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  1. Hello there and welcome! RP is a collaborative effort and so a lot things really just come down to communication and cooperation. It's really up to you decide if you want to freeform RP it (I wouldn't really recommend it with strangers), or rolling, or how many hits will mean a victory, or if you want to discuss who will be the victor beforehand OOC... it's all for you and the other RPer(s) to agree on OOC. And if you can't reach an agreement, just remember you have no obligation to interact with anyone IC or even OOC.
  2. Hello and welcome! I recommend checking out the Crystal Cats RP Discord: https://discord.gg/PUbh6Xa You may be able to find some Thanalan Vipers there! Best of luck!
  3. Au Ra are typically from the Far East, with Xaela usually being from the Steppe (think Mongolia), and Raen either being other from the cities (mostly based around Japan) or Sui-no-Sato, a very small underwater kingdom. You'll probably want to work into your character's story however she ended up wherever she is from if it's outside those areas!
  4. Hello there, welcome! It's totally fine to create the same character on two different data centers, I don't see any reason anyone should take issue
  5. We are hiring IC staff for public events on the Crystal Data Center for a large and busy RP venue, Shroudrose Teahouse & Tavern! Looking for staff to take, prepare, and deliver orders; keep guests company and address their needs; and bartend. If we can get sufficient staff, we may offer host club/maid cafe type service to VIP's in the future. FC membership not necessary, you need only join our Discord. Kill some time, make friends, and find some new RP opportunities! Teahouse events the 1st and 3rd (and 5th if applicable) Monday each month starting 7:00 PM EDT Tavern events the last Thursday of each month starting at 9:00 PM EDT Other miscellaneous events Please contact me @Faye Faye Covington (Balmung) if you are interested Discord: Destiny (Faye)#8463 Learn more about our venue and events here!
  6. Hello there, Catty, welcome!
  7. Welcome (back) to the lot of you!
  8. Hello there, welcome! I hope you have a good time jumping into RP!
  9. Hello there, welcome! I remember the good ol' days of silly RP on AIM with RL pals. Congrats on 80 and I hope you'll have a good time jumping into RP here!
  10. I recommend checking out the Tales from the Far East Discord server, they likely have plenty of Steppe/Xaela role-players https://discord.gg/3Z7QSVz
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