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  1. KosmicKaijuu

    Big Bird's Doodle Den

    A collection of scribbles and scratchings made by a silly bird who has the MIGHT NEED to create pretty pictures and stuff.
  2. Hey hey there Random! Welcome back and proper to the wonderful world of FFXIV and it's dedicated roleplayers. Glad you decided to take a chance on the game again and see what it truly has to offer for nerds like us. Like I've sad before and I'll say it every time because it just makes me so giddy to see. I love seeing more and more roleplay veterans from the classic text-rp era. Makes me feel less and less alone in this community, lol. Not but seriously I love seeing more people transfer over from the days of describing every miniscule details for effect to the absolute freedom of M
  3. For those moments in between where things are just nice and smiles are put on faces.
  4. Officially back in business and doing better than ever. Feeling better. Mentally and physically.
    Just all around feeling bigger, better, and more like myself again than ever before.
    Glad to be back ♥

  5. until

    Haven't been round the teahouse in forever so I'm making sure to come on over after all this time. The memories I've had being apart of this crew and even just visiting have always been super awesome. Can't wait to visit later tonight ♥
  6. Hey there Aki and Welcome! Both to the game and to the wonderful world of it's roleplayer community. You'll find there are quite a few awesome and supportive people to be found here. Just hope your experience so far since joining has been an enjoyable one. Love seeing more veteran roleplayers come out of the woodwork Having came for the old days of Skype and Forumotion RP myself. It's good to see a handful of people like that still kicking around and doing their thing. Also I really dig the backstory for your AuRa. It's short, simple, to the point, with a fair amount of
  7. One night a week to get together, live it up, laugh it out, and just enjoy the good company of good people doing some content of any kind. Both in and out of game.
  8. Anyone seen a rogue Au Ra. Small stature, big heart... Oh wait, nevermind, Claw Machine has found them... (Seriously though, someone get me out of the Golden Saucer before its too late)

  9. Just made a new addition to the character family and of course in true fashion, the name, came with a joke 😅

  10. I'm here, Im Queer, and Proud to be an RP'er

    AKA Hello Everybody, Im new here. 

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