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  1. Hello and welcome. I am Lestat Valentine and I would like to ask you to join me as I catalog the events unfolding with House Valentine.
  2. I'm been in and our of ffxiv a few times due to playing a lot of the times alone and also want to make some fun content for my youtube channel with friends when i even make some on ffxiv we'll see. Aways i've baten a realm reborn and bearly gotten into heavensword so. And at the moment looking for best roleplaying servers to join i hear its Balmung without question and Mateus now? btw NA so we get that cleared up. the name i going to use is KujiZaArufu /Arufa its surpost to mean "Kuji The Alpha" in japanese since i like my name having a cool meaning behind it you guys mite correct me on that which is fine I have a discord and mic, i'm on my ps4, so if any questions or what not just ask me
  3. Hey, I'm MMM-- But you can call me just M. MMM was my mother's name. (she/her) I've been roleplaying for a bit. Mostly, I've been engaging in closed groups that have more of a murder mystery flavour. Very grounded in reality. You could call this my first foray into fantasy, I guess? I'm not usually into fantasy, but something about FFXIV has flipped a switch in my brain. I really only have one character - Marui Warui. (they/them) They, uh. They're doing their best? Probably. Their only redeeming trait is that they're cute in that plainsfolk sort of way. I'm mostly just looking for a distraction while stuff is going on. Hours at work are reduced, that sort of thing. I mostly RP on Discord, honestly, and if there are any groups on there? Hi. I'm interested. I also draw a little, so. We'll see how things shake out. EDIT: Oh, and I'm on Faerie. That's probably important to mention.
  4. Hello all! As I hit my one year milestone in FFXIV, my first ever MMO, I've decided that I want to get more involved in the RP side of things and stumbled across this site while looking for references. I'm a long time role player (table top, forum, texts, Skype, LARP) and always enjoy challenging myself with new scenarios and experiences. I'd like to make it a larger part of my FFXIV experience (so medium to heavy I suppose), ideally a few times a week in the evening and am happy to plan things out in advance or schedule things if possible partners have other obligations. I'm happy to world hop as well and have been having fun just hanging out in Balmung's Quicksand and people watching to get a sense of things. My current character is Roehaswys Brodansawyn, a daughter of sailors who grew up around the various docks across Vylbrand before training with the Murderer's Guild and setting out to travel. Her most current job has been working as a courier for cargo that needs a little extra protection. This has her frequently moving through Eorzea's capital cities and spending time with her chocobo who has been by her side since leaving Vylbrand. She's a bit rough around the edges, but happy to call anyone a friend who's willing to pay for a round at the end of the day. Since I have various jobs leveled for her, it's easy enough to come up with other backgrounds to accommodate other role play scenarios. I'm happy for one shots, but I'd really enjoy something more long form to be able to explore more then just surface topics. In RL I enjoy drawing, cycling, table top gaming and miniature painting. I swear one day I'll get that Warhammer Fantasy army finished... I look forward to creating some great stories with people here and taking advantage of all the wonderful resources. See you all in game!
  5. Hello, I am pretty new so please bear with me. I'm even new to really being in a forum so I may not as savvy to being here, but I'm willing to try my best. I kinda downloaded the game when it was on sale during the winter and played the free trial with the goal of getting a huge hat. I liked those huge hats i saw. But i didn't make it far before the trial ended and life got busy. But stuff is settling down and I though why not try this game again. - I have many experience with MMO games. I played them a lot when i was young, they were everywhere. I don't even remember half of them and I think most of them are gone by now. I mainly pick support classes, I just feel like they mesh with me well. I like to help people. Unless the class has a green based color scheme, i am also drawn to that. -I don't think I have much roleplay experience concerning MMOs, I'm usually too afraid to communicate with people in games. But I'm kinda trying to fix that. I can't try and go solo forever. But I do have plenty of experience roleplaying in Dungeons and Dragons. I've been DMing for a couple of years now. Its kinda what motivated me to get out my shell more. Cause if I can't talk to people, how can I have a group to play D&D with. -I found out about this place because I'm trying to find people who share interests? Playing the game, and the lore within the game. The chat ingame seems to fast for me and I'm not 100% versed with the game and everything else in it so i was intimidated about linkshells and such. - I am not really sure what kind of roleplayer I am, but I do try my best to fully express what my character would do and feel when I play D&D. Trying to keep them true to who they are and not just me acting through them. Unless my character is based off me, then that would be an exception. -I work at a hospital so i have crazy work hours. So i thought trying to connect with people and trying to roleplay here would be more reasonable concerning my hours of availability. As I said before, my hobbies include D&D, rpg video games, also I've been getting into Magic the Gathering, and I used to LARP a lot until life happened. Forgive me if this seems a bit too long winded. But I'll try my best to respect the rules here. Thank you very much if you'll have me. I hope I provided an appropriate amount of info asked.
  6. Heya! My name is Griffin! I'd consider myself a more veteran RPer, but I'm relatively new to the FFXIV community, and thought I may as well at least give a formal introduction. Especially with the datacenter merges, I'm hoping to see a lot more people-- which I already have! I'm gonna be following the template because my brain is big mush right now, but that means we're starting off with my MMORPG experience! Safe to say, you could probably call me a WoW refugee. I've been playing the game for about 12 years, and left around Legion. Kinda glad I did, BfA is looking kinda like a mess from my standpoint... but while I was on WoW, I dedicated a majority of my time to questing and RPing. The game kinda raised me, so I didn't really spend much time raiding-- more time looking around at the world, and eventually delving into RP when I was around 13 years old! It's been a winding experience, but one I dont think I could live without. Besides this, I've bounced between games like Aion and ArcheAge, none really holding my attention all too much until I stumbled upon FFXIV. I've been playing for almost a year and a half now, and safe to say, I've been enjoying it. A lot! I briefly went into it back there, but the brunt of my RP experience is MMORPG RP. I've been RPing since I was 13, which... I'm 19 now! So that marks 6 years under my belt. I started mostly on crime guilds on WoW, and worked my way to become an officer for these guilds. During my time there, I was happy to be a member, RPing through events and taking on walk-ups. Things haven't changed much from then till now-- I now am settled into Coeurl's roleplay community, and I attend and organize events there regularly! I also help promote the discord, and generally keep it a nice and friendly place to be. (Which, if you're interested in joining, feel free to give me a holler! We're open to the entire Crystal DC, and it's the best way to stay on top of Coeurl's events!) How I learned about the coalition was pretty simple. I heard a few people talking about their RPC wikis, and went to make one myself. It's very WIP at the current moment, but to make the wiki, I had to make an account here, and just recently decided to reach out here more prominently in the wake of the data center merge! When it comes to the type of roleplayer I aim to be, Med-Heavy RP is typically what suits me. I'm usually entrenched in RP of some kind-- and while I've done a variety of the game's content, nothing makes me happier than getting to settle down with some friends and be a dork with my trash kitty, M'yhe. As for themes? Dark themes can come in, and I enjoy twinges of fighting RP, criminal RP, and exploration RP. I mostly just... like to take my character around, and see where the journey takes them. ICly, M'yhe is a diviner/fortune teller, so I always love giving IC readings and am more than happy to read for events or provide a 1-on-1 reading for anyone who may be interested. As for real life? I already said I'm 19 a while ago, but I am! I live in the USA, and I work full-time as a barista for a local chai shop. I love board games, I love card games, I love animation, and I love sharing dumb jokes with my friends and generally hanging around with those who make me happy. Thanks for coming by! And a big hello from my and my disaster catte! If you're ever interested in anything I have to offer, or anything about Coeurl's RPC as well, you need only ask!
  7. Hello! I usually go by Rose and it’s nice to meet you! I figured since I’m new to this, this was a good place to start. I’m not a stranger to role play at all, but I AM new to rp via MMO so I’m still not entirely sure how it works exactly so I’ll probably have a lot of questions. *O*/ A little bit of info first though! I’ve mostly only role played on tumblr and a little bit on forums, (and Gaia Online waaaay back in the day) and mostly as canon Final Fantasy characters, however I’ve not done so for just over a year now. But when I saw people role played on FF14 my inner writer was intrigued! And I just got back into the game after a very long hiatus of a few years and got very attached to my new character and figured it might be a good thing to look into. FF14 is also my first mmo and tbqh I’m not very good at it haha but I’m almost at 70 on dragoon and 60 on white mage so I’m slowly getting there! I haven’t finished Stormblood yet (Doma Castle is the next dungeon I need to do) and I still get bad dungeon anxiety so I often procrastinate by flying around doing side quests and talking to all the NPCs! (Not to mention taking numerous screenshots). My main character is a Xaela Au Ra called Sen (I plan to change her last name as I originally started as a raen hence the more Japanese name) and my brain has come up with ideas for her but maybe that’s for another thread! She’s currently on Lich but I have no idea if people really rp there? I’ve seen that omega is a good place for people from Europe? As I’m from the UK it’d definitely be nice to find people on similar time zones as me. And a little bit about myself; I’m an illustrator, well that’s what I’m working towards! So I’m usually not on FF14 until the evening but sometimes I pop in throughout the day but I definitely can’t be super duper active all the time. Final Fantasy is a series that’s extremely close to my heart, I will talk forever about it if you let me so be warned! B) But really I adore the series sm! Okay now that I’ve rambled here are a few questions I have! If anyone can answer them I’d be extremely grateful: 1) Being from the UK which server would be best for me? I am currently in a FC (there’s not much if any role playing though) so would I have to leave that fc to move elsewhere? 2) I’ve seen the terms ‘light, medium and heavy’ used in regards to what type of role player someone is, but I’m still not sure what that means exactly? When I role played on tumblr I’d do anything from short paragraphs to multiple chunky paragraphs. Do those terms basically mean how much you write? And if so how do people go about writing longer things within the game? I’ve looked up some info on this but I’m still not 100% clear how interactions actually happen other than through emotes and I think writing in a specific linkshell? 3) Do most people play on PC? I play on PS4 and I’m not sure if this would affect the rp side of things? That’s probably enough (for now) and I’ve rambled on too much I think! Tbh I’d just like to make some new friends, I play by myself as no one I know plays and I think this game would be so much nicer with friends to play it with! (Who would be patient with me fumbling around as a dragoon haha) And if the rp side of things looks as fun as I think it will be then that will be an added bonus to be able to create stories and develop characters! If you read all this bless you! And thank you in advance for any responses to my questions.
  8. G'day! My IC name is Grim Lotus (Balmung) and i'm brand new to the RP scene, how is it going? For some brief backstory about myself and my inquisition into the world of FFXIV RP, I found out through an article by Kotaku titled "Inside The Brothels Of Final Fantasy XIV"... Don't judge me! A few google searches later and a working knowledge of the Critical Role livestream (no DnD experience though) led me here, to the RPC! Truthfully, the premise of roleplaying has always been intimidating to me and i'm still not quite sure how to dive into it but... That's where this post comes into play right? Besides that, i have spent the better part of the past week researching FFXIV RP etiquette, advice, tips, guides and anything else i could get my hands on to hopefully make my transition into the world of RP as smooth and seamless as possible~ Quick questions before i hit submit though... I plan on RPing a seafaring Roegadyn Hellsguard, is it considered appropriate to roleplay against type assuming there are legitimate lore reasons within your character backstory for doing so (mercenary aboard a ship for example)? Also, is it recommended to build your character up first (complete MSQ, glamour up, etc) before roleplaying or are players generally OK with your character slowly transitioning into "full RP mode" as you play through the game? I guess you would simply create an IC reason for the transition right? Eg. Farmers found you knocked unconscious and gave you clothes to wear, haven't visited the region yet, purchased new clothes from a merchant in Gridania, etc. Sorry if i babbled on, this is a lot to take in and despite my ability to word-vomit, is quite a nerve-wracking experience for me so i appreciate the warm welcomes and any advice that you may have. I look forward to seeing everyone in Hydaelyn~!
  9. Hiya! I go by the name Obscura, my main is Vex'zjarr Obscura on Faerie where I happily (most the time) run an FC called The Knightmare, that my goal is to be more of an RP free company with the equivalent of a player ran levemete/bounty board. I am new to RP in FFXIV, though I have been playing since August 2017. I am not new to Role-play or mmorpgs. I have done play-by-post forum RP, LARP, and RP in mmorpgs for around 12 years now. A good chunk of that was fairly dedicated RP when I was part of a triumvirate in a Role-play focused cross-faction Guild(s) in SWTOR for 3 years, including running storylines and other rp events. I stopped participating in RP after I stopped playing a couple years ago and after I had a couple of bad RP experiences. However, it has been awhile, and I was recently reminded of the many good RP experiences I have had. I miss roleplaying and want to give it a try again! I would consider my rp type to be medium to heavy. I am open to various rp, but please talk to me about it first. I do have some real life health issues that sometimes interferes with my ability to RP, specifically some anxiety that I am working on. Also, a physical health condition that will sometimes require me to drop what I am doing immediately to treat, though I am usually back within 20 minutes from that. I will try to give warning when I go afk at those times. I would be happy to explain more in private before rping. So I would appreciate patience from those who are willing to RP with me. I do have a linkshell on Faerie, but it is not rp specific. I am looking for either a RP linkshell for Faerie or even an Aether one.
  10. Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself and get my feet wet here, so to speak. I'm new to FFXIV, but not to role play! I'm playing a wandering Seeker of the Sun by the name of O'rizu Tia, Ori for short. He's a novice conjurer currently, looking to explore the world, and wants to become a lorekeeper someday. I figured this was a good character for someone not totally familiar with the lore yet. Anyway, I'm glad to be here, and excited to meet you guys, make friends, and have lots of awesome adventures :D
  11. VyraLove


    Hello! I'm not a new FFXIV player by any means, but I've been wanting to get into FFXIV RP now that I have it for PC. My current conundrum is whether to wait for the new expansion to start RPing or not. I'm probably going to make an alt on Mateus, but I'm debating whether to do that now or wait and make a voluptuous Viera. In any case, I'm primarily what's known as an RPer that is fine with the RP shifting into ERP when deemed necessary. I'm even fine with full ERP if the setting calls for it, but my preference is 'standard' RP that would shift occasionally.
  12. Hi I'm Jack Im a Veteran RPer looking to make a go of it in Final Fantasy. I have not RP'd in Final Fantasy before but I have RP'd the last 6 years in World of Warcraft and Star Wars The Old Republic . My RP style is flexiable Ranging from one liners and both Semi and full Paragraph, mostly it depends on what details I feel are important. (eg. in a RP fight I am not gonna emote *Bends his at the elbow at a 40 degree angle before moving the entirity up towards the chin of his assailent* and would more likely emote *Would attempt to throw an uppercut aiming for the chin*) I play a Highlander named Jack Barrow (Alias) originally a Bandit from a what would be called a Bandit clan, Jack's Father was the leader and very proud man, I am mostly looking to join or create a Free company as a RP criminal organization. (Note* More about Jack can be learned through RP or also by visiting my RPfind profile here https://rpfind.me/user/JackBarrow ) I am on the Mateus server so if you'd like to RP or even just chat feel free to to shoot me a message I am a very open individual and am welcoming to all types of RPers :).
  13. I’m new to RP and I have a feeling that I will remain that way on my current server (Sargatanas); nevertheless, I’m excited to join you all here and I’m looking forward to reading more about your experiences in FF14.
  14. Goodness, I came on here a year ago and never made an intro. SO, UH...hello, everyone! I play Morha Hijahl on the Balmung server. I recently came back after being gone for about a year, so I'm happy to be here. It's good to meet you all! (Don't mind me while I lurk.)
  15. Making your way through the general tableau of dockworkers and seafarers in the Drowning Wench, one figure seems to stand out among the lot. An elezen woman of sun-baked skin sits alone at a table tucked near one of the pub's walls, wrapped in a clean and carefully fitted dark grey robe. Her short, black-brown hair is styled with tight braids to one side and tousled tresses at the other. Her gloved hands gently wrap around a small metal mug, fingertips lightly tapping out a gentle rhythm to a song that only she can hear. As you approach, her eyes don't appear to react as they stare into the middle distance. You see her lips just barely moving, sounding out words that are not quite audible. As you seat yourself, the woman's trance breaks with a blink of her eyes and a small shake of her head. Her gaze turns to you and her inward muttering stops, her lips forming into a quaint, small smile of greeting. Hello there, RPC! I am Aufiene (or Aufy for short) and I'm here to announce my arrival. The character described above is Aufiene Dechambere, an Astrologian woman who REALLY likes looking into the future and planning ahead. As you can guess, she often can get lost in her own mind of calculations, possibilities and potential outcomes as she tries to chart her way through life with maths and magic. That's kind of about the general gist of her character for now, and I'm hoping that she can make some friends to form a more cohesive story. I play on Jenova by requirement; I would have preferred Balmung but I understand that server's population has been sealed up vacuum-tight and so I'm hoping I can make some Jenovan connections. Hence why I''m here, as I mentioned before. Gameplay-wise, I am not new to XIV overall but am new to the AST class. What I have played, however, has been extremely fun and so I want to flesh Aufy here out more as well as maybe grow with friends in both ability as well as power. I have chugged the 60 and story boosts and I've still got the Stormblood stuff to work through, but I hope that won't be a deterrent. Thanks for taking the time to read this smol intro and I hope to get to know some folks in-game and otherwise.
  16. Hello! I've come from a variety of different games from Potco and ROBLOX when I was but a young kid, to WoW, ESO, and D&D as I've grown. I've been rping approximately.. 10 years? I'm 20 now, so I think over half of my life has been spent RPing at this point I have a couple character ideas and they're pretty basic barebones. A Mage and a craftsman. Beyond that, it'll take me a while. My characters tend to grow organically as ideas pop into my head. Especially since I don't know a lot of the lore, this allows me to start with something basic, and as I learn more and more about this wonderful world, to make even more elaborate characters. I learned about this place after searching up "FFXIV Rping servers" and, well, finding one post about last year about Balamung being in an uncertain amount of Downtime. I plan on being a medium-heavy roleplayer. Not too much where I barely enjoy quests and things like that or am ic all the time I'm online, but I want it to be a majority of my gametime. It's how I've had fun in any game that has a good RP community And, for someone coming in new to FFXIV rping, what server would be good to get into?
  17. I've been playing FFXIV on and off for a few years now and have recently decided to try and actively join the roleplay community, while I know there are big servers that are filled with roleplayers my home is on Hyperion and was hoping that some individuals, FC's or groups would be able to help me get to know the ropes of it all and maybe roleplay with myself.
  18. Hello everyone! I'm ravenael. I just rerolling over on mateus after coming back to 14 after a long break (sorry if the formatting for this post is ugly. I'm doing this on mobile) MMORPG background I've been playing them most of my life, from EQ, to WOW, to Rift and even ff14 1.0. MMO is my favorite genre. RP experience I've done some rp here and there but nothing major. I'very always wanted to get involved in a group dedicated to it and 14 seems likes its the most rp friendly. Character ideas/info I have a basic character profile I made and i've been thinking about as i level him to fill in the dots between the past and the time he is in 14 (I feel like i've been writing a novel and I haven't even gotten to rp yet in game) How did you learn about the coalition? Google What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) Medium to heavy. I've never done serious rp before so I want to dive into it fully (I am playing on ps4 so I expect it to be a challenge but one I'm excited for) Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) Hobbies include watching anime and primarily playing games (im also a huge monster hunter fan which I am super hyped over the crossover). I also have a 1 year old son that likes to throw his hard, plastic toys at daddy (he has a strong arm on him) That's pretty much it. I can't wait to see everyone in game and start meeting people.
  19. Hello everyone! I've RP'd an embarrassing amount of years, but haven't played FFXIV at all since last September. More heavily, almost half a year before that. My main character is a Samurai of an isolated Raen clan with extremely traditional values that was mostly shattered upon the Garlean invasion of Othard. Looking to find a way back into the RP community in Balmung. I'm not a large fan of dice combat RP events unless the GM's have ways to give the players agency over the dice. However, I'm extremely interested in collaborative story telling and world building in the game. Look forward to meeting some other RPers again!
  20. Hi everyone, I am panini! I have been playing FFXIV on and off since 2013 and I have always thought about joining the RP community! My own experience with roleplaying is akin to a resume gap. I used to role-play a ton when I was younger but I haven't done any roleplaying since around 2015. Though I do play dungeons and dragons and I like to draw character designs neither have heavy creative writing elements. As such I am very out of touch with my written voice! When you are in high school it's a lot easier to be like "eh close enough" than later when you don't want to be dead weight as an RP partner. I'm hoping that getting accustomed to and slowly participating in the FFXIV roleplaying community I can build up my confidence and get back into collaborative storytelling! Even if it's not explicitly roleplaying I do like to world build and talk about characters so feel free to tell me your concepts and ideas! RP Style I am most comfortable with the "paragraph" style of roleplaying. As any good AOL rper from 2008 I have experience writing asterisks (script?) as well, but it is not a style I actively look to replicate. Character Archetypes As of the past few years, I have been trying hard with every D&D campaign and OC I design to try different character archetypes! I found I defaulted to the common sense, hedging bets kind of characters alongside romantic fatalism ideologies. So! I have been trying to branch out towards other traits, but most likely I'll default to a comfort zone at the beginning because, oops, I'm a baby. In Game Activities I'm a glamour hunter who refuses to craft, usually! However I'm dedicated to my cause so in the past 4 days I've leveled a LTW from 0 to 60 so I can start doing Namazu quests in order to get the Namazu Bell. I do what I must to look cute in game. General Questions What is the etiquette of cross-world roleplaying? While I see many world events and threads I haven't noticed any major cross-world roleplaying partners. Granted they might be doing 1 on 1s and not have it on public display or I have not simply looked in to hard! I know it varies from person to person, and as a glamour fan myself I understand that there is something so fun about photo shooting characters together, but I was wondering if people have a general sense on how common it actually is? I have a Mateus character and a Balmung character but I am very fond of my Cactuar account. For Balmung I'm in a fever dream that I'll just wait it out until the next expansion comes out with a new race to role-play on, haha, while on Mateus it's just the time commitment on level an alt! I might later on be more compelled to develop and play those characters but for now I'm hoping to maybe stay in my little bubble a bit longer! TL;DR I'm panini; I'm very verbose and you should tell me about your characters!
  21. Good day and greetings everyone. I've only had a bit to look around on the site, but from what I see it might be the right place. I'm one of a few role players launching FFXIV to play, and hopefully while here, find an RP community because that's our fuel for gaming. Some of us have basic understanding of FFXIV as we've played for about 3 months, and others completely new to the experience. For RP on the other hand, all heavy role players with a focus on story/character development for the enjoyment of all, be it hero/villain/bartender/peasant. About myself: MMORPG Background: A lot of experience with Guild Wars 1-2, LOTRO, ESO, and the like. RP experience: Embarrassing amount both out of game with D&D/WoD and in game from chat RP to full server RP in ARK/LIF/etc. Character ideas/info: The character I have on Brynhildr is a basic scholarly aloof elf, but I play anything. FF generally puts you in a role where a hero is more fitting. I/we may make new characters on a more RP heavy server, so we'll see. How did you learn about the coalition? Google What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) - Heavy preferably. Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) - I work, I learn, I play? If anyone is able to tip me off in the direction of an active RP group/server we'd be willing to check it out.
  22. Hello everyone! My name is Djill and I'm a new FF14 player, still on a trial account in fact but I'm planning to buy the game as I've been having a blast so far. I'm an EU player that has heard about the legend that is Balmung for several years now, but was never able to create a character there before. This is the reason I never started playing the game until now as I wasn't really interested into being on a non-RP realm. I'm hoping I'll meet some like-minded RPers and that the EU-NA time difference won't be too much trouble. RP experience and preference I started online RP about 10 or so years ago in WoW and have RP'd on and off (mostly on) since then in a lot of games, including WoW, Wildstar, GW2 and Conan Exiles. Before then I only RP'd in tabletop games like D&D. I prefer lore-heavy RP of all kinds, from relationship to bar to adventure RP, and I also like to host events or play characters that provide RP for others (like bartenders or priest-types). Lastly I enjoy DMing events for small groups of players when the inspiration hits me. Character idea I don't know enough about the world yet to have any definite ideas about the characters I want to play and I'm hoping to play through more of the story before I set anything in stone, but this is what I've got so far: Moya'to Moya'to Inyanga is a young male miqo'te Keeper of the Moon that has taken to wandering the world. He was raised to be somewhat subservient to female Keepers and he'll go out of his way to aid and be polite to them, but this has also resulted into him not acting very comfortable or natural around women of the race and in extend other races as well. He takes affront if males, specifically Keepers, blatantly disrespect Keeper women but he's otherwise a relaxed if somewhat quiet individual (at least on the surface). Other than that there's little known about him. He will not talk about why he started wandering even if a Keeper female orders him to, and pressing him on his past will make him uncomfortable at best, downright hostile at worst. It takes him awhile to get to know people and he'd fit best in a group of people that work together towards a common goal, not necessarily a social group. Other I want to play a female (either Hyur, Au Ra or Seeker) and play her as a barmaid of performer at some point in the future, preferably from a FC or personal plot (I can dream, can't I? :P) I just saw how long this post is becoming and if you're still here: you're awesome, thanks for reading! Hopefully I'll see you in-game. Any lore tips and suggestions on my miqo'te are welcome by the way, it's hard to find much lore on them.
  23. Hello, my name is Artemis! I've been a long time player of FFXIV, well, not as long as some of you but long enough! I've been around since the open beta for 2.0 and I've always just played the game "normally". I'm a casual player but I'd really like to try roleplay so I've made a character on Balmung! I've had some experience in roleplay before, from the days of IRC rp'ing as OCs I made for my favourite anime, but I've never ever roleplayed in an MMO. My character is Artemis Elspeth. I have written a small backstory for her but it's not really lore-based. I'm not really sure if that is seen as a roleplay faux pas, but I had fun writing it! It mostly comes from my already established character on a different server, which I am planning to play out with my new character on Balmung. As for real life, during the week I am a busy homemaker, gym-goer and foodie. On the weekends, I don't have time for much as I work all day in retail. My time to play is often short, making establishing a big story a little difficult, so I'm mostly interested in light roleplay with a few good friends. I hope I can be welcomed into your little community!
  24. Greetings to one and all! Longtime roleplayer from other MMOs (as well as from tabletops and forums) and looking to delve into the FF14 community. To be honest, I was looking for a while back when I first started- but it seemed like most of the activity was isolated in servers that were restricting character creation. It turned me off of the idea for awhile, and off the game itself for some time- but I just recently made my way back with the introduction of Stormblood. Figured that I'd give the RP scene in this game another shot and see what fruit it bore. As for servers- I'm fairly flexible when it comes to it. I haven't really delved too far into leveling (just got my main to 50 after some time- most of which spent away from the game), so I wouldn't be adverse to packing up and relocating since most of the players I used to partner with have dropped the game. Now keep in mind, I might be rusty on lore, so any community that can tolerate me tempering myself too it would be appreciated. However, with the land being Ivalice- it excites me to learn more about it (since my favorite FF game to date is Tactics). Roleplay wise, I've had a fair bit of experience. Between roleplaying since BC in WoW, roaming the Old World in Warhammer Online, and dabbling in multiple forum venues of different settings and content, safe to say I have the concept well in grasp- but that does not mean I don't have more to learn. I look forward to tagging along to see how things are done in this alien venue just for the chance to learn. Sincerely, Vex
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