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  1. sorry if i made a new post after coming back to ffxiv my bad
  2. ....Real Sorry for asking a Dumb question that I may have asked many months ago I think? I know balmung is no1, and such and that pretty much any of the worlds in the Crystal Server would my best bet.
  3. But yeah tbh i mite try Balmung so when i can i'll move there
  4. Moving to another server that popular but doesnt lock up so that we can get new members for the pack
  5. yeah sounds about right, why i was aiming high if that makese any sense going from balmung being no1 and down the list
  6. LF a RP Server That Doesn't Lock Up Like the More Populated Servers to build my Free Company that can be easily accessable to ether new or returning ffxiv players. atm i'm on Cystal (Mateus Server)
  7. Free Company Name: Hokkaido Wolfpack Free Company Tag: Rawr In-Game Contact: Kujiza Arufa Discord Contact: Kujiza Arufa Okami#2292 FC House/Workshop: None But Plan to Get one Someday Currently at Lv 3 working Leveling more! Alignment: To be honest, it is a work in progress. Carrd: https://hokkaidowolfpack.carrd.co/ (being updating it slowly as the days/weeks go by) In-Character Information We are strong, proud, and loyal wolf pack. Would you have a place amongst the ranks of our family? The Den of the Hokkaido Wolfpack—nest
  8. Oh ok I get it, so far what would make sense of my wolf pack which i made on Mateus called "Hokkaido Wolfpack" was creative with the ranks each of them special role to play. As for what I "we" offer would start off with Hunting Marks (still working on more in depth details on that), but i would like to offer other stuff like what you mention, adventure rp would be great also, among others that would make the pack more interactive? if that's the right word i'm trying to use? lol not sure how well i made this but i hope its good (https://hokkaidowolfpack.carrd.co/#)
  9. all this time i never know that o.o ok thanks you guys
  10. can you tell me more of what you mean by niche? sorry little slow atm? i have my character on Mateus atm
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