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  1. i'll try that but last time it said cant make any characters on ether one of them
  2. Pretty much looking for top RP servers and i cant get into one the i'll down the list till i can "afford" the transfur lol
  3. I'm pretty much experienced with roleplaying, from imvu, to ffxiv, gta 5, etc.. I'm returning player to ffxiv and to try to get into roleplaying in this mmo again. (Mite be rusty but that shouldn't be a problem really), So I'm reaching out for some help or a lot understanding some things such as storgy-oriented/in-game about my character (i got a pretty much clear idea on what race, and how i want to look as far as creating my character, job wise i always took white mage role support role in almost every game). For the time being His name would be Kuji Za Arufu (male character). But like i sai
  4. I'm been in and our of ffxiv a few times due to playing a lot of the times alone and also want to make some fun content for my youtube channel with friends when i even make some on ffxiv we'll see. Aways i've baten a realm reborn and bearly gotten into heavensword so. And at the moment looking for best roleplaying servers to join i hear its Balmung without question and Mateus now? btw NA so we get that cleared up. the name i going to use is KujiZaArufu /Arufa its surpost to mean "Kuji The Alpha" in japanese since i like my name having a cool meaning behind it you guys mite correct
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