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  1. Uranami Onsen by the Sea wishes to invite you and your’s to our Thursday Social Hour starting at 7:30pm Pacific Standard Time. Please enjoy our izakaya or soak in our indoor hotsprings (sento!), perhaps a visit to our outdoor amenities through our onsen? If you haven’t yet, please try out our dry and wet sauna on our top floor. If that doesn’t fancy you and you’re of need of healing of either body or mind… Please consider our Wellness Center. We offer general healing, shiatsu, acupuncture, divination, and various other natural remedies. Server: Mateus Date: Thursday Nov. t5th Time: 7:30PM PDT Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 *Please take some time to review our onsen etiquette, they can be found at the top of our page. https://uranami-onsen.tumblr.com/ **The evening will be a mixed bath, please wear swim-wear for modesty.
  2. A'fen Terronar

    Looking for active RPers!

    The Lionguard's Pride is currently searching for players, and roleplayers. Casual or hardcore, roleplay the way you want, and run PvE or PvP content to your hearts content! The most important thing I'm looking for are folks that just want to have a good time RPing, with an excuse to go out anywhere into the world and RP, create crazy stories, either heroic, or villanous! All the while forming a friendship with the other members of the company. Currently we are looking for all classes, all types of players, and all races. No requirements to get in, just be friendly, respect other people, and be active! Feel free to message myself in game with a tell, My toon's name, is A'fen Terronar. I'd be more than happy to hear from anyone! Thank you for your time reading this!
  3. Hello, everyone I'm brand new to the game, just now starting, but anyways I'm looking forward to playing the game as normal as well as doing a bit of role play, though I might not know the lore I'm quick to learn, that and I do know how to role play, been doing it since I was younger, anyways I'm playing on Mateus. My character's name is Kiyoshi Huyana, Not sure what I want this story to go, but I'm sure I'll come up with something I also have Discord if you want it is Kiyoshi#7266. Anyways hope to hear back, sorry for the little details, but still nailing down what I want my character to be etc.
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen's Club, where the casino bunnies and poker studs of the casino floor are ready to take you to the entertainment destination of your choice. Revel in the games, the girls, the good times of the casino floor and stay to watch the fabulous Lucky Sevens dancers in our legendary Showcase & Revue! Open from 10PM to Midnight, Eastern. All the fun to be had in Hyperions Mist, Ward 15, Plot 45--You Lucky People!
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen's Club, where the casino bunnies and poker studs of the casino floor are ready to take you to the entertainment destination of your choice. Revel in the games, the girls, the good times of the casino floor and stay to watch the fabulous Lucky Sevens dancers in our legendary Showcase & Revue! Open from 10PM to Midnight, Eastern. All the fun to be had in Hyperions Mist, Ward 15, Plot 45--You Lucky People!
  6. The Staff & Owners of Uranami Onsen would like to humbly invite you all to our Mixed Bath Thursdays! STARTING: Sept. 6th Please come and partake of a relaxing evening in our hot and cold sento or even our outdoor onsen! We will have an open-bar in our upstairs izakaya and small snacks! Server: MateusDate: Thursdays (Starting Sept. 6th)Time: 7:30PM PDT Location: Mist; Ward 12 // Plot 50*Please take some time to review our onsen etiquette, they can be found at the top of our page. https://uranami-onsen.tumblr.com/ **The evening will be a mixed bath, please wear swim-wear for modesty.
  7. 6.7.18 -Updated Blog & Information. -Officially we have shifted our concept to an Onsen and Izakaya as due to both IC and IRL decisions. -We are currently looking for staff -House is currently under construction and will be for some time. Hey folks, just getting things set up. WISrp is a Izakaya (Tavern) and Sukiya (Tea House) run out of Ward 8 // Plot 17 in Shirogane. We will likely be looking for folks to join in the near future. Please stay tuned.
  8. IRISH


    So it's been a long while since I've been on ffxiv and I RPed quite a bit on the Mateus server. I'm a pretty heavy RPer and raider. Might need some training in the raid department again as again been awhile. As for my roleplay, I've been active in most RP communities or any form of RP for 15+years. So I was hoping to find a guild that's about medium to heavy RP and a bit of raiding on the side.. Is I said I'm on the Mateus server my I'm game name is Hiro Akamatsu. Hit me up in game or here if you know anyone recruiting.
  9. HUGE UPDATE!! We received the blessed luck to have upgraded to a beach side property! Our Location has changed!! We will have directing staff to help you get to our correct location if you’re lost. NEW LOCATION: Mist; Ward 12 // Plot 50 The Staff & Owners of Uranami Onsen would like to humbly invite you all to our Official Grand Opening! Please come and partake of a relaxing evening in our hot and cold sento or even our outdoor onsen! We will have an open-bar in our upstairs izakaya and small snacks! Server: MateusDate: August 26th (Sunday)Time: 4pm PDT Location: Mist; Ward 12 // Plot 50*Please take some time to review our onsen etiquette, they can be found at the top of our page. https://uranami-onsen.tumblr.com/ **The evening will be a mixed bath, please wear swim-wear for modesty.
  10. Aufiene

    A Starry-Eyed Elezen

    Making your way through the general tableau of dockworkers and seafarers in the Drowning Wench, one figure seems to stand out among the lot. An elezen woman of sun-baked skin sits alone at a table tucked near one of the pub's walls, wrapped in a clean and carefully fitted dark grey robe. Her short, black-brown hair is styled with tight braids to one side and tousled tresses at the other. Her gloved hands gently wrap around a small metal mug, fingertips lightly tapping out a gentle rhythm to a song that only she can hear. As you approach, her eyes don't appear to react as they stare into the middle distance. You see her lips just barely moving, sounding out words that are not quite audible. As you seat yourself, the woman's trance breaks with a blink of her eyes and a small shake of her head. Her gaze turns to you and her inward muttering stops, her lips forming into a quaint, small smile of greeting. Hello there, RPC! I am Aufiene (or Aufy for short) and I'm here to announce my arrival. The character described above is Aufiene Dechambere, an Astrologian woman who REALLY likes looking into the future and planning ahead. As you can guess, she often can get lost in her own mind of calculations, possibilities and potential outcomes as she tries to chart her way through life with maths and magic. That's kind of about the general gist of her character for now, and I'm hoping that she can make some friends to form a more cohesive story. I play on Jenova by requirement; I would have preferred Balmung but I understand that server's population has been sealed up vacuum-tight and so I'm hoping I can make some Jenovan connections. Hence why I''m here, as I mentioned before. Gameplay-wise, I am not new to XIV overall but am new to the AST class. What I have played, however, has been extremely fun and so I want to flesh Aufy here out more as well as maybe grow with friends in both ability as well as power. I have chugged the 60 and story boosts and I've still got the Stormblood stuff to work through, but I hope that won't be a deterrent. Thanks for taking the time to read this smol intro and I hope to get to know some folks in-game and otherwise.
  11. Daisuke1038

    RPer coming in to a new game

    Hello! I've come from a variety of different games from Potco and ROBLOX when I was but a young kid, to WoW, ESO, and D&D as I've grown. I've been rping approximately.. 10 years? I'm 20 now, so I think over half of my life has been spent RPing at this point I have a couple character ideas and they're pretty basic barebones. A Mage and a craftsman. Beyond that, it'll take me a while. My characters tend to grow organically as ideas pop into my head. Especially since I don't know a lot of the lore, this allows me to start with something basic, and as I learn more and more about this wonderful world, to make even more elaborate characters. I learned about this place after searching up "FFXIV Rping servers" and, well, finding one post about last year about Balamung being in an uncertain amount of Downtime. I plan on being a medium-heavy roleplayer. Not too much where I barely enjoy quests and things like that or am ic all the time I'm online, but I want it to be a majority of my gametime. It's how I've had fun in any game that has a good RP community And, for someone coming in new to FFXIV rping, what server would be good to get into?
  12. Deidra Ballard

    Finally Joining the RP Scene (Hyperion)

    I've been playing FFXIV on and off for a few years now and have recently decided to try and actively join the roleplay community, while I know there are big servers that are filled with roleplayers my home is on Hyperion and was hoping that some individuals, FC's or groups would be able to help me get to know the ropes of it all and maybe roleplay with myself.
  13. Hello all! I've just returned from a long hiatus and I was thinking about transferring off Balmung to a more EU oriented server popular for its roleplay. I have looked around and I see a bunch of answers from Mateus, Omega and others like Lich and so on. So it's been difficult for me to really get a decent, accurate answer. So would anyone please be able to tell me the most populated EU RP server please? I'll stay on Balmung if the EU is really, really lacking in RP because RP is pretty much the #1 thing I enjoy most about MMORPGs in general. Some first hand replies from people actually on EU servers would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance! Edit: Oops! I was meant to post this in the RP Discussion forums sorry!
  14. Alistaiir

    Emotional distress from RP

    Hello, I need your help/advice/anything you can offer. I’m going to give the tl;dr version of my situation first and go into more detail afterwards. Tl;dr: The gist of my situation is I am jealous of my RP partner because she’s roleplaying with someone else and I am now being mostly ignored. It makes me feel terrible and I don’t know how to stop feeling like this. My question is: how can i deal with this? Long version: Backtrack 6 months ago, i’m a normal player who barely dabbled in RP at a few D&D sessions. I’m a gamer through and through and that’s been my only past time for all my years. So I’m playing with 2 of my friends (these two are actually engaged to eachother IRL and are also my friends in IRL) and they decide at some point to change their character’s race. I thought i could join them in the fun since i’ve always played a male character in my games. So i went ahead and genderbent my character. Things were alright and we had fun together. Then one day one of these friends is attracted to my female character and starts flirting IC with her. It was awkward at first but i rolled with it and eventually i came to enjoy it. That was my first time RPing online. I've never done it before. We spent the past 6 months roleplaying our characters (4 to be exact) into a family together and we decided to marry 2 of them. We have everything ready for the wedding too we just need to set the date. We’ve always been talking during this period about our characters and what funny and sweet scenes we could put them through even outside of the game via Discord. She always called my toon "M'lady" and was very sweet the entire time we RPed. Sometime during these 6 months she discovered a roleplay server she liked and created a character there. Let’s call the server we’ve been on until now A and the roleplay server B. I joined her. Everything was fine until a bit over two weeks ago. When she stopped logging onto the A server and stopped replying even to our RP concerning the B server toons. I thought i should be polite and not pester her for an answer so i waited a week. Still nothing so i remind her. She brushes it off by telling me she’s busy. I knew she was RPing with the peeps on the B server which is fine because i’m not looking to be the only person she roleplays with. However after 6 months of investment into both our characters on A server i was expecting it would continue as it had until then. I keep getting hints that she’s distracted or that she’s not interested by her either giving me “bleh” replies, one liners, replying late or not replying at all. No more calling eachother wife or husband or lover or "M'lady" as we used to. No more of her toon dutifully offering me to get on the 2 seated chocobo mount. No more of her telling me that her heart can’t handle the cuteness of our characters as she used to. She’s got a sweetheart on the B server now and even though we had decided our characters would be together even there (in an open relationship) she pushed my character away to be with that person only. She says it’s because i’m not online on B server as much that this happened. Alright, fine. I can understand that. Even though i hated it, I RPed a very dramatic breakup scene with her thinking we still had our RP on A server. I came to her with a scene to RP for those characters. She told me she didn’t want to RP that scene. Alright. Then i asked her about the wedding we were supposed to have and if she still wants it. She said yes, but when i asked about when to set the date she told me she can’t talk now because she was RPing with someone else. Note that this has never stopped her before. I ask her once again the next day and she just says she doesn’t know and shows little to no signs of wanting us to decide together. Today, just a bit earlier from me writting this we went to the Chapel to set up the date for the marriage. Whenever we planned for the wedding she was always there at the Aetheryte waiting for me with the 2-seated mount. And I do mean always. This time she just dashed off by herself without even looking back. At one point i asked her if she was still interested in me as an RP partner. She said yes, but all the signs i’m reading from her state the exact opposite... ghosting, disinterest, bleh replies. I’ve confronted her about this before and she always says i’m fine but i think she only says this out of pity or something and I'm scared of confronting her again for fear that she'll get annoyed with me. I'm actually reaching a point where I'm starting to believe that everything I try to do whether IC or OOC is annoying to her. And so I come to my conclusion. I don’t know what to do... These past 2 weeks and a half i’ve been severely depressed because of it. I go to bed sad, i wake up sad and i can barely hold my tears in while at work. It's affected me so much that my parents, my sister, my coworkers and people on the street ask me why I'm sad although I try not to show it. I don’t know how to confront her about it without seeming like i’m pestering her because i still cherish her as a friend IRL and i don’t want to ruin that. At this point I just wish she would call it off if she’s just not interested anymore rather then stringing me along getting my hopes up for nothing. It will hurt a lot but at least it’ll give me the opportunity to get over it and heal rather than keep suffering. I’ve been reading many articles about this subject lately so I can learn about how to deal with this and try to not be the clingy guy or the annoying guy but at this point i just don’t know what to do. She can roleplay with whomever she wants as much as she wants. I won’t stop her. I just want to stop feeling like this. I just want it to stop hurting and i want to stop being a crying mess almost every day. What can I do to fix this? How should I go about solving our RP? Can it even be saved? How do I get her to be honest to me about it? Sorry for the long post, but i’m just lost... Thank you for your time.
  15. A few new leveplates have begun circulation! Friday, 5/18/2018, 10 PM EST I need a few able bodied adventurers to scout out the hideout of some thugs. A long time ago, I sold something I should never have given up, and it made it's way into less then savory hands. This is as far as I've been able to track it thus far. Get in there, and see if you can find any trace of rare goods or crystals, or any sort of paperwork you can find. -A'lera Tristelle 1)Artoria Aldsan 2)Serys 3)Leanne Delphium 4) Reis! Reserve: Anstarra Kal Sunday, 5/20/2018, 8 PM EST A murder most foul! A member of the Ossuary was found, dead, in his bedchambers, his throat slit! What's worse, this looks like the work of a madman... A strange coin was found jabbed into his eye socket! -A concerned Brass Blade 1)Sartorie Terrechant 2) 3) 4) Reserve: Reis
  16. Sumire_Miyuri

    Now seeking Employees!

    Castaway Inn is Now Hiring. Come and take part in our fantastic range of Opportunities. From Building Connections and Friendships to Protecting those you've come to hold dear. We hold a little something for everyone. Come Apply Today. Message us on discord at Elissara#3366 or apply in game.
  17. Adala Archer

    Bounty Hunter LS/Events

    Hey guys. For the past few days I've been having some ideas about a Linkshell dedicated to Bounty Hunters and characters that have or would have bounties on them. Of course Balmung is a very large community, and if there's already a Linkshell like this I'd appreciate it if someone could point me the way. Though some of the things I had in mind about this is that the Linkshell would serve both as a means of contact to meet other players within the genre, as well as serve as a place to talk and plan events. The main premise behind it would be that there would be a bounty board, and players within the Community could place a bounty on another player (of course both would have to agree and come to a consensus about all that. I don't want players putting bounties on others that don't want to participate or have no knowledge about it.) Once the bounty is up, the Hunters would have to go out into the realm and do whatever they deem they must to capture them. (And again with the "Dead or Alive" thing, the two players would agree if said character needs to be taken alive or they are okay of being Player Killed.) This wouldn't be an event to where everyone gathers for a few hours on a certain day and finish it. This would more be on the lines of immersive and organic, the Hunter having to ICly ask the right people, maybe bribe or blackmail someone in Rp that could span over days or weeks. The Hunters can also either team up as a group of hunters, wanting to split the profit between each other, or go solo and claim it all themselves. And if there's a character out there that would back-stab the group to hoard the coin for themselves, then go for it! It's how the Bounty Hunter industry is. Essentially they're all competing against one another. Forge temporarily alliances, go solo-dolo, or betray the party, it's all fair game in this industry. I do understand this sort of type of Rp has its pros and cons. Pros to me is that players having to solve their bounties this way leads to much more organic Roleplay that feels much less scripted. Cons however is that sometimes it can stagnate if players don't try to take the initiative, or it can get stagnant if players have to put down the game do to reason xyz. But hopefully the LS will serve as a way to remedy that well enough that it won't happen too frequently. If anyone is interested, or know of a group out there that does something like this, please PM me on Discord. My ID is Archer#5983.
  18. While this is not my event nor am I the one running this, it was something linked on the Mateus RP HUB and given we have had many faces joining Mateus, I felt I would post this up as it is one of our regular events on the sever. For information regarding this, you can find the info on their event here: https://fallgourd-float.tumblr.com/post/174262616502/oschons-sands-mateus-server-hq-map-june-3rd If you like to join the Mateus RP HUB and keep up with the latest on Mateus RP events, you can join them here: https://discord.gg/77DDRUg
  19. I recently made my way to Zalera, and it's a nice, peaceful server that I've been really enjoying thus far! I've seen a few folks with the RP tag here and there, and was wondering were there any RPers on the server? If so, is there an LS/Discord I could join? (I don't mind starting the charge on either if neither one exists!) Thanks in advance for reading! <3
  20. Praesolus


    Hello all, I'm a long-time tabletop RPer (D&D, VtM, Anima, etc) who was directed to try RPing on FFXIV, after my deciding on taking a break from WoW for a time. My character, Vorne Casodevian, is located on the Omega server, and is always in possession of the RP tag (since I'm happy to roleplay at any time). If you see him, feel free to approach, or even send me a message or similar if you fancy a scene. All the best!
  21. A big thanks to Tess Nocturne for designing the logo! A new poster seems to make itself apparent across the capital cities of the realm, with a shining tribal like logo it clearly states “TOTAL BATTLE ISLAND!” Come one come all! Test your wits against one another in the most furious tournament of strength and magical prowess in the realm! An island just off the coast off la noscea has been turned into a arena of proving for all those who wish it! Come to Costa del sol and gain passage to the island, and fight for the glory and prizes that await you! Not wanting to fight and just wanting to drink the night away whilst watching your close friends and compatriots sparring the night away? WE HAVE YOU! Total Battle Island has partnered with the ravens rose to bring you a stylish bar and cuisine to indulge in at the coastside bar whilst the tournament goes happens! The winner of this prestigious tournament and reigns its champion wins a whopping half a million in prize money! This is not the only reward to be gained from this however… on a monthly basis the tournament will receive special events with even larger and more varied prizes! From fighting over the water, to dodging pumpkins and snowballs… your balance and survival will be put on the line at these special monthly doses of seasonal mayhem! So come down to the coast and fight the night away each friday at 7pm EST, can YOU prevail? The poster would have a picture in the centre of a location, revealing a island just off the coast of costa del sol, and the docks at the mainland that you can use to get a boat over to the location. OOC What is Total Battle Island? The concept of total battle island is a fun beachside tournament with the theme of an over the top parody of reality tv commentary as the fights are going on to add to the entertainment! This will be a weekly tournament and will not only offer a venue for fighting of both magical and physical, but a place for people to come together as the community and enjoy the refreshments and cuisine offered by the in-house IC bar we have open at the same time also! We will also be hosting special themed weeks monthly, of which the competitors will have certain modifiers to adhere to whilst fighting their opponents from wearing swimsuits, to being on a tilting platform in the middle of the ocean! We have a creative palette of ideas to throw at our contestants, and a big dish of prizes to hand to whoever is lucky enough to come out victorious! What times will this be held? This will be held weekly at 7pm EST (11-12pm GMT) every Friday. How does it work? Contestants stand in a line in front of the hosts (Von Sayrillont,S’mikka Nightshade) and on the time introduce themselves by name, after this they are then assigned into their brackets with a referee to look over each individual bracket. Once this has been sorted it resorts to usual grindstone rules, for those who are new to the tournament scene, you both roll for initiative, highest goes first, then the attacker proceeds to emote and then you both roll again, if the attacker rolls higher they get a hit on you and if the defender gets higher they counter, and you take turns until one duelist reaches three hits which is a victory. After that the victor whispers the referee and gets assorted into the next match, this will keep on happening until it goes to the last two people. Are spectators allowed? Of course! We have even went forth to collaborate with the Ravens Rose to provide those who wish to sit on the sidelines with a bar where you can order a variety of food and beverages for your character to partake in whilst they sit down and watch the madness go down, we want to offer a immersive scene for all involved! Can I join the staff? We are always free to take in roles for healers , extra referees, or even bar staff! so if you wish to give your assistance speak to myself (Von Sayrillont), and for bar work contact Aludove Vuinuet Our first tournament will be held on the 23rd March at 7pm EST and go on weekly from then on, we hope to see you all there! Contact Von Sayrillont in game with any questions!
  22. Hello everyone! I'm an old ffxiv player whose been around on and off since pre a realm reborn. I loved more than anything the closeness and bonds I made playing the original release of ffxiv and I find myself missing that in the day to day of the game nowadays. I found this this forum via a simple google search in a hopes to find some like minded players who are more interested in the experience, in the friendships and bonds you create, than in pure stats and dps counters The elitists are so worried about. My hopes and goals are to find and join a free company / linkshell dedicated to friendship, and I got to thinking that I might find this amongst the role players of the community. I don't have much role play experience, literally since MySpace, and if you aren't familiar with that, then well shit I'm getting old haha. I'm looking for a light rp group on any server (planning on starting a new character, both game wise and rp wise). A couple of things I loved about playing ffxiv that I'm hoping to see. Fun over gains. I understand there is a faster way to do things, but I play this game to have fun. Maybe I want to set up a grind party and roam killing mobs like old school ffxiv and ffxi online. Maybe a crafting party to just hang out and bull shit and craft stuff. A race from one town to the next just for he fun of it. These kinds of things are what I'm hoping to find, simply fun and not a tight structured elite group like most players have turned into these days. Bit about myself, I love music and anime and video games. I've played a fair share of mmos. Eve online being the longest running, I played ffxi online and as previously stated I've played xiv off and on for years. Black desert online is a current favorite as well of mine. And too many more to count. I am 26 so a more mature group is preferred for me, I'd like to not worry too much about what I say around people. I am respectful yet rather vulgar at the same time. I live in the north western United States but work graveyard so my time zone is kind of a funny thing. I play a lot more on eu and aus times than my own. I will be online generally Thursday nights and mixed mid week times usually 4-8 pm (pst) when I can and I'm not busy. If you know of a group or are in one that you think might be a good fit please let me know as I'd love to come hang out and get to know some people from this community. I'm a very active discord user so if anyone wants to chat anytime even not about ffxiv, pm me.
  23. Heyo! My char, who is a war-torn veteran, is looking for a therapist (not a medic as he is one). I won't go into the long details here of why he needs one, but to put it shortly, anger issues, flashbacks and paranoia are among his greatest problems. He doesn't have any friends because of these problems and finds himself very much alone in his suffering. No-one really understands in ye olde Eorzea (not even his partners), and people usually just get by by calling him crazy or a lunatic for his problems. You don't have to be a RL expert (duh xP) but IRL, I am a sufferer of PTSD and am dedicated to role-playing realistic scenarios. I write probably too much and my character, outside of his issues, is a pretty friendly dude who gets along with most (as am I!). I love drama. If you know anything about mental health then you might know the sort of character I'm looking for. :> I'm looking for a long term bond here that, if it goes well, will see you probably being pulled into a friendship! If you want to know the details of it all feel free to message me. I'm on Balmung and I'm free most of the day. o/
  24. Click here to see the new house and tumblr post about it! More pictures in this gallery here <3
  25. sleepypanda57

    "The Silver Eagles" is recruiting!

    The Silver Eagles is a RP focused Free Company looking to expand our ranks with new members to become friends with! IC it's an adventuring organization, and OOC we are a group of players looking to have fun and enjoy all the game's content, new and old. The community was formed back in February of 2006 on Guild Wars. We've got a site, discord, over a dozen weekly events planned, and anything else that you can think of. If that interests you, send me a /tell or apply! IGN is Kiyoh Nhodi. You can also reach me on Discord at Sleepypanda57#1197 Site- https://tseff14.guildlaunch.com Server- Balmung IGN- Kiyoh Nhodi Guild name- The Silver Eagles