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  2. So really all this is doing is screwing over the people in their own time zone because those in Eastern/Central will be able to get home and log in before others and still afk out using the work around. Or the people that get home after that but still have things to do can just do it again. I think it'll help some, but in the grand scheme of things it may do very little. Time will tell, I guess. I think just based on the nature of time zones anyway that this would always be the case unless they did the reset at like 5PM EDT, which I feel would be a bad idea.
  3. Looks like today's (and possibly all future occurrences of this) will be happening at Noon PDT.
  4. It's a good solution for Balmung. But the rest of the Data Center is livid because EVERYONE has to suffer for it. So it's normal Balmung hate x10000 right now.
  5. http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/news/detail/263f9a10fe534e8c93e43d08fde73eaba1c52976 Because SE's preferred solution is a rusty hatchet.
  6. The guy who plays Marluxia (Pink hair, not the redhead), I think it's Kieth Ferguson. That is Tenrilaux's voice, definitely.
  7. Ok so I'm a huge fan of music in terms of ambience, tone, and mood setting, and I use it a lot in my writing when it can be more of a multimedia sort of project. I also love character themes, whether for certain events or just leitmotifs or the like. A lot of us probably do have at least one, if not multiple musical themes for our characters that fit their personalities or histories. The challenge I propose is -- what if something happened just a little bit differently to your character? What if instead of a specific life event occurring, the coin flipped and Fate decided on a different outcome? How would it effect the feel and emotion of their themes today? Example for Tenrilaux here. He's pretty jaded and cynical and has a more serious and darker look upon things. I reflect that in his general theme with the song I have in his wiki (which I recently remade which is why the song is so darn new). However as I was going through Civ 6 music, I stumbled upon Greece's industrial era theme, and that was when this thought occurred to me. It would fit Ten greatly -- IF he were just a bit more heroic. If some of the stuff that happened to him in Ishgard played out just a tiny bit differently. So as I said the normal theme is in the wiki so I won't like it here again, but if he were just that little bit more ... pleasant, he could have easily sounded like this. https://youtu.be/-T3t2LdCEBw?t=2m34s Anyway I thought this could be a fun little character expression challenge. EDIT: I didn't really want this stupid video to embed because it's not starting at the section I want it to it's just starting from the beginning. x_x The section I want is at 2:34
  8. I did see it, but it seemed... I dunno. Bardy? Or rather, an entertainment troupe or the like isn't really Ollie's scene? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Oliver grew up hearing the tales of the adventurers that came to serve after the Garlean invasion, and during the moons before the Calamity. For him, it's a call to do something great. Perhaps not to the levels of glory that the adventurers of old have, or of the fabled few heard talked about in the current day. But he wants to help as much as he can, in his own small way.
  10. I had always figured that a normal dragoon was just like ... an arm of the Ishgardian military, but only really the WoL and Estinien (being Azure Dragoons) were special. I mean hell a PC even trains a new dragoon in the 50-60 quest line so... But I guess it also makes sense since if Dragoons are able to tap into their inner dragon (definitely an Ishgardian thing, what with the blood of dragons and all), maybe only the special few could be chosen to make sure they could control themselves and not succumb. Unless I'm misremembering, it's been over a year since I did those quests and how that whole blood thing was presented. It's either all Ishgardians have it within them, or it's a pure consumption thing like the heretics. I forget exactly.
  11. I didn't happen to see anything in either the Linkshell or Free Company directory, so I will fish here! At the start, I want Ollie's character to revolve more around him being Gridanian, so I figure this is a good place to start. I think I'm more looking for just a LS at first so if anyone knows of one I'd be highly interested!
  12. Yeah I'm doing that now. Well, the making connections thing. There's no Gridanian-based/centered advertisement for either LS or FC. At least that I noticed sometimes I'm just blind I guess. But yes thank you and hello! (By which I mean I should be posting in making connections but am busy reading other things like the RIP DRG thread.)
  13. Good morning/afternoon/evening! I'm Ollie, a sorta veteran on Balmung. Or rather, I've been playing on it for awhile on another character. However, I grew tired of him and made a new guy -- this guy. So hello and well met and uh what's an Eorzean way to say hello. I dunno, but I assume it involves the words "must needs." So who is Ollie? He is a smol youngish Midlander from Gridania. He's fairly new at adventuring in general, but is eager to try and help. That's about all I got I have spent most of my energy leveling and not on his backstory much. It's usually something I kinda make up on the fly anyway, and just remember for the future. He's currently circleless. As in he has no social/adventuring group just yet. No linkshell, no Free Company. I hope for that to change in the nearish future. But for now, hello!
  14. Chiming in: I spent the entire cutscene time waiting for the other shoe to drop. When it never DID (I assume it's coming in the patch before the next expansion, kinda the set up between the WoL and the WoD), I wasn't necessarily left wanting, as it was a satisfying enough close to the story for me. As for my character, Ten's just waiting for people to start telling him he's not welcome anymore. He was brought back to be used for the war effort, but now they don't need him. The way I'm playing it is he's being kept close enough to be able to be used, but not included in anything involving the change of his house (minor noble stuff, Ten's a former exile -- it's complicated). So really he's just looking to the next fight, glancing towards Ala Mhigo and Sharlayan. To him, Ala Mhigo seems more likely, considering how the rumors are swirling on how hard the 6th Legion got spanked up in Azys Lla.
  15. I like the types that go through the motions, yeah? Especially the kinda typical "adventurer romance" kinda thing that you see in many medias. Ten's an adventurer first, a fighter for Ishgard second. So him finding a guy who he can go out and fight with is going to be a staple of his relationships, romantic or not. It somewhat mirrors my approach to other types of RP romance, as well as RL romance. I like a guy who I can just do my everyday stuff with, and just enjoy their company while doing it.
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