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  1. I used the wiki on here mashing together a few of the templates others had made and shared, but my character pages on here are pretty old. I would recommend using carrd instead! Most people in the FFXIV RP community use it for their character profiles now. It's very simple to use and you can get short URL's that will fit in your search info in game!
  2. A lot of the lore we have on aether is pretty vague and does not go into a lot of specifics like that, so I'd say your character is fine and as valid an interpretation as anything else.
  3. Garleans can use all sorts of weaponry and with your character able to use aether, anything is a possibility. If you want to give your character some Garlean flare, you could always pick the class of your choice and give them a Magitek weapon that might have extra utilities. (For example, my pureblood Garlean character is a Warrior; he uses a Magitek gun-axe.) As for Machinist, I know you mentioned you like to interweave your gameplay and role-play, but it doesn't necessarily have to be 1:1. If you want to play a Machinist, if the important part is that your character uses a gun, they could al
  4. Hello there, Volbrecht, welcome! You will unlock teleportation to the other cities as you reach them in the MSQ, around level 15 or so. Just makes sure you touch the big, main crystal in each city to attune to it. Once you attune to a city's main aetheryte, you can teleport there anytime via your teleportation menu for a small gil fee.
  5. Hello there, welcome to you and friends! 1. Most RPers will adhere to the lore to some degree if not entirely, and the RP community typically treats lore as a general guideline. It does not mean you can't RP whatever you want, just that more lore-adherant RPers may not want to RP certain things with you, and certain things your character does may have potential IC consequences. 2. You can RP your character having as many jobs, skillskets, talents, etc. as you want. My personal advice is to keep it reasonable, but there's no wrong or right way to RP. 3. Some people have First sp
  6. Hello there, Trilient, welcome! Never worry about cliches; do whatever will be fun for you! Bounty hunters never go out of style!
  7. Hello there, Raeras, welcome back!
  8. Hello there, Joan, welcome!
  9. Hello there, welcome! 1. While most people aren't going to RP the WoL for good reason, there's plenty of opportunity to give your character less mundane jobs and hobbies. How "normal" you want to make your character is totally up to you! 2. You can get pretty good context clues just from playing through the game, reading everything, and paying attention. Encyclopedia Eorzea is a great resource and some folks have uploaded parts of it online as well if you don't want to spend the money! Otherwise I'd recommend searching around for anything in particular that interests you as there are
  10. Hello there, Liz, welcome!
  11. Hello there, Lucy, welcome!
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