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  1. Nebbs

    Returning, interested in getting into RP

    Not as much as in the past, with housing and some exodus a lot has moved to events and inside. Best this is to go to events and join an RP FC, that way you can start to establish some contacts.
  2. Nebbs

    Lore Bending vs. Lore Breaking

    On way to consider this, is if you can't find an answer, alter the problem. You are looking for "lore evidence" to enable you to judge what is Lore abiding, bending & breaking. Yet there is no absolute scale of Lore information (maybe there is or someone could make one). Anyhow, we are here to Role Play not Lore Play. What I tend to do is consider if things fit in with the nature and intent of the lore and game, that they don't break fundamental "mechanics/physics" of the world and they don't introduce things that are at odds with the world. Please bear in mind with magic & science and surprises always popping up then that is still a broad canvas of creativity to paint on without upsetting the balance. I find if you just play within the Lore it is an imperfect picture and can lock you in to stereotypes. Another aspect is that what the Lore of the world is not what most people will think and believe. So actual characters should have views that are different and even counter to the Lore in the world. So, I suppose I am saying.. RP first, but don't antagonise the lore, learn to live with it.
  3. Lizards with bird/feather wings... heresy I say! But Aztec dragons you say... stop ruining my faux-outrage!
  4. Nebbs

    balmung Nebbs' Free RP! - OPEN

    Re-Opening this with a repeat of the "one time offer only never to be repeated!" See the OP With each RP get a free apple, a fortune card, one lucky gil and a coupon for half off your next RP! Now with added Othard added Gyr Abania!
  5. You soooo get me
  6. Not sure this is an answer but... My mum was voidsent I had a cursed rattle as a child I am possessed I went to some dark bar and drank a Sex-in-the-void cocktail I went to a strange dimension and had to make pact to escape Void-touched cooties.. stay away from the Quicksand! I sent of for a "Ultimate Power in 20 issues" the first issue came with a free stick on tattoo, which wont come off! I got bit by voidsent Over use of the teleport crystals (transporter accidents - the source for all problems) I met a strange lady, who made me nervous, she took me in and gave me breakfast There was this seance and it didn't go well I used to be a frog and some witch cursed me into this! I got this from the moogle shop, it was on sale I don't judge I suppose I am saying, people justify it in many ways. What matters is how it flavours your RP and not become your RP.
  7. Nebbs

    Balmung RP, is it dying? Has it changed?

    Changed I would say. Less to the stock events and more local circle type stuff. You could look to the exodus of some, maybe even the non NA players as a reason and also there has been an influx of new people. This may mean that new norms are being established, or maybe time of year? I have noticed less people at some events, and even myself has stopped playing/RPing so much. Yet there is many active and some even pushing new ideas to bring us together in RP, /cheer for them!
  8. Nebbs

    Looking for Contacts & FC [Balmung]

    EU RP on Balmung, I'm up for that sort of thing.
  9. They are players that happen to be pregnant, that is their choice. The RP is how they play their characters in situations with all the "baggage" they have added to them. I would avoid doing anything specific to the char without direct permission as this is in the same area as god modding. Clearly NPCs you control will have to take things into account, but PCs have their own players that will react as their players see fit. The biggest challenges I have had RPing pregnancy is making it part of growth over a long period, it does not end with a birth or such. It is also more than just physical, there is the whole.. being a parent things that should be changing character's views on the world. Also holding to it and not pushing it aside when that becomes convenient. So from responding to those who are RPing pregnant I would push the wider areas that are nice evolving aspects and ignore any of the physical based pregnancy-drama.
  10. Nebbs

    So I got my RP identity stolen by this guy...

    Well I'd like to say it is surprising but there is a lot of strange out there in the online world, and why people do what they do I don't know. I have had similar happen, and I know of people in real life that have had this done on things like facebook. My advice, for what little it is worth, is to not feed their ego/interest. It is a shame you can't un-see it.
  11. Some things to consider: Are they a fake or the real deal How RL authentic will the methods be, maybe you can just fudge it with a fantasy twist? Are they serious, aloof, crazy cat lady..? How engaging will they be, just do the thing or engage their subject in conversation to get some insight to their problems Will they just give verbal fortunes or hand over some written token or maybe an object Will any creatures be harmed in the telling of fortunes? What things are going on for them.. trouble from a local gang?
  12. Mosquitoes, I think they are a common delicacy of the Miqo'te people that they sell in the street. Some kind of spiced meat & veg in flat bread? They may be used in mating rituals and food fights, followed by cleaning rituals.
  13. Nebbs

    Comedy in RP: How???

    While I am a hard core RPer, it is very serious for me, I am also a fool, a joker and a clown. So, my RP tends to be laced by comedy in a number of ways.. 1. Breaking the 4th Wall - While within the context of the RP all is sensible I am likely to lace it with things that seen from outside of that are funny. An easy example is references to other things, very easy are quotes from star wars.. hey.. it's a thing! 2. Making my character the butt of the joke is often the case, such as spells backfiring, loosing a fight (or maybe winning) in a humerus way. Which reminds me that things like combat, the best RP is is loosing.. winning is no fun! This can be subtle or slapstick.. as mood and situation allows. 3. Irony is also a good vein of humour, and putting your characters in situations that accentuate this. (the black mage doing an eye test, the summoner with a wilful fairy, th red mage who hates the sight of blood).. okay maybe some of those play with stereotypes. Having now thought about this I suppose my RP humour is largely from an OOC audience perspective. Which in most cases is dark as it involved IC misfortune. Also, writing in a style like Pratchett .. emotes as narration, which some may frown at but.. For the Humour! If you don't know who Pratchett is.. you are in the wrong topic.