchronized posing. I'm currently new to the game but am used to rp on other sites/mmos, I have a male mi'quote with the most glorious pompadour or all time. Stand Proud, Cactuar ZipZapZop
  11. Hola, Just thought I'd stop by and say hi. I'm new to FF14 as a whole but have rp'd in the past and whatnot, love final fantasy so I thought I'd make the jump. Anyways hope to see you all on Balmung before the inevitable cactuar revolution occurs to overthrow the bourgeois races of Eorzea. :cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar:
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