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  1. https://discord.gg/h9Ams6P Permanent link to the Ishgard Mateus RP Discord, where we are helping to gather RPers interested in Ishgard RP. It includes a Role Bot to help people self-assign their roles (Ishgardian vs Non-Ishgardian, Smallfolk vs Noble, profession, etc). (P.S. I posted here as I was uncertain of where this post should go as it is a community, but not a FC or LS)
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't think the physical classes (while they do use aether) don't necessarily gain magical strength, aetheric techniques, or damage mitigation by holding them? I've only done the Dragoon one and the Paladin. Dragoon sounds like it gives instincts to the wielder (and in doing so enables more rapid dodging and more expert spearwork, but not through magical manipulation, just through the learned muscle memory). The Paladin one I don't recall all that well at the moment. If it's purely for an aetherical boost, you're 100% right, the Garleans have no need for them. But if the muscle memory / skills of someone are transferred, that in and of itself is quite useful for both men of learning & soldiers both. I concur they're far, far too rare to just waste on conscripts - they'd be better served selling them off to some private party or noble who had an academic interest and using the funds for more magitek weapons.
  3. In the case of the MCH, Stephvanien (sp) makes it to mimic the "traditional" soul crystals. I was unaware they were Allagan tech. That makes a lot of sense. Alas, even the "ancient" ones such as SCHs and BLMs must have had original ones. The SCHs need them to summon faeries, and the BLMs need them to avoid deep frying their soul, ergo even the first ones to use them would require it, ergo there was a "first" soul crystal crafted for their use that contained no knowledge. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, there is no lore for these "first" soul crystals that must have existed logically. Also, Valence, I think it makes sense the Garleans would likely employ soul crystals then, as they're Allagan tech - though likely only incredibly rarely as most Garlean soldiers are slave-soldiers who aren't given the best tools for the job most likely, and as soul crystals are fairly rare I doubt they'd go wasting them on soldiers they feel are disposable.
  4. From what I've gathered of Soul Crystals from the WHM quest line, it appears that people can intentionally create them and impart their experiences into them, and from the MCH lore it indicates soul crystals are craftable as blank states. If I'm understanding it correctly then, it implies (without stating) that soul crystals are crafted and carried by a 1st party (party A) and then after they become deceased party B can pick it up and learn from it (given they show enough aptitude and skill on their own to receive the gift of knowledge from the soul crystal). Is there any lore indicating whether or not Garleans leave/employ soul crystals? More specifically, I'm imagining a Garlean gunblade wielder (Centurion rank+), or some other engineer / magitek weapon wielder. I have a character who would benefit from such a soul crystal, but I am uncertain if there's enough lore to reasonably assume I could hunt Garleans down until I found one.
  5. I have a friend who wants to change citizenships from tribal (a miqo'te Keeper who lived on the fringes of Gridanian society) to be a full Ishgardian citizen. While nationality changes were common in FFXI, there's almost no lore I'm aware of pertaining to citizenship changes, much less Ishgardian citizenship changes. A second friend indicated he didn't believe it would be possible given Ishgard's insular nature. It made me realize how truly little I know about citizenship/nationality changes in general within Eorzea. I'm just curious, is it at all viable for a miqo'te to properly become an Ishgardian citizen, and if so, is there any in-lore process that would need to be followed to do so? Furthermore, Ishgard aside, are there any good quotes about the process? I want to know more about the process in general to have as much information as possible on the topic for future use in RP should such a topic ever rise up again.
  6. @Sounsyy Thanks again for all the help. I've started RPing my character now that I've brushed up on the lore. Quick question though, can Ishgardian Temple Knight Chirurgeons become full-fledged knights, or are they purely an auxiliary rank?
  7. And behold, Sounsyy the living god (primal?) of FFXIV lore bequeathes his secrets unto the masses. Thanks again. I'll probably try to use barter-based trade where possible and try to vaguely speak about gil. When forced, I'll probably use the rough 2:1 ratio provided above to estimate things (though I'll try to avoid this where possible).
  8. Gotcha. That's fair. I occasionally enjoy haggling over supply shipments and coin for rare materials, which is why I was hoping it would be a little more direct in FFXIV. Hopefully more lore will come out on this, though I doubt it. Thanks for the information! It'll probably be easier to barter with supplies... "X yalms of X cloth and X crates of X for a shipment of firesand by the end of the month", since I can't really figure out a good gil equivalent. Sounsyy, I need to ask, where do you get all these quotes from? Is there some storage website where literally every quote in the game is stored, or do you just have primal-tier photographic memory?
  9. The main reason why I'm asking is because I intend to RP my expenses to some degree. That is to say, after 20 days without ICly doing an adventure I would imagine my character is struggling to pay rent and may be eating naught but stale bread. Likewise, for the week immediately following an adventure he will be able to eat like a king. Furthermore, he intends to hire help for various tasks and I want to know whether 500 gil is a fair price to motivate someone to risk their life and limb, or would it have to be 5,000 gil? That sort of thing.
  10. I found myself curious, what do an average adventurer and peasant (and by extension, peasant family) need to make per day to ensure a living? As near as I can tell, materials to produce food cost about 3-4 gil a piece for simple food. With each meal usually having 2-3 parts, and usually ending up with 3 helpings/meals from the finished product, that would be an average cost of ~10 gil per day for food per person who can cook it themselves. Lodgings I can find no lore on. I assume renting an inn room is about 50-100 gil per day, which would put renting an apartment at around 20 gil per day per family. This is speculation, but would bring the daily peasant cost to 30 gil / day + 10 gil / additional family member. An average family of 4 would therefore be 60 gil / day to keep fed and sheltered, plus a little on the side for clothes and other things such as taxes would probably bring the average family of 4's necessary wages to get by to about 100 gil / day. Does that math look right, or are people aware of numbers or lore that proves otherwise? Furthermore, the average adventurer may spend time camping which can be virtually free (can get water from rivers, food from hunting, no taxes or fees to camp under the stars), but in town between jobs it would be about 10-30 gil per meal according to vendor prices plus 50 gil per day for an inn room. That brings average expenses for them to about 90 gil per day of downtime. That stated, levequests (which I think would be the average way adventurers get paid, or so I would imagine unless there is evidence to the contrary) offer anywhere from ~50-1,000 gil depending on the difficulty, plus they can sell any loot they receive to traders for anywhere from a few gil for newer adventurers to many thousands later on. So... to just get by, expenses are: Solo peasant: 30 gil / day Peasant family (4): 60 gil / day Solo adventurer (downtime): 90 gil / day + Fees for repairs, potions, and other materials (Unknown) Wages are likely: Peasant supporting family: 80-100 gil / day Solo adventurer (Fresh): 51-200 / adventure Solo adventurer (Seasoned 201-1,000 / adventure Solo adventurer (Expert/Skilled/Veteran): 1,001+ / adventure Do these numbers make sense? Yay? Nay? I know only food came from in-game prices, and the rest is pure speculation. I welcome all forms of discussion and presentation of actual numbers if they're present in game!
  11. Hello again, everyone! This time I'm actually posting in the right forum. Without further adieu, I intend to RP an Ishgardian. A lot of the other city states' lore and recent histories are found out in the early game. https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=18282&pid=280561 I found this link along with all the links Sounsyy posted at the bottom which I aim to read through, but none of them seemed to be geared to a brief overview of the recent history and current hardships facing Ishgard that every Ishgardian would be intimately familiar with. As such, I'm trying to get a somewhat compiled list of recent knowledge/hardships every Ishgardian would be experiencing or have recently experienced. I'm also hoping to better understand the standard Ishgardian military fighter (especially learning what the heck a Chirurgeon actually does). Old to New History They've been at war with dragonkind for 800 years. Only recently (HW Spoiler) Despite that, the Horde yet remains. Calamity Previously, Coerthas was a beautiful countryside with both green and mountains in equal amounts. Ever since the Calamity at the end of 1.0 (which was 5 years ago as of time of posting), however, much of Coerthas has become difficult to traverse (some of the regions before are no longer accessible). It seems to be covered under an eternal winter, under which many of the local denizens have suffered. I was not around for 1.0, so I am not entirely certain what happened in the Calamity to cause Coerthas to suddenly become a frozen hell. My guess would be it's due to ice-aspected aether becoming prominent after the fire-aspected primal Bahamut was dealt with, but that's speculation. Clarification would be appreciated if anyone knows what is actually happening to cause this! The Calamity bringing ice and snow brought a new list of problems to Ishgard's people and government, and resulted in mass casualties and the loss of entire garrisons (as indicated in the dungeon where we clear out a garrison of snowed in soldiers). Botanist Spoilers Below (ARR + Heavensward) Being as starvation is a great motivator, I would assume as per a related post I read they import a significant amount of it since much of their farmlands were demolished by the Calamity. Trade They seem to have an iron grip on the chocobo trade. I know other nations have chocobos, but is it confirmed whether or not they're imported from Ishgard? I'm namely trying to determine what Ishgard's primary exports would be aside from snow and faith. I would appreciate knowledge about the chocobo trade, as well as any other exports they handle. If Chocobos are their only export and other nations already have them in large enough quantities, I would imagine getting what they need by trade would be difficult. Government And Eorzean Alliance (Spoiler heavy for Heavensward, read at your own risk!) Outsiders Given all of the recent events, are outsiders now permitted within Ishgard without the approval of a Great House? Military Their modernized military consists of knights (powerful religious melee combatants, seemingly less cavalry based than their real life counterpart), chirurgeons, and machinists. Knighthood, however, requires being knighted after undergoing training as a squire which seems to cover a large variety of topics from learning how to fight, to learning how to take care of one's own food-based needs in the field, to maintaining armor/weapons, and chivalric code. Chirurgeons are their healers and in-game use the Conjurer weapon and class, though canonically they're not the same at all. I've heard mixed reviews as to whether they're simple non-magical doctors, or whether they're simplistic holy casters. If anyone has definitive lore on this (non-magic vs. magic healing, as well as if it is magical what school it is [elemental, holy, something else, how does it function?]) I would appreciate it! Machinists are their specialists who are used in the field behind Knights. These are the most recent addition to the Ishgardian lines, only arriving in 3.0 (2-3 years ago canonically, right?). I have another entire post on these elsewhere, so I think I'm good on Machinists lore for now (thanks Sounsyy & Valence!). Based on this, I should ask - are all of their front line soldiers knights/squires, or do they incorporate non-knight front line soldiers into their midst? Summary (As I Understand It) In short, they are dealing with a recent political upheaval, changes to their church's beliefs (which in a theocracy would be massive - it would be similar to the separation of Martin Luther from the Catholic church during the Reformation IRL), starvation, lack of building materials, a top-heavy economy (nobles appear to be fairly wealthy, the peasant populace on the other hand requires handouts to even get everyone blankets and food), needing trade to get basic needs (which isn't necessarily a hardship, but if trade were ever disrupted it would have drastic effects on their way of life so it makes them vulnerable), Even now, their military system of knights and squires is financed heavily by the four Great houses who control trade and the greater part of the economy, which ensures stability but also stagnancy in social status in spite of personal successes. Please, post comments, questions, ideas, and thoughts! I'm very interested in other people's opinions and ideas
  12. @Sounsyy Sounds intriguing. Thanks for the ideas, again. I completely forgot they were goldsmiths guild and not alchemy. One of these days my knowledge will come back to me... a 1.5 year hiatus really takes a toll, lol.
  13. After reading the Arcanist link, I can clearly see how the applied magic of the Scholar/Summoner/Arcanist is inherently unable to be used in practicality in conjunction with Magitek. That said, from a practical standpoint, those who have an adept understanding of it can still summon Carbuncles and are exceptionally good with numbers. Machinists, as field-engineers, would theoretically need to be at least acceptable with numbers, so knowledge from one could theoretically help enhance the knowledge of the other even though there wouldn't be any real "play" between the two schools of thought. I think instead of what I previously discussed, I'll have my character studying at their guild. Would be practical from his perspective to have both a carbuncle and a turret. Though especially at the start he would be fairly unskilled at it unless he finds some sort of IC mentor for the art (either player or NPC, preferably a player). With that stated, that births a new idea about being a Machinist/Alchemist at the start of my RP experience in FFXIV on Mateus. The alchemist pairs nicely from an IC standpoint as my character could be trying to focus on being a munitions specialist, and trying to find the right ingredients to push his weapon's to be the best they can be. Granted, he would be studying in that guild as well - perhaps not even as a member. The alchemist's also have their own automatons, which would intrigue him coming from Ishgardian Machinistry to see how other countries implement their tech.
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