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  1. Well if you fancy a seance or ghostly haunting investigation of the "maybe real" or "maybe fake" sort, and you can find her then Nebu'la the Witch may be able to help. We may not kill your "entity" but there will be cake and half eaten fish and pickle sammages.
  2. IC - unless it was true love they will likely turn into a frog, maybe it would take some time and they just sound a bit ribbity for a bit OOC - no one gets inside my personal space exclusion zone, claxons would sound and countermeasures would be deployed
  3. Nebbs

    'Mute' character communication

    I suppose my first question is what you want and why did you decide to play this? Assuming it was not to be a novelty or to inflict an RP crutch on others, then I would suggest making life easy and let them (your fellow RPers) decide how their character reacts and accommodates understanding. To do this you can emote what your character does and include in that the real intent. Misunderstanding for RP effect or not then sits with the other player. eg. /em points casually at the food being delivered to another table, seeking to indicate that they would like you to order that for them /em shakes their head and wags their finger being as clear as possible that they disagreed with the choice Failing that go watch some silent moves or mime for inspiration.
  4. Nebbs

    ffxiv_dx11 2018-06-09 21-20-49c.png

    We did party... harty!
  5. Nebbs

    No Love for Straight Women

    I have played a couple of straight male chars in this game and it was like being some kind of invisible person. This is something I have not found when playing female chars, so i figured it was the gender of the char not me. I am not hung up on any male/female thing myself but the contrast was quite stark.
  6. I hate the housing situation, I already quit once over it. Though through perseverance I now have what I always wanted through sheer luck. There seem to be only three ways to get a house.. 1. Wait the Unknown-Hours for a vacant plot to become free. the risk being gazumped by someone transferring a plot or someone else clicking. 2. In a future housing expansion, should they even make it a straight purchase thing like last time. 3. You acquire an FC that already has a house (as @SQUAWK says). This means there is no queueing, go straight to the house. It also means you can snap up the house of your dreams should it come available by housing transfer. In addition should you decide to quit you can pass it along. So option 3 seems like the best bet, if you can pull it off. There are alternatives, someone who has a house can give you rights to decorate etc.. Maybe some even "rent" out housing via this method, it could even be an IC thing with all the landlord vs tenant drama! Good luck in your hunting!
  7. Nebbs

    Returning, interested in getting into RP

    Not as much as in the past, with housing and some exodus a lot has moved to events and inside. Best this is to go to events and join an RP FC, that way you can start to establish some contacts.
  8. Nebbs

    Lore Bending vs. Lore Breaking

    On way to consider this, is if you can't find an answer, alter the problem. You are looking for "lore evidence" to enable you to judge what is Lore abiding, bending & breaking. Yet there is no absolute scale of Lore information (maybe there is or someone could make one). Anyhow, we are here to Role Play not Lore Play. What I tend to do is consider if things fit in with the nature and intent of the lore and game, that they don't break fundamental "mechanics/physics" of the world and they don't introduce things that are at odds with the world. Please bear in mind with magic & science and surprises always popping up then that is still a broad canvas of creativity to paint on without upsetting the balance. I find if you just play within the Lore it is an imperfect picture and can lock you in to stereotypes. Another aspect is that what the Lore of the world is not what most people will think and believe. So actual characters should have views that are different and even counter to the Lore in the world. So, I suppose I am saying.. RP first, but don't antagonise the lore, learn to live with it.
  9. Lizards with bird/feather wings... heresy I say! But Aztec dragons you say... stop ruining my faux-outrage!
  10. Nebbs

    balmung Nebbs' Free RP! - OPEN

    Re-Opening this with a repeat of the "one time offer only never to be repeated!" See the OP With each RP get a free apple, a fortune card, one lucky gil and a coupon for half off your next RP! Now with added Othard added Gyr Abania!
  11. You soooo get me