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  1. Free Company Name: Hokkaido Wolfpack Free Company Tag: WP In-Game Contact: Kuji Zarufu Discord Contact: Paranoia Origins#2292 FC House/Workshop: None But Plan to Get one Someday Currently at Lv 2 Alignment: To be honest, it is a work in progress. Carrd: https://hokkaidowolfpack.carrd.co/ (being updating it slowly as the days/weeks go by) In-Character Information We are strong, proud, and loyal wolf pack. Would you have a place amongst the ranks of our family? The Den of the Hokkaido Wolfpack—nestled along the shore of the M
  2. Oh ok I get it, so far what would make sense of my wolf pack which i made on Mateus called "Hokkaido Wolfpack" was creative with the ranks each of them special role to play. As for what I "we" offer would start off with Hunting Marks (still working on more in depth details on that), but i would like to offer other stuff like what you mention, adventure rp would be great also, among others that would make the pack more interactive? if that's the right word i'm trying to use? lol not sure how well i made this but i hope its good (https://hokkaidowolfpack.carrd.co/#)
  3. all this time i never know that o.o ok thanks you guys
  4. can you tell me more of what you mean by niche? sorry little slow atm? i have my character on Mateus atm
  5. I have a wolf pack that i rp with from imvu, though i could try the same thing on ffxiv, i know balmung is one for sure but its hard to get into, mateus if i spelled it right is a choice no.2 but not as hard to get into but still it often locked. Long story short i guess a server that highly populated rp based but at the same time is not heavily locked if any of this makes any sense. Took almost all day to make this but i saw other rp fc's have one so if anyone has the time to look at it and maybe go over it with me that would be great https://hokkaidowolfpack.carrd.co/#
  6. I'm not new to rp but, rather moved from rp on imvu to rp on ffxiv. First is finding a rp server that doesn't often lock up almost 24/7. Vieled I believe you told me Balmung is #1, and Mateus a No.2, I guess i'll try to make my fc on Mateus see if how hard it is to find people to join it I made my character's rp profile but haven't gotten feedback on it yet lol. When you guys talk about going to the lane, I'm sorry but i'm not getting where that is lolz/
  7. Dealing with the same thing when it comes to my character's i play males tho i like to play female characters, trying to find someone long term is harder than it looks "for me" can't speak for anyone else. I have a few characters on different servers which i don't need, but more of a checking a server's community and what its like and how i feel about it. For instance I mostly moved from IMVU where i RP as an Alpha Wolf Male, and for a while wanted to make my pack on ffxiv for a while now, just not sure what rp is best and what's worst. For example people say Balmung #1 and Mateus
  8. but what server rp if not balmong should i go to to make an fc that way i can still recruit people and such?
  9. Well hey guys I'm Wolf O'Donnell, or just Wolf is fine and semi-new to the Final Fantasy 14 RPC, but I've been doing writing (and roleplaying) mostly on IMVU for a long time! I know about RP in FFXIV, but how to go about finding to RP with in game was hard thing to find. So I figured I'd try this site out. If thats kool? Wolf is a lone wolf type headstrong, putting his life on the line for what he believes in strongly and any prey he has his sights set on, was party of a classified military group tasked with life threatening missions and not all were "good". After the calamity Wolf
  10. Yeah sure, kinda wanted to start my own FC to go along with my "Carmina Wolf Pack" thing i thought would help my subs/viewers etc for my youtube thing i fthat makes any sense. Not sure if that would be a good idea making an FC on that server if its hard to get into.
  11. got into mateus so thats a start but as always balmung is locked up nice and tight
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