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  1. Eva


    It has always been both a LS and a FC (the RP action takes place either in-person or over the LS channel though and the FC channel is used for OOC talk and discussion about the house layout, airship expeditions, chocobo stables and krakka feeding, and other FC-specific stuff that doesn't really touch the RP at all)! You can stop by the enjin forum page on the OP or visit us at Lavender Beds, Ward 1 Plot 15. Or shoot a /tell to Alex Windfist, John Spiegel, or Eva Zelorius. :thumbsup:
  2. It can be added. Those are the character's roots (though he may deny it to the grave). The paranoia is real. It may be worth noting that the character will be fleeing his tribe with his sister (technically at his sister's behest) and the sister character is another RPer's alt (and probably won't see as much play time) but it is 2 characters, going by different names, who were originally a part of the Dhoro clan. If any others from the Dhoro want to work out some sort of RP, I think it's fair to say that we're both open and amenable to the possibilities there. Shoot me a PM or somethin
  3. My alt (who may well actually be my main) is a runaway from Dhoro tribe - and as such will not want to be identified with them and adopt a more hyuran-styled surname.
  4. When it hits that point, I go "OMG WHERE ARE THERE NO PEOPLE?" and I run into that. As a healer, I don't need to heal anyone in that specific moment and really, no one should be getting stun/silenced. Just make sure that not all 24 people go to the same cloud. Yes, yes. This is exactly what I did but it was less about "zomg how do we handle this?" and more like "wtf why would anyone do that in the first place?" :?
  5. Some turd in one of my last WoD runs kept removing the A,B,C markers during Cloud of Darkness fight too... I saw them disappear and started putting them back up a few times and... they kept disappearing. Buncha savages in those runs half the time.... :frustrated:
  6. Last week I needed 1-2 more 'trial' type roulettes to finish a mahatma on DRG. I usually just queue up Trials roulette because whatever. I don't spam them. My sense is that I'm at that last message "soul attunement for this mahatma is almost done, go go go!" or such, and I don't want to overdo it with a WoD run or something that's going to take a long time. So we get in and it's Garuda HM (who must have had the bright status). Two of the other DPS have under 4k HP and one of the healers is clearly new as well and my mindset is like, "Okay, this isn't going to be a blitz like usual and
  7. I had my RP beginnings in a little-known text-based game called GemStone III (I believe it's still around now and called GS4) as a half-elvan empath. This was probably circa 1993-1994. I had Prodigy ISP back then and remember switching to AOL when it went free to play for awhile before they pulled it and began charging a monthly rate. I think games like that nowadays (or similar) are called MUD/MUSH but I don't really get into that scene. This is only a little amusing to me lately since Golden Saucer recently came out and everyone acronyms it 'GS' and even now some 20-someodd years lat
  8. This is fun to think about because along the threads of Eva's past are a lot of pivot-points where her journey could have taken substantially different turns. Had she not lost her fiancé in an accident she might have eloped when he returned and be living out her life peacefully with her soul mate, however she would likely never have known motherhood, never learned any sort of combat experience or developed her aetherial abilities. Had she grown complacent in her first company she would likely have gone on to more Ul'dahn aspirations and never joined the Guard where she learned to fig
  9. Name: Eva Zelorius World: Balmung Character main class/job/role (Optional): Priestess / Weaver / White Mage Cards (recommended): The Empress Reason for Card choice (recommended): Eva was originally created with this tarot card in mind several years ago. Eva is a mother of twin babies, maternal towards her friends and colleagues, nurturing, and exhibits all the qualities that this card is supposed to embody including the bosomy depiction its form often takes. That also takes into account some of the more sexual traits the card identifies with (however this is not publicly flaunte
  10. As Eva is played by a married couple, our individual tastes differ (but only a little bit). On one thing we can totally agree, this is awesome: Also there is much love of Irish Car Bombs (and each individual component of such) - and many fun stories surrounding the drinking of these at bars with friends. Stories which for all intents and purposes should have been blacked out even! We enjoy ICB's now in much better moderation. Beers: Pumpkin Ales (<3 Pumking) especially in the autumn, and pretty much everything Weyerbacher puts out (Blithering Idiot is amazeballs!),
  11. I'll try to keep this fairly brief... Fail • What kind of stories has your character gotten into? Eva gave birth to twins one year ago [from tomorrow] and much of the focus during 2014 has been on her adjusting to a different sort of motherhood. Surviving the Calamity has become less of a focus and reuniting fellow survivors and friends took a back seat. Her dreams of seeing Crystalline as a charity organization dashed, she sought instead to shape it into something not unlike what Everwatch (a LS of 1.0) used to be, but she lacks natural leadership abilities. This coupled with a desi
  12. Seems relevent based on some dialogue on the previous page: I've done several dungeons as WHM with a SCH friend along with whatever tank and other DPS happens to be available. Almost always we will clear things much more quickly with 2x healer than most pickup roulettes in the standard config. Plus it's fun going nuke-happy once in awhile and letting my friend's fairy take care of most of the healing. :love:
  13. I have been playing on DRG a bit more often lately (WHM main but I enjoy changing things up sometimes) and have discovered that I have this weird quirk in Qarn where it annoys me on the first boss when someone tags the body part that gets the purple glow thing. This made sense during the first week after the patch but my knee-jerk mental reaction is, "I'm not blind...." I realize it doesn't harm anything but the past few times someone tagged it I just started changing the marker from 1 to X to O to square to triangle just to be a goober while meleeing it down and avoiding AoE and all that.
  14. Not wanting to derail this thread, but do want to address this point. As I mentioned in my earlier post I knew of one instance where I felt the RP of what many would consider an unusual mount was handled well, and delicately. I'm not in the business of hammering down nails that are sticking out, but I will remark that one or two nails sticking out isn't necessarily a problem. It's when it's a constant barrage of such mounts that it gets harder and harder for me to just look the other way, as I try to do. I have long felt that just because some thing exists in the game in some capacity does
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