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  1. I have an idea, I got inspired while writing a story and stumbled upon the class “Pegasus Knight” from Fire Emblem. I know there are unicorns and Pegasus and I wondered if maybe the Twin Adder could of made a unit of riders who fight along side these beautiful animals. I know there are a small percentage as they are near extinction and the group would be small. (15 in total, 3 in each unit) I thought maybe with the elementals giving permission they use the new unit to patrol the gridania and it’s borders to keep an eye on the garleans. With Doma now free, they bring the unit to othard to help with border protection and such. My character is a new recruit! What do you think? Will it be a good rp?
  2. I can't pick. I love both appearances. The character I am making is an alchemist who travels the realm looking for herbs and materials for her recipes. Normally at her side in the wilderness is an animal companion. She isn't your typical hunter/alchemist, she doesn't hunt or gather by typical hunter means (bow/spear/sword) but with a cane/book as she fights with earth/wind/water magic (conjurer) or with Wind and earth familiars (Arcanist) along with her animal companion. I got this idea from playing Wow for 2 months. Why can't a hunter be a magic user? Which looks more like what I'm describing? I'm planning to have one character and I don't know if I'll be RPing with her or not (don't have a lot of time like I used to) just might use her for writing mainly or just play the story. I'm leaning toward the first picture but I want to hear your thoughts. Thank you very much.
  3. I am trying to make a character to fit into Eorzea as it is written. I've been doing what you have told me, draw ideas from other shows/games/etc and rewrite them into a plot that fits Eorzea. I've been told many of my ideas don't work so I've been working my creative side to find a path that isn't overly crazy or impossible to believe. The idea for the princess path is not from another world, I've worked it to be on a small island, not continent like the game's version is, I've changed the name of said kingdom. I did read one wiki where the character's design was based off a character from an anime/video game, so I thought that was ok, that is what I've done. I've done one change my alt, she doesn't have the same dual eye color like Yuna, I've made it a beautiful blue to compliment the rich brown in her hair. It isn't I'm refusing to, it's I'm trying. I'm really tempted to give up the idea of RPing in FF because I've been told no too many times that I'm feeling disappointed and I've been reading up on the lore as much as I can but there is so much I don't really understand as I didn't play in 1.0. I might just focus on doing fanfiction instead or just RP by myself so I can give a little immersion to my play. (did that a lot in Wow).
  4. Sorry for the late reply! I know my history on royalty as I'm a history fanatic! ☺ My favorite royal is Queen Victoria, to answer the question about the royalty path I'm considering is from an iPad/iPhone game called Midnight Cinderella. The story is You, a commoner, have now become princess of the entire country of Wysteria! The first job as “princess” is to find the prince who will rule beside you. You soon find yourself surrounded with a cast of nine highly eligible bachelors… However, you can only pick one! Who will rule beside you at the throne?! http://otomeobsessed.com/midnight-cinderella I love Yuna from X/X-2 so I thought about just making a look a like but with longer hair as an idea of her older and paying homage to my favorite. I should of clarified about the jobs, that is all they are, I've decided to go a route where Yuuna/Althena (torn on the first name) is a beastmaster like the spec in World of Warcraft. Instead of being a summoner she's a hunter who fights with her animal companions (I.e. Mounts) She's going to be a caster! I plan to dye the garb as I love the original style but for my idea, I'm thinking royal blue. ☺ I agree that the lore might not work so I'm going to negate that idea and pick a different spot in the game where she could come to Eorzea. I hope I've cleared things up a bit better! ☺?
  5. Meet Lady Yuuna Dreamsong (I know she looks like Yuna from X/X-2, but I promise that she isn't going to be her in-game or in my fanfiction.) Here is what I've got so far on backstory and I wanted to run this by you all to be sure that I'm staying in the correct borders this time. Yuuna is the daughter of Alex and Luna Dreamsong, a talented weaver and a talented goldsmith, they open a shop that uses both of their talents which they call Dreamsong. (please correct me on the Garlean lore as I'm hoping that I've got the lore right for this), her parents disappeared when they went to Eorzea when Yuuna had been 16 years old, it had been 5 years since the Calamity, she is now 21 and has become a very successful weaver/goldsmith herself and owner of her parents' shop. She was born an raised on a small island that is located several malms (is that right? Trying to get a good distance from the mainland) off the coast of Othard, the island is called the Kingdom of Rydian. About this time, the Kingdom holds a ball where she is inadvertently picked as Princess, the details are still a mystery on how she was selected but after being Princess for 2 years, Rydian is prospering under her guidance. Her guardian and chosen future husband, Lord Byron, is her military commander along with Keiki Saito, who is her friend and advisor, they alert her to the Garleans making moves toward their kingdom. Her people care for her so much that they risk everything to save her life. The garleans arrive and before they can make landfall, the officials and Byron have Yuuna escape on a merchant vessel. She is disguised, however, the garleans seem to know of her escape and have one of their own board the same ship and try to poison her. Somehow she is transformed from Hyur to Au Ra, the only thing that doesn't change is her eye color. She meets up with Yugiri's fleet as they flee Doma and arrives in Ul'dah with the other refugees. I would be grateful for any guidance on the garleans/Yugiri's passage time frame. I don't want to have Yuuna be the wrong age and definitely not have her in the right lore setting. This is just a brief idea that has been in my head for a while. I've been keeping your advice in my head on what works and what doesn't work. She will be a Summoner/White Mage. The High Summoner Garb isn't mainly the Summoner attire but the royal garb that she choses to wear for royal events and such. She brings it with her to be the only reminder of her former home. Thank you all for reading. I will be referencing the Wiki for more ideas to add to this fanfiction.
  6. I've a question about this. They start mentioning these later in the MSQ with the relation to the warriors of darkness. I've had an idea for a character but don't know the idea will work. What are these worlds exactly? Are they planets? Other dimensions? I've got an original character that will possibly have a connection with particular FF main characters but her memory is foggy like Garnet in IX. Would love to know the answer to this!
  7. Hi guys, long time no see! I've got a question about a desktop and was wondering you thoughts on it. I'm playing on asus laptop that I've had for 2 wonderful/amazing years! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00YR6BNVS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 I'm wanting to switch to a desktop as I am worried that if I keep pushing my laptop that I might have the same thing happen to it as it's predecessor (video card burned out). I know this laptop is a beast but I think it be better to move to a desktop so on days when I go out of town or go visit family, I can just use the laptop. This is a desktop that I'm eyeing, I think it's a good price and specs look better than my laptop. Could you guys look at it and tell me if it's worth paying. I see that the video card can be upgraded to 1080 but it has to be the founders edition. https://www.amazon.com/Compact-Desktop-G20CB-DB71-GeForce-Processor/dp/B01K1JU56S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1486401387&sr=8-1&keywords=Asus+-+ROG+G20CB Help me, please. I'm not very knowledgeable about computers, I know a little bit but not enough to feel confident. The laptop I decided on and it was an amazing choice. Thank you
  8. Is it possible that the ascians could travel to different worlds or are they just related to the Final Fantasy region? I had an idea that maybe one of the Ascians goes to the Lunar world and forcibly takes the crests from the 4 dragons and takes them to Eorzea, where Althena's descendents face off with him and claim the crests bringing them to the island and places them inside the tower, then after many centuries or millennia the island villagers forget how they came to the island in the first place?
  9. To answer the motivation question. I want to create a tiny bit of my own lore to intergrate into my character's background. The island has a mysterious tower that houses 4 dragon crests (White, Red, Blue, & Black) when dalamud fell and its debris hit the ocean causing a tsunami. My character and her villagers are in the Blue Spire when the tsunami strikes, however, the crests activate the tower which in turn creates a barrier that diverts the tsunami away from the island. The white dragon crest goes into Althena giving her healing magic. The dragon crests then disperse. She goes to Eorzea to progress her magic and to retrieve the crests and return them to her island home. Still a work in progress, this idea started today.
  10. Quick question. When dalamud was falling did it affect the islands around Eorzea? (I.E. Caused tsunamis or water to rise) My character lives on an island and I was wondering, if so is it possible that I could come up with a way for the island to be protected and give an extra motivation for my character to come to Eorzea? Thank you! Happy early thanksgiving!
  11. Hey all, thank you for all the replies. Looking forward to coming over soon. (waiting for next paycheck) I had to do a name change because my main and the alt had the same beginning part of the last name (Light) so I changed it to Althena Dragonsong. (no reference to HW, I promise.) I did a bit of playing with character creation and found 2 looks that I like and can't pick! here is a link to a yahoo search for Althena's parents so you can help me decide which looks more like she could be a relation. https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=A0LEVr8IpjJYchoAK_cnnIlQ?p=luna+and+Alex+Lunar&fr=yhs-mozilla-002&fr2=piv-web&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-002#id=13&iurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sabrecat.net%2Fghaleon%2Fdownload%2Falexluna.gif&action=close I've got a Hyur and Au Ra, both I really like and took from the idea that Althena got her father's hair color and her mother's eye color. Au Ra Hyur
  12. Hello everyone, meet Althena, daughter of Alex and Luna Lightdragon. She has come from her tiny island home of Lunaria to Gridania to join the adventurer's guild and become an adventurer like her parents. She lost them during the Calamity, but her memories and their stories that they shared with her are what driving her to go after the same calling. She's a conjurer like her mother but she is also a budding Arcanist as well. She has long auburn colored hair like her father and sky blue eyes like her mother's. As the title says, I'm looking to transfer to Balmung but I wanted to post a tiny introduction to my RP character as to see if there are any FCs or players who might be interested in RPing or helping me come up with more backstory. I'm really a novice with the lore FFXIV (as many of you already know from the topics/questions I've posted.) I look forward to reading your replies!
  13. or what caused your character to become an adventurer? -Was it fame? -Was it fortune? or was it something completely different than the common situations? We've talked about powers and even have a topic for showing your RP characters, lets talk about the reason your character left home or the land they knew to travel to Eorzea or want to venture around their homeland? I hope reading other people's beginnings might help me jump start my own creative spin on why my Alt is traveling around Eorzea or traveled to Eorzea.
  14. Hi guys, I was wondering if two races such as Au Ra/Hyur, Hyur/Lalafell, Roe/Mi'quote, Au Ra/Mi'quote, etc could be some how related to each other? I'm not talking about blood relation but like an adopted siblings. I've got this idea in my head that references my main who at the time was a hyur and she had a younger sibling, an Au Ra, who was adopted. My main has passed on (pretending she passed during the calamity) her younger sister who turns 18 (as that is what age she looks like) decides to leave her island home (where her elder sister, Tsubasa had instructed that her younger sister be sent to be safe and as far away from the fighting as she can) to go to the land where her sister had fought her final battle, to discover her destiny as a novice adventurer. Both of her parents are dead and it had been Tsubasa and my Au Ra living in the starting city I decide on, both heirs to a large fortune thanks to their families' weaver/goldsmithing business, but with Tsubasa now passed, it is time for her younger sister to take center stage. That is all I've gotten so far. I'm trying to focus more on the character, not the classes/items that awaken her powers like before. Also, for starting to write again, would it be easier to do a hyur younger sibling and have an Auri Elder sister, or would it be better to go Au Ra younger sibling and Hyur Elder sister like I originally planned OR keep both siblings the same race? I'm really trying to stay in the lore, I've discovered that I DO have some RPers on Faerie and I want to be able to RP properly with them, as well as write my alt's story in Fanfiction form. Thank you for answering my questions! (I hope I make sense, I wanted to post this before my nighttime medicine kicked in. ><
  15. Patch 3.4 Soul Surrender is getting closer and closer. I started thinking about this morning how everyone is getting their mains ready for what is to come? I'm at the moment leveling an alt but I would love love to finish up the coils so I can see what the changed dialogue is. I'm also saving my gil and trying to not spend, though I might look into getting materia for Hikaru so she can be stronger in the healing department for the new dungeons!
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