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  1. What is the 花の家 (House of Flowers) We are a Hingan-styled FC that's very strongly based around the real-world traditions that it stems from; that is, heavily influenced from our impressions of a select focus within Japanese culture. The House of Flowers is primarily intended to provide an atmospheric venue for roleplayers to gather and enjoy our best imitation of what it might be like to visit an Ochaya: a teahouse that is staffed by Geisha. What can I expect in this FC? We're a group of people across nearly all timezones, and our get-togethers for teahouse
  2. I play a wild keeper sort, for those in Gridania might be fun to interact with him. Pae'a Atiyeh. Give me a shout if interested.
  3. Hi! I'm Pae'a Atiyeh. I'm looking for new RP connections, very experienced RPer however lacking connections within FF. I'm part of DM RP, but looking for more people for story based/plot driven focus. Pae'a is a wild, fun, playful and capricious keeper with a passion for adventure. He is a holds traditional views on keeper culture and can often grind against some people. Providing people can see past his blunt and often over opinionated nature he's loyal, loving and warm. For more information drop me a message or in game. I'd love to make as many connections as I can!
  4. Thank you fey. I might poke you in game for a chat before applying. Secondly, as I am completely new I wad wondering if anyone would like to teach a conjurer apprentice, doesn't have to be regular rp but it could be a great chance to make connections and start some stories going. If anyone is interested poke me in game or here
  5. Heya! So still struggling to find a FC, or find the friendly people above. If you'd like to poke me in game for RP feel free. Thanks!
  6. I'm UK based and would be interested I think. Pretty new to FF RP however.
  7. Thanks guys, I'll look you up this evening. Also, I'm struggling to find definitive lore on keepers of the moon`'s culture. I know of their naming conventions and breeding matrical society. But any tips on anything else. I'm a little stuck.
  8. Heya! Recently made it on to Balmung; looking to make connections for RP. Maybe a FC linkshells ect. I work on EU time but would be happy to work around NA.
  9. Ah! Thanks for the tip, that's just what I'll do then.
  10. Ah! Thank you for your help. That's kind of you. And No, I mean that we couldn't gain access to the severs, both are completely full. Have no idea how to get on Balmung due to this We ended up on Siren due to that.
  11. Hi um, A friend and I have recently moved from WOW to FF are completely new to FF14-RP. However we were unable to make on to either Gilamesh or Balmung and are leveling new characters on Siren. Can anyone provide info on the right places and people to speak with, we're complete noobs and would like to start Roleplaying as soon as we are leveled. Thanks for any help you can offer. (Sorry If I've posted in the wrong place )
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