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  1. Thanks guys, definatly staying on Balmung. Lag seems to be fine and the server is pretty good populated during european hours.
  2. Thanks for the info everyone! Is the lag really that bad? I remember being able to do groups and 10 mans just fine. I'm not a hardcore raider though, not sure if I'll even can play savage+ as a somewhat casual gamer.
  3. So I haven't been playing for a long time but am planning to return soon to FF14. Is Balmung still a server with a high population of EU roleplayers? I remember it used to be because there wasn't a EU RP server (or even EU servers at all in the beginning), but not sure if that's now the case as there appears to be a EU RP server now. Is it still true that the majority of EU Roleplayers are on Balmung or are most now on EU and has the EU RP server Omega sort of become the "Argent Dawn" of FF14? Also a follow up question, is it correct that all the inhabitants on the servers in the data center Chrystal can now visit each other, so having a character on the Balmung server means I won't have to go to the trouble of worrying about Mateus as I can simply visit there if there is an RP event taking place there?
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