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  1. Hello there, Olivia, welcome! Feel free to let us know any questions you may have!
  2. Hello there, Gem, welcome! Nice to meet a fellow appreciator of catboys haha!
  3. Faye

    Sage Lore

    There is no sage lore in game or elsewhere yet at this point. Hopefully we'll learn a bit more about the class in upcoming live letters and the virtual FanFest!
  4. Hello there, Misaki, welcome! It sounds like you're off to a good start! I suppose the biggest question to answer is why bandits attacked her home and her father, and how that might play into her life going forward--which sound like fun things to explore and uncover in future RP!
  5. You're very welcome, we're glad to have you! And thank you!!
  6. Hello there, Ree, welcome!
  7. until
    The Sunday Book Club is back on! Thanks to the gracious support of Lady Faye Covington, this week's meeting will occur in the Shroudrose Teahouse's very own library. Feel free to bring your own refreshments, but please keep weapons away from the book club, as it is a civilian event. This week we will be reading Wolf's Gambit, an action adventure story about a master thief. The event will begin at 7:00 PM EDT on Sunday, March 4th in the library upstairs at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 on the Balmung server, hosted by Nystus Aragosta. This is an improv based RP event where we each take tu
  8. Hello there, Eynar, welcome!
  9. Bonjour! C'est possible? Je ne sais pas! I don't know as much about DRK lore as others who have played the job's class quests to completion probably do, but I don't see why someone couldn't heal from whatever darkness inside of them has made being DRK possible. As far as I know, black mage is the only class where someone's soul crystal is something that actually protects them from the abilities they're using, so I don't see why removing a DRK's soul crystal would kill them let alone harm them (but it could weaken them). Ultimately, though, it's your RP, so it's up to all of you however you dec
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