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  1. So I'm looking for a little advice as I work on a non-WoL backstory. How unreasonable would it be for someone to have found a broken off piece of a primal (maybe from a battle) and fashion it into a weapon without thinking much of that origin? Cause I know other people have defeated them before. And the primal in question I'm thinking of is ifrit and he mistakenly finds a piece of Ifrit, thinking it's an amalj'aa horn, and makes it into a blade (very gruesome but work with me for a moment). Right now it wouldn't do anything except give me the excuse of keeping the ifrit sword in hi
  2. Hi there! I go by a huge variety of names online but mostly people just call me Avis and it's an absolute pleasure to meet everyone. I have been playing for a little more than a year after dipping off years ago (around when Stormblood was just being talked about). My main account is on Aether but I decided to scoot myself over to Crystal (Balmung specifically) in order to engage myself in a favorite pasttime of mine, Role-playing! Primarily I've been limited to just a small group of friends rping in discord over a number of different subjects and contexts but I want to expand my horizons and m
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