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  1. I avoid the Ul'dah hub and get quite a bit of random RP in the wild, when I put some effort in. My other source is events and LS. Lets leave aside the RP flag, because that's too easy JFDI You have to always be checking and prepared to RP, if not you wont spot it My general approach is to just throw our IC comments and from time to time someone bites Listen (watch) the /say channel to see if they are RPing, and just throw some IC chatter in, walk up etc.. Cautious? Check for RP flags Check their search info, it may say "♥WU" o
  2. I find i can play all things except Savage quite well on Balmung from UK.
  3. There is also a place called Witchdrop Coerthas Central Highlands ( 27.3 , 14.7 )
  4. AFAIK Witch is refered to in places, names and items but is not a common use term. You want to play a witch so you are already walking outside of the well defined path of lore. It certainly does not appear as a job or class and I have had issue with folks claiming it is not part of the game because of that (a very limited view of the game imo) So I would advise taking the approach of using witch but accept that some will frown IC on the label. Which kind of fits nice with witch and IC stigma. If some folks have a problem with that, I expect they will have a problem with
  5. Balmung has probably the biggest number of RPers which includes a lot of EU RPers. My experience is you can find RP around the clock though events tend to be from later EU evening and into the early hours (NA evenings). One thing that EU suffers on Balmung (and all NA servers) is the 180ms+ ping that make end game content (savage+) difficult, so much so I don't even bother with savage/hardcore-raids (the normal versions are fine). I hear that Mateus also has an active EU RP population too. So come the visiting capability it could get quite interesting. I don't have much
  6. This ^ Don't make the RP about you. Though depending on the other you may need to use your character as the stimulus, the NPC just nudging things along. Most people are interested in themselves and their character, so try it and see for yourself.
  7. Welcome to the RP side of FFXIV And I just had to say "Multipass"
  8. Sure thing, we are a bit quiet of late but please come and check us out. I'll send you an invite when I am on, feel free to PM (here or discord Nebbs#5123) me when you get on and I can jump in.
  9. Welcome Krimmzon, I think you picked an interesting time to jump in. There is tones of content.. literally, tones! Don't rush it, as it is story rich and all joins together (ish). You may think the game is simple, which it can be but there is a depth underneath the surface. Just give it time to creep up on you. You will notice that your character can be every job/class, which is different to a lot of other games. The game even gives bonuses for levelling multiple classes on your character. It means you don't need to alt so much (unless you want to). They are going to a
  10. Almost like they pounced when Blizzard fell?
  11. My advice is don't be a job or class, be a character. Be a person that has some life experience and some skills first and then associate yourself to one of the class/job/guild ways of life while not being defined by it.
  12. Some shots from events of the night and after
  13. OMG cute witch! Now Nebbs has to watch out for the good witch dropping houses on her. It's a thing!
  14. It's Wytching Season, I'm a Witch.. make pumpkin soup while you can!
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