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  1. Welcome, Redkil! Since you're on Spriggan, a Chaos server, I suggest joining the Chaos RP Discord community to make finding RP easier.
  2. Guide version: 1.7.1 (last updated 26 September 2021) Introduction Greetings, traveler from Azeroth! In this guide, you will find advice on acclimating yourself to the new, unfamiliar land of Eorzea, as well as meeting and making an impression on others like yourself. For various reasons, at the moment of this guideā€™s writing, there is heightened interest from World of Warcraft (WoW) players in other MMO games, most notably Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). While there is no shortage of guides for general players, casual and hardcore alike, this one is aimed specifically at rolep
  3. Another Argent Dawner! Welcome, and looking forward to meeting you in Eorzea!
  4. The very same Lintian Wintermist. I do aspire to connect to fellow Argent Dawn people playing FFXIV and to do something about the lack of open world RP, but my complete unfamiliarity with the game and the setting is an obstacle to that for the time being. I've raised the topic on the Chaos Discord, though, as I've talked to more WoW folks expressing the same concerns.
  5. Hello! I'm a fellow WoW RPer trying out FFXIV for the first time. Hopefully we'll both find RP in this game!
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